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1  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / [Report] Dark Ascension Prerelease in Connecticut on: January 29, 2012, 01:43:56 pm
Writing this for fun because I only play Limited formats these days, and I like sharing stories! Especially flavorful ones, and Innistrad is just oozing with flavor!

Sealed Deck on January 28, 2011 - Dark Ascension Prerelease

The Deck: 17 Creatures, 6 Spells, 1 Evolving Wilds, 1 Island, 8 Swamps, 7 Mountains

Diregraf Ghoul, Typhoid Rats, Forge Devil, Gravecrawler   
Manor Skeleton, Bloodcrazed Neonate, Snapcaster Mage, Black Cat
Crossway Vampire, Markov Patrician, Chosen of Markov, Reap the Seagraf, Stromkirk Captain   
Falkenrath Noble
Scourge of Geier Reach, Nearheath Stalker
Flayer of the Hatebound

Undying Evil, Traffic Fall
Harvest Pyre
Brimstone Volley
Wrack with Madness
Death’s Caress

MVP: Snapcaster Mage and Undying Evil. I finally learn how busted Snapcaster Mage is (even in limited formats) – See Round 3. Undying is also the roundhouse kick of mechanics – Undying Evil is instant speed for one black mana and gives you card advantage while triggering both graveyard and enter play effects.

Most Flavorful Card: Tragic Fall

Favorite Card of the New Set: Black Cat (cmon this is the internet, everyone loves cats!)

Round 1: Mike with W/R
Game 1: Mike stuck on red mana while facing down my Diregraf Ghoul and Bloodcrazed Neonate. Despite a Rolling Temblor, my bloodlusting vampire was surely one of Undying Evil, coming back from the grave and then growing even bigger with every ensuing turn.
Game 2: Mike made it impossible to attack with his pair of Undying – Flayer of the Hatebound and Nearheath Stalker. He pointed all ten damage at me though, and left my creatures alive. We continue to trade creatures in combat. Despite his undying team, somehow I come out on top while barely clinging to life. Pointing damage at life is a touch decision… but it’s a decision I would make myself throughout the day.

Round 2: Carol with W/U
Game 1: Carl activated a Delver and grew it with Faiths of Bond. I answered it with a Wrack with Madness. I put together some bodies to face against his Stitched Drake. I attack in to it with a Markov Patrician and attempt to finish the drake with a Forge Devil, but he has the Saving Grasp. Unfortunately, he is unable to find body parts in his graveyard to reassemble the creature. He starts putting up some resistance but Falkenrath Noble keeps me in the game as creatures start dying all around. He eventually casts the Drake again, but it’s one man to five. I seal the deal by casting and flashbacking Reap the Seagraf. One drake can’t hold off the swarm alone.
Game 2: A fast beginning with creatures dying throughout the battlefield. Carl shows me a Bone to Ash from his Delver that I must play around the whole game. Carl summons a Beguiler of Wills and I knew I had to do something. I play Flayer of the Hatebound as bait for the counterspell… but that lets me Cast Forge Devil to kill the blue wizard that was sure to end the game in Carl’s favor. It was all over after that, as I churned out more creatures than Carl could handle.

Round 3: Ryan with R/B
Game 1: Quick battle over creatures.
Game 2: We both try to start the game quickly with Bloodcrazed Neonates. Ryan’s suffers a Tragic Fall, while mine is toasted by Fires of Undeath. The board starts to stalemate as I summon a Flayer of the Hatebound, but Ryan summons a Charmbreaker Devils. Fires of Undeath continues to eat my creatures, while carefully avoiding the Flayer. I have to hold back on defense because those Charmbreaker Devils were threatening to deal 12 points of damage in an attack step. I start throwing out two to three bodies at a time, but Ryan had additional removal. Finally, I think of the key spell to win this duel between devils and curse my Markov Patrician with Undying Evil as the vampire is hit with Fires of Undeath. The Flayer sensed the Patrician’s return to the battlefield with greater strength (the +1/+1 counter) and slung forth the hatred (4 damage) at the Devils on the other side to kill it. (As a bonus, lifelink!) To seal the deal, during Ryan’s attack step, I threw down Snapcaster Mage, who summoned Undying Evil for himself. The mage died in combat, and came back even stronger, allowing the Flayer to deal 3 points of damage to Ryan. With his return, the Mage brought back a Tragic Fall to kill the Flayer! Ryan took another 5 damage as the Flayer came back, which was enough to deplete Ryan of his life.

Round 4: ? with U/W/B
Game 1: He has Grimgrin on his side but not many bodies to feed. My Flayer of the Hatebound, survives an attack step from Grimgrin and points 5 damage to my opponent’s face. I swing back with my team, leaving Flayer behind. I summon Nearheath Stalker, which stumbles and Tragically Falls. As the stalker comes back to life, the Flayer finishes my opponent with another lashing for 5.
Game 2: Quite the change up in gameplay. My opponent Gathers the Townfolk, finds Midnight Hauntings and Lingering Souls, and Reaps the Seagraf numerous times. That’s all.
Game 3: His Black Cat holds off my army because I am holding Scourge of Geier Reach and Nearheath Stalker. Once I play them, the Scourge begins to pick off creatures each turn, until becoming the Victim of Night. My opponent’s Geistcatcher’s Rig feels Death’s Caress and my remaining cats, rats, and zombies swarm through negligible defenses.

Round 5: Alex with U/W
Game 1: Nearing the end for me, my Falkenrath Noble is able to keep me alive despite all odds. Alex has Lantern Spirit, Silverclaw Griffin, Niblis of the Mist, Acavynian Priest, and Galvanic Juggernaut. I have a few blockers and Falkenrath Noble. I attack with the Noble, expecting to die the next turn regardless. However, an instant speed Hollowhenge Spirit is summoned to block the Noble. The Noble takes a short trip to the graveyard since he is imbued with Undying Evil, but the Noble is still unable to answer the Silverclaw Griffin. However, this gives me enough life to survive one more turn. I need a second mountain (to draw the game) to play Crossway Vampire, have Noble attack Alex down to 2 life. Use a removal spell to kill the Priest to put Alex down to 1 life, then any attack (from his side and with me blocking) will result in a draw as both player’s lifepoints would go to zero simultaneously.
Game 2: I begin with a lowly Crossway Vampire, which must deal with the Burden of Guilt. That’s what won Alex the game. The life totals at the end were him at 3; and me at 2 before I died. Falkenrath Noble had put up a good fight for me this game as well. However, if only that lowly crossway vampire was able to get in one attack step there would have been a Game 3. We discuss about how sometimes you just have to blow your removal spells on grey ogres and grizzly bears.

That’s it! 4-0 in 5 rounds, won 6 booster packs. Opened two Gravecrawlers and a Foil Huntmaster of the Fells! Woo!

Love the flavor of Innistrad as well as the gameplay!

2  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / [Report] 2012 PreRelease in Connecticut on: July 11, 2011, 11:06:22 am

Grid Games in Manchester, Connecticut on July 9, 2011

Why am I writing this / Who am I?

I’m writing this because I love the game and sharing those “omg that was intense” moments. I use to play a lot of competitive vintage, but now I go to a prerelease one every couple of years. None of my close friends still play Magic, so I am writing this to share amongst the internet for anyone interested. There’s nothing like the adrenaline you get from playing cards / casting spells in an epic duel between two planewalkers right? (for reference, from the Ice Age rulebook, each player is a planeswalker… idk wtf this Jace Mind Sculptor crap I hear about is Razz )

And for anyone interested in my Vintage history… I am known for playing budget decks and winning two Mana Drain Opens with them circa 2005. The first win, I converted FCG (Food Chain Goblins) to Type 1. The second win, I invented WU TANG (White Blue Tech and Ninjas Gay) Fish.

Sealed Deck, 2012 Prerelease:

White-Black Weenie Rush (Lowest to Highest CMC):
2x Gideon Lawkeeper
2x Stormfront Pegasus
1x Blood Seeker
1x Grand Abolisher
1x Griffin Rider
1x Duskhunter Bat
2x Devouring Swarm
1x Griffin Sentinel
1x Auramancer
1x Gravedigger
1x Peregrine Griffin
2x Siege Mastodon
2x Stave Off
1x Sorin’s Thirst
1x Distress
1x Mind Rot
1x Spirit Mantle
1x Dark Favor
1x Sorin’s Vengenace

1x Call to the Grave
1x Zombie Infestation
1x Pride Guardian
1x Celestial Purge
1x Divine Favor

While others were opening Flameblaster Dragons and various Titans, I got Sorin’s Vengeance. My initial plan was to quickly deal 10 damage, then blast them with Sorin. In the end, it turns out all I needed was my pairs of lawkeepers, pegasi, and swarms.

I was initially skeptical of the Devouring Swarms, enchant-creature-auras, and zombie infestation… but they came through in the end. To my surprise, I came in first place while playing a deck with 1 removal spell and 2 enchant creatures. You don’t need mythic rares to win! Everyone played pack wars with their winnings in the end.

I liked the mixed crowd at the store. Young ones and old ones. I met up with a friend who also only plays prereleases. My favorite people are the old guys though. They are the guys who had played Magic in years past and are retired from the workforce, but they keep playing because it keeps their mind sharp. I talk about the old days of Magic with them, they fill me in on some new stuff, and the tournament starts.

Round 1: Brendan with White/Blue (2-1)
Game 1: Brendan plays land go for about 6 turns while my Pegasus stomps on him. The best play of the game… his Elite Vanguard wielding a Greatsword versus my Peregrine Griffin. My guy gets turned into a frog, but then I cast Stave Off to give the frog protection from white. The swarm of creatures overwhelms him.
Game 2: My fast Pegasus gets sent to the Oblivion Ring. Meanwhile, he drops Quicksilver Amulet and Fact or Faction Sphinx (Sphinx of Uthuun). My lawkeepers keep him in check, until he drops a Grand Abolisher. I am amazed that he opened 6 rares which are all in his deck.
Game 3: I don’t come out as fast I would like in this game. I end up casting a Distress and nap his Quicksilver Amulet because he’s lacking blue mana. Eventually we both stabilize and it becomes a creature race. Flyers are trading and dropping out of the air on both sides. He is at 11 and I am at 8. He’s got fatties clogging up the ground while all I have are measly 2/1 flyers. He taps out for more creatures. I show him my only playable rare and he cries because he had the counterspell for it in hand. He goes to 1 and I go to 18. The creature race doesn’t matter anymore. I cast Bloodseeker and he can’t cast creatures anymore or he will die. Our creatures trade in the air, but one of mine eventually gets through.

I love that adrenaline you get, coming back from the brinks of death.

Round 2: Ryan with Red/White (2-1)
Game 1: My pegasus and Devouring Swarms are pecking away at his life, but his firebreathing Fiery Hellhound is taking chunks out of me. Granting his creature first strike with Slaughter Cry annihilates some of my men and the ground begins to get clogged with men. Eventually I am able to swing over with a swarm, respond to his Chandra’s Outrage by sacrificing all my men and do the necessary 7 damage to kill him.
Game 2: My Pride Guardian holds off his Goblin Arsonist. He destroys my awesome man-wall with an Outrage, gets the arsonist in, and casts Gorehorn Minotaurs. I cry but I stabilize with lawkeepers as he throws down Bonebreaker Giant and Flameblaster Dragon as well. I eventually succumb to the mass of fatties, and die from a Fling to my face.
Game 3: I get an early Blood Seeker attacking, and Ryan trades his lawkeeper for it. I get a few swings in with Griffin Sentinel and Dark Favor. Flying 4/4 Vigilance isn’t too shabby, but then I realize why Creature Auras are so unpopular when my man dies – very unfortunate card advantage. A multitude of creatures trade and die in battle, but my lawkeeper keeps his big men and Flameblaster Dragon from entering the red zone. My tapper is eventually Shocked but it is too late. His dragon blasts me for 10 damage to the face, dropping me to 4. I throw a Pegasus in the way of the beast. On my turn, I am able to send my remaining flyers over and finish him.

Ryan wishes he kept that lawkeeper. Another heartpounding game.

Round 3: Ken with Red/Blue (2-0)
Game 1: He drops a Goblin Fireslinger which I immediately Sorin’s Thirst. I don’t want to see any bloodthirst shenanigans! A Lawkeeper and Pegasus swing over each turn as he sits on two mountains unfortunately.
Game 2: He gets Goblin Fireslinger going again and uses Aether Adept for some tempo advantage, but he has no gas. He throws me a Lava Axe but can’t do anything about my Mastodons and Flyers. Stave Off protects my men who finish him off.

Ken had very unfortunate draws. It was either mana screw or mana flood. He was unable to play his dragons and bloodthirsty beasts.

Round 4: Mike with Blue/Black/Splash-Red-For-Fireball (2-1)

We shuffle and I mention that I forgot to sideboard out from last game. He says it doesn’t matter for prerelease games, and the tournament organizer agrees. I had also already presented my deck for my opponent to cut. I had unfortunately left a Zombie Infestation in my deck from the last game.

Game 1: My little flyers trade with Mike’s flyers, I get Spirit Mantle and my vigilant Griffin going. My joy is short lived after a Doom Blade takes the griffin down. I am sitting on three lands and cast a Zombie Infestation. Mike hits his land drops perfectly and plays Frost Titan, tapping out my only swamp, while I hold two swarms in hand. I am sitting at two life, while all my mana is spent on lawkeeper to hold back the titan. I eventually find more swamps and get my swarms going. However, Mike has continued to develop his board position much further than mine since I’ve been busy holding back his Titan. It’s a do-or-die situation as I swing my team over. He is unable to block one of my swarms. I discard my hand for zombie tokens, and sacrifice my entire team. The swarm is able to steal the victory!

As I am shuffling and sideboarding, Mike insists that I have gone over the three minutes allowed, which I did not know about. The TO tells him to chill out, and gives me a minute to finish.

Game 2: I am able to quickly drop Mike to 10 life, but he stabilizes with bigger flyers than me – Chasm and Skywinder Drakes. His Greatsword and Swiftfoot Boots are particularly troublesome. He is shocked that I continue to hold out with Gravedigger and additional blockers. I am so far behind, but if I can only draw Sorin’s Vengeance…

Game 3: I am stuck on three lands again but I am able to quickly drop an army of flyers. Mike destroys my first Pegasus with Deathmark, but I recast a second one. I Celestial Purge his Devouring Swarm and play a few of my own. Mike attempts to fireball my Pegasus, swarm, and lawkeeper – says they all die and go to the graveyard. I tell him to slow down, as my swarm stays alive by eating his fallen brethren. He continues to drop men – Warpath Ghoul and Jace’s Archivist – but they trade with my zombie token army. Crown of Empires is tapping down half my flyers. The life total ticker is going every turn … 20, 18, 16, 12, 8, 6, 4… He draws and plays Rune-Scarred Demon, then curses under his breath realizing that he had tapped out. He would be unable to stop both my swarms next turn. I leave mana open for Stave Off. One swarm is blocked, while the other makes it through and cannibalizes the other swarm. The final play is me discarding two lands for a zombie token, which is subsequently devoured by the swarm.

Long Live the Zerg Swarm!

I want to conclude this story by saying that Magic is about fun. Show some good sportsmanship, or it will come back to bite you. Leave the arrogance out of the game. Also, Limited Magic 2012 is a surprisingly fun format! Very possible to win with consistency over bombs!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy reading as I did writing/playing the tale of this planeswalker.
3  Eternal Formats / Global Vintage Tournament Reports and Results / Re: DAVE FEINSTEIN SPLITS A MOX TOURNAMENT. *HALLOWEEN EDITION* on: November 21, 2007, 07:29:56 pm
i enjoyed the report
you write the best Smile
mmmm goblins + taiga, i've many a fond memory of that
4  Eternal Formats / Global Vintage Tournament Reports and Results / Re: DAVE FEINSTEIN HATES BONUS ROUNDS. *Waterbury Main Event Top 8 report* on: January 17, 2007, 07:48:29 am
Hey Feinstein, tis I Jason. Sadly I didn't feel like making the trip, but as my last minute gut told me: the UWB Fish I planned would've failed. Totally unprepared for EtW (cept maindeck stifles... looks like those are going to be ever so much more important now). I also noticed my time of being out of the loop as ill-prepared me to return to magic.

I couldn't figured out a way to beat the 2/4 big man in bomberman. How could I completely forget about the old man.

Anyhow, great writing, great playing, and AWESOME LUCKSACKING. You're turning into me or something lol.

PS: I'm going to stick my nose in Oshawa Stompy and FCG now. hint hint.
5  Eternal Formats / Creative / Re: Can Chains of Mephistopheles be competitive? on: December 07, 2006, 11:39:39 pm
does chains and anvil stack/work together that way?

if you're able to force them into such a lock that quickly in which case they never draw a single card again, why bother with megrim or hippie? why not just use the hard lock and have the rack kill them? seems like your deck is lacking any permament removal that may hit the board before you pull the lock off.
6  Eternal Formats / Miscellaneous / Re: UW FISH: Teh Primer! on: November 27, 2006, 08:31:38 pm
Standstill makes ninja good too. But if you play SS you might as well play factories too.

You know what would be a nice improvement to these boards... that little thing on top that says "You have 0 new messages." It needs to be made bigger because Dave can't see that he has 1 new message from Jason Zheng.
7  Eternal Formats / Miscellaneous / Re: [Free Article] Vintage Metagame Breakdown on: April 27, 2006, 09:46:10 am
"Friggorid 1 (A vintage attempt at the extended Ichorid/Tolarian Winds/Dredge Cards Combo deck)"

Twas I Smile

My spiderman instincts told me that friggorid was going to be a very good choice for the metagame as I explained in my waterbury report a while ago. Unfortunately, my build was "sub-par" (but that's ok because it was in back in the pioneering days) and the matchups were terrible for me (of the 14 combo decks, I played against at least 1/3 of them).

If you want my opinion of the metagame at this point... I don't really know cause I haven't touched a magic card since the last waterbury. But the right deck might involve Pyschatog and Ninjas.

8  Eternal Formats / Miscellaneous / Re: [Premium Article] Monster Mash: Dredging Up Aggro in Vintage on: March 25, 2006, 11:34:44 pm
Thanks Mr Dizzle.

You guys have fun. I'm taking a two year hiatus.

Edit: The reason I'm taking a two year break from magic is like what Harkius says below. I just don't simply have the time to devote to magic and i don't want to play half-ass magic, so i'm just going into hibernation from the magic scene. If anything, the two year break will rejuvenate me as it has in the past.
9  Eternal Formats / Miscellaneous / Re: [Premium Article] Monster Mash: Dredging Up Aggro in Vintage on: March 24, 2006, 10:44:51 pm
Not looking for credit. Looking for the developement of the deck.

So why was the deck dismissed before waterbury. Did you detect some sort of metagame change? Did you feel like there wasn't enough "tech" for the deck available at the time/thought of at the time to make it powerful?

EDIT: And if you wonder why I'm looking for the developement of the deck, it's because I feel like it's a baby to me even though I stole the idea from extended. I was toying with it ever since I saw it and now I feel like it has finally grown up, gone through changes, matured. I feel like a mother who has been seperated from it's child, reunited, recognized changes, and wondered what he's gone though.

EDIT EDIT: Wow, reading over that last post, I hope I'm not gray.
10  Eternal Formats / Miscellaneous / Re: [Premium Article] Monster Mash: Dredging Up Aggro in Vintage on: March 24, 2006, 12:46:54 am
Thanks to the "vintage elite" for completely ignoring my question.

Although I see that you're deck has many different card choices and is somewhat very different, I would still like to know if your early ideas about the deck mimiced mine. You've had several months for more playtesting and I just want to know when you saw the deck as having great potential for our current metagame.

The deck became dismissed because numbers couldn't be put up so I think you were very lucky with me having poor performance.
11  Eternal Formats / Miscellaneous / Re: [Premium Article] Monster Mash: Dredging Up Aggro in Vintage on: March 21, 2006, 12:12:45 pm
I've been out of magic for a while and I don't plan to return for a while (guaranteed this time).

However I've been informed of your success Stephen. I don't have premium to view your decklist, but the question I have for you is... did you come up with the same deck design, thought process, and card analysis as I did at the last Waterbury I attended where I had horrible matchups and thus couldn't put up good numbers?

Here's the link to my decklist/card choices if you've all forgotten by now:
12  Vintage Community Discussion / General Community Discussion / Re: An idea, unrestrict "everything" on: February 16, 2006, 11:20:43 am
Perhaps another thing I should have looked at was the amount of "answers per problem."

Right now we have several answers to a single problem. IE: We have lots of options to stop a "graveyard deck." A factor I should've considered when making my original statement was the amount of answers we'll have to problems by unrestricting things. With that in mind, I realize that the reason we have alot of the current restrictions is because our we want to keep a high answers:problems ratio and most of the restricted cards are problem cards. A mass unrestriction would cause our ratio to severely lower.

With that said, I still believe however that there are definately cards that should still come off the restricted list, following the recent pattern of unrestricting cards like MoM and Fork.

But the reason I posted my original proposal was because I wanted to gather insight on the effects of the unrestriction of several cards at once. Does it really scream combo?
13  Eternal Formats / Creative / Re: Shahravoid on: February 16, 2006, 10:24:02 am
"Since TMD people always criticize before testing themselves I will not give a deck explanation yet."

Exact reason why I never post any of my decklists until I put up some good tournament results.

As far as your deck, I'm glad someone is breaking the new black leyline. I actually want to abuse it too, but I never thought with Sharhazad. There was actually talk about Sharhazad recently but in conjunction with Tormod's Crypt. Playing with Leyline of the Void is definately a better idea though.

I can't figure out your kill though. What if you threw in 4 negators?
14  Vintage Community Discussion / General Community Discussion / An idea, unrestrict "everything" on: February 16, 2006, 10:21:02 am
I was recently reading a SCG forum thread about Gifts Ungiven and some people were calling for the restriction of the card, or the unrestriction of weaker cards compared to Gifts (such as Fof).

We've seen a trend of unrestrictions occuring in Vintage and it will definately continue because there are certain decks or cards that are just not viable anymore, but I feel that it is safe to unrestrict every card as long as it doesn't break some of the cardinal game restrictions of magic. The main limitation I'm talking about is fast mana (and ante cards), I agree that mana accelerators should remain restricted such as the moxes, lotuses, fastbond, channel, etc. Other cards could safely be unrestricted simultaenously.


The Following is the Restricted List with all Fast Mana Removed.

Mirage Tutors
Portal Tutors
Demonic Consultation
Demonic Tutor

Frantic Search
Fact of Fiction
Yawgmoth's Bargain
Memory Jar
Wheel of Fortune

Black Vise
Dream Halls
Mind Twist
Mind's Desire
Time Spiral
Yawgmoth's Will
Time Walk


This is controversial, but what is the point of restricting tutors. If someone is playing blue/black he already has access to 4-6 tutors. Why not unrestrict all of them? Do you think someone willl play 12 tutors in a deck? Are there any tutors that are better than the rest? Honestly, they're quite balanced as far as broken tutors go. Diabolic Intent may be the best balanced tutor overall, but if we were to only compare the restricted tutors, are they not fair?

Demonic: 1B Sorcery
Entomb: B Instant - card goes to graveyard
Consultation: B Instant - risky
Vampiric: B Instant - 2 life and card disadvantage


As for draw spells, the only draw spells I would keep on the restricted list are Gush (because it "cheats" the mana system) and Ancestral Recall. Brainstorm is already too good, but Recall is alot better (sometimes. brainstorm happens to be really good against duress). Ancestral Recall also happens to be one of our "nine planets." They recently discovered that Pluto isn't actually a planet, but for our sake we're going to keep considering it our ninth planet because that's what we've been learning for centuries. For that reason Time Walk and Timetwister should remain unrestricted as well. They're also undercosted when compared to more "balanced" versions. Taking additional turns and having a huge reset button are also "breaking" the key rules of the game itself.

Frantic Search isn't up to it's prime anymore. Is there a deck you would play four FoF's in? Even Necropotence and Yawgmoth's Bargain running around unrestricted isn't as terrifying as people think. There have always been ways to deal with combo decks. The last group of draw cards are the draw 7's. I don't see anything taking advantage of Memory Jar, Wheel of Fortune, or Windfall.


Now, taking a look at the other category... these are some of the most powerfullest cards ever printed and they deserve to have a spot on the restricted list, but not all of them. It would be crazy to unrestrict cards such as Balance and Yawgmoth's Will, but the others I will argue for. Black Vise needs to come back to give aggro a chance. Black vise may kill a control player in 7 turns, but guess what? The control player will probably have set up a gifts or slaver lock by turn 3. Dream Halls (and the recently unrestricted Mind over Matter) are jokes that let a player "cheat" the mana system but with such high casting costs, they won't get abused. Mind Twist is as weak as ever these days. Earlier I advocated the unrestricting of combo cards, why not take it further? Would any deck play more than one Mind's Desire? Possibly, since we had people contemplating the idea of desiring into more desires. This card I'm actually unsure of because for a high initial cost, it will potentially let you cheat the rest of your deck into play for free. With Time Walk on the restricted list, Time Spiral can come off because it's simply not as strong. Trinisphere needs to stay restricted for it's impact on the mana system. Regrowth won't get back anything good because I anticipate more graveyard hate in vintage. The graveyard is such an integral part of vintage that I'm shocked when I don't see more graveyard hate.


With the unrestriction of so many cards at once, you can call it careless, but I can't predict any topdeck taking advantage, or any old deck resurging. One of the things that annoys me most about the vintage community is that we're not use to change. Standard and extended rotate and they MUST change but we're always afraid to let old decks go and have new decks come. It's ironic that human nature fears change because as homo sapien sapiens, we're the forerunner for evolution, adaptation, and change. We need to reflect and rebuild; people have forgotten about evolution.

There are also people who cry for innovation, but also cry that their beloved decks remain the same. We need to shake things up and unrestriction is better than restriction. Some people say we're at the point of "critical mass" and that we can't contain it. Well here's some out of the box thinking: if we can't contain it, why don't we open pandora's box and let it explode. As I said earlier, things will definately get shaken up but we have the ability to adapt to our new changes. We can't keep restricting "broken" cards forever. I say it is important to only restrict the ABSOLUTE broken cards and the ones that impact the key components of vintage such as the limitation of mana, taking turns, and having a global reset button (unless those cards are well costed).

Thanks for your time. This is Jason Zheng.

PS: I realized I left out Tinker. That's probably one of the only tutors I'd keep restricted because again, it breaks the whole mana concept. With that in consideration, should we look at Goblin Welder and Oath of Druids who also break the idea of mana costs? Welder can be dealt with, and so can oath's creatures. I'm actually content with those.
15  Eternal Formats / Global Vintage Tournament Reports and Results / [Report] Waterbury 8 - Ichorid Scrubbage on: February 13, 2006, 02:56:09 pm
The "deck discussion" can be found here. Originally I had posted my own topic but it got merged with this thread. I put alot of thought and design into the deck (i think alot of groups have their own versions) and all my card choices as well as my deck list can be found there. I believe mine to be the most optimal with it's game plan. Since all my explanations are found there, I'm just going to link to that thread (in the Vintage Open Forum) and write a report about my matchups.

I played combo all day pretty much. This sucked cuz Ichorid's combo matchup is pretty sub-par. Who would expect such a high combo turn out???

The Report:

Round 1: Justin Bransfield with Storm-Combo

Not-so-familiar face at first. He let his hair grow out. He also knows what I'm playing because I let one of our mutual friends Cerebral Assassin. He plays CA with no sideboard and goes 3-1 drop.

Game 1: We both mull to 6 and I'm on the play. I play turn one bazaar and fiend. I grab his ancestral recall. Next turn I therapy away his demonic tutor. He's left with ritual, force, jar. He has swamp and island in play. Bazaar get's dredge going and Justin dies as his hand is torn apart by further ichorid/therapy.

Game 2: He mulls to 5, and me to 6. He forces my putrid imp, plays necropotence, gets tinker for colossus shortly.

Game 3: I play bazaar and get a chalice which I play for 0. I literally dredge half my deck and see all my therapies except no ichorid or coffin purges. He really need to play a crypt, so he has to do crazy shit on his turn... bounce chalice, recoup his demonic tutor, tutor for crupt, remove my yard. Then he topdecks the tinker which turns his mana vault into an 11/11. I couldn't win anyway after the crypt.


Round 2: Nick with Drain-Storm-Combo

Friendly character. Good games.

Game 1: I get bazaar and chalice turn one. Then get a second bazaar going. Ichorids come.

Game 2: We spend alot of time playing the mind game as I play my discard effects. He has to play a small tendrils to stay alive, but he inevitably dies to the recurring ichorids.


Round 3: Kent with Flame-Vault Combo

A person I've played often and often beaten. This time he gets me though. Congrats on making top 16.

Game 1: I play putrid imp and cabal therapy and start dredging. He slowly takes his time. Builds up his mana. Time vaults and flame fussilades.

Game 2: I play lotus, fiend, therapy which kills his hand. Horrors come for the beats.

Game 3: I am able to pull off playing a fiend, then tolarian winds, then dropping a psychatog. Unfortunately he gets the single planar void he sideboarded in from out of nowhere and my ichorids start vanishing. Psychatog can't finish him off in time when he flame-vaults me.


Round 4: Joblin Velder with Cerebral Assassin

Fun games. Your funnest games definately come when you're 1-2 and have no chance of top 16ing.

Game 1: We both get bazaar's going. He animates titan and he intuitions for trike with welder in play. Trike blocks ichorid and shoots down the other ichorids. Then trike comes back for more. Damn you Welders and Velder.

Game 2: I have in my notes "I have nothing. Opponent wins"

My friend playing cerebral assassin reports to me that he just made a fish player cry by playing first turn kumano off mox ruby, mox sapphire, black lotus. I laugh and wish I was playing CA. He tells me that he's 3-1 and getting ready to leave.


Round 5: Andrew with Dragon

Game 1: He gets compulsion and dragon going.

Game 2: He tries to dragon combo and asks if I scoop. I say no, so he gets Shivan Hellkite and asks if I scoop. I say no. He tries to shoot me and I tell him that everytime he shoots me he shoots himself with his CoB. Later on he tries to combo again, but this time I have the coffin purge for his Ambassador Laquatus. Ichorids overun his hellkite.

Game 3: I fiend his dragon and early tog goes the distance.


Round 6: Andrew with Gifts

Game 1: Off my first turn bazaar I get chalice for 0 and a mesmeric fiend out. Ichorid combo comes soon.

Game 2: I play heavy discard early on and he tries to counter. Eventually we both have empty hands but he tops the gifts and gets a pentavus on the table. I have recurring stinkweed imps and he doesn't realize how good imp is. Imp trades with pentavus and then he gifts again. I lose. My mistake for not boarding in coffin purges.

Game 3: He gets early tinker for colossus. I play chain of vapor. He forces. I play chain of vapor #2. Mwahahaha. This one goes to time and a coin flip because he has Colossus but Mana Crypt on the table. The game ends in a draw and was reported that way, but we played it out. Lucky son of a gun survived both the coin flips as he time walks.


Round 7: Ronald with Dragon-Combo

Game 1: I mesmeric fiend his dragon and I get quickly get ichorid going. During one of my draw steps, he necromancies my Grave-Troll and he has 3 xantid swarms in his graveyard. He continues to try to stop me by playing orim's chant on the following turn. Finally he tries to go for the win. He casts saphire charm and PHASES OUT my mesmeric fiend and bazaars, but he doesn't get his animate.

We call a judge over to see if he knew his phasing rules. He had to go get another judge. We didn't really care about who won the game, but for clarification in case this ever happens to anyone else: If mesmeric fiend phases out, the card stays removed from the game.

Game 2: I am able to cabal therapy away his animate dead and dance of the dead. I coffin purge 3 cards and somehow he still manages to find more dragons than I can purge and win.

Game 3: It's Psychatog versus Squee. Psychatog soon gets backed up by team ichorid and squee is swarmed.


Round 8: Dom with Suicide Black

Game 1: He's stuck on one mana so he duresses me three times, netting a total of zero cards. I feel bad cause at this point we're just playing for fun.

Game 2: Darkblast rapes his 2/1's and 2/2's. He prevents me from recurring my ichorids until I kill the wretch.


And that was it. I leave Waterbury a bit dissappointed with my performance due to bad matchups. I still feel Ichorid is a strong deck in the right field of aggro/stax/control. The "Tournament of Champions" didn't happen. I stuck around a bit to play a few games for fun: Dan who plays TMWA from Myriad Games and Nicolae Almighty, whom discussed with me about my Ichorid deck over the internet.

I also would like to thank all the people who I mooched cards and stuff off:

GI: Chain of Vapor
Random Steve: Chain of Vapor
Outlaw: 50 Cent Tog
Jay Budha: Tog, Needle
Hatcher: Deckbox

Until Waterbury 9... This is Zheng. No more magic.
16  Eternal Formats / Miscellaneous / Re: Ichorid on: February 08, 2006, 08:13:01 am
what benefit is there from a five color base
the only one i see is the ray of revelation

any creature that's not black is not good
any non-black creature spell better do a hell of alot. this deck is also like fcg because it needs a supply of black creatures
17  Eternal Formats / Miscellaneous / Re: Ichorid on: February 01, 2006, 11:21:51 am
Darkblast is a good control card in the aggro matchup.

Planar void and non-tormod's crypt hate is very difficult to play against. Game 3 at Waterbury someone played a single copy of planar void in his sideboard. He tutored it up and I proceeded to lose. ANd with the new black/green leylines... I think taking this deck a green route would be a good idea to have ray of revelation as an option (except it needs to be in the graveyard before planar void comes down, and it won't do any good at all against the new leyline).
18  Eternal Formats / Miscellaneous / Re: Ichorid on: January 31, 2006, 08:13:29 pm
ahh. oops. my bad, thought he was the inventor guy.
19  Eternal Formats / Miscellaneous / Re: [Deck] Ichorid at Waterbury on: January 31, 2006, 07:16:59 pm
To answer two questions at once:
Yes I was suppose to quit many tournaments ago. But I saw this decklist on an extended forum surrounded by all this hype. It looked fun and interesting so I new I had to bring it to vintage somehow.

How often will I draw Ancestral Recall in my opening hand? If I could pick a card to replace from the maindeck, what would it be? Every card in the current maindeck plays a role.

-1 Tolarian Winds
+1 Ancestral Recall?

The rest of the restricted cards I will not even consider at all because they are helpful the longer the game has run (ie, yawg will, time walk (sucks as a cantrip in this deck))

Ashen Ghoul was indeed tested in the psychatog slot, ultimately I decided on the tog though. This way I have two game plans. I can go the "dump into graveyard and recur ichorid" route or the "play discard to pull counters and drop tog. feed tog." If I played the ghoul instead of tog, I would only have one route to victory. This alternative win route causes more trouble for the opponent. Tog also makes the race against colossus easier.

Wonder was tried, but ultimately cut. It lets me fly over defenders, but if I continue to smash into defenders, the way will eventually clear. Fish can only through so many chump blockers in the way of a 3/1.

Deep Analysis, Bazaar, Etc.
It's all about the matchups...
vs Aggro, they will wasteland my bazaar. I won't care because stinkweed imp trumps all aggro-strategies.
vs Control, they don't run wastes. You will have a 40% chance of bazaar in your opening hand. Not there? Land, Mox, Wind will let you see 4 more cards (unless you choose to dredge).

Other color combinations?
Blue only offers winds, tog, chain of vapor.
Red has artifact hate. Control of the Court and Goblin Lore.
Green offers a very aggro-version. But the green version would be ichorid-less. Mongrel is a suitable replacement for psychatog. Since we're playing mongrel, might as well add rootwalla. Threshold, so how about werebear? Life of the Loam is also an excellent dredge card. In the end we end up with a B/G Weenie Rock-type deck. Could be worth a try.

I forgot to mention Nicolae Almighty in my props. He is the inventor of Wild Zomboes (very very interesting deck, I love it) and was one of the first persons I went to with my deck. We talked and shared ideas. Due to a shortage of time, I ended up just playing my original version but we had begun discussing a B/G version. (wild zombies is BGW btw)
20  Eternal Formats / Miscellaneous / [Deck] Ichorid at Waterbury on: January 31, 2006, 03:42:27 pm
I played the following deck at Waterbury:


3 Swamp
3 Underground Sea
3 Polluted Delta
3 Bloodstained Mire
8 Black Lotus/Chrome Mox/Lotus Petal/Five Moxes

4 Bazaar of Baghdad
4 Tolarian Winds
4 Putrid Imp
4 Mesmeric Fiend
4 Cabal Therapy
4 Stinkweed Imp
4 Golgari Grave-troll
4 Chalice Of The Void
4 Ichorid
3 Psychatog
1 Darkblast

2 Pithing Needle
3 Coffin Purge
2 Tormod Crypt
4 Powder Keg
3 Chain of Vapor

I'll post a more extensive elaboration on the deck and a report in a few days (after i get some of this damn college work done), but I felt like I had to post a short thing about my list because I'm seeing these damned ichorid decks everywhere that are horrible. I will tell you about some of my card choices below:

No Restricted Cards:
This deck is about consistency and not the power of singleton rares. The original decklist had... tinker, colossus, recall, walk, will, every damn tutor. They were all cut because they sucked when they were in your graveyard and that's what this deck wants to do, dump itself into the graveyard.

Compared to FCG:
FCG: Aggro-route viable, No disruption, Turn 2-3 kill
Ichorid: Non-Ichorid Aggro-route not effective, Disruption, Turn 3-4 kill

I chose to play this deck this Waterbury better because it has a disruption element that FCG doesn't have.

Matchup Analysis:
vs Stax. You insta-win unless they get Karn or Trike/Welder down.
Vs Control. You play discard to target all their draw spells and you ignore their counters.
Vs Aggro. Stinkweed Imp owns aggro of all sorts.

Unfortunately at Waterbury my first 5 matches were all against combo (tps and dragon), which I have minimal hate for.

His slot was heavily debated. Do I want zombie infestation, ravenous rats, dark confidant, or ashen ghoul? Inevitably I chose pyschatog even though I hated having a card that had 3cc (you almost never have more than 2 mana on the table). I needed a win condition other than ichorid just in case, and none of the other creatures beat better than tog.

Mesmeric Fiend:
Turn one fiend, turn two therapy/putrid imp, then sac putrid imp if necessary. That should put most blue decks into top deck mode. They draw one card while you "draw" 5-6 cards per turn.

Chalice of the Void:
Very cheap. No time to play null rod, so chalice. Also prevents crypt from being cast if they don't have it in their opening hand.

Tolarian Winds:
Personal preference over DAnal and CStudy due to sheer speed and power on a turn one winds.

Sideboard choices:
Powder keg: Good for game two to blow moxes, crypts, and needles. Works wonders on small creatures too. Bring back the kegs!
Coffin Purge/Crypt: Next time I'll take out the crypts and put in more coffin purges.
Chain of Vapor: Better to have angels and colossuses in their hands than their graveyards.
Pithing Needle: Random sideboard card I threw in.

Hatch for the deck box. GI for a chain of vapor. Outlaw for some psychatogs. Random steve guy for another chain of vapor. Travis for a chain of vapor he gave me from last waterbury. Jay Buda for togs/needles.

Poor matchups. I wanted to top16 with my pile at least. Sad

Questions? Comments?

EDIT: Oh yeah, this is the same list I came up with in late november/early december in case you guys heard about the rumors about zheng and his new tech deck that he stole from extended. I've just been saving it for a grand return to vintage, except it wasn't so grand.
21  Eternal Formats / Global Vintage Tournament Reports and Results / Re: Ongoing Waterbury Results on: January 29, 2006, 12:25:25 am
yeah, me playing vintage friggorid... i didn't see fish, control or stax (my good matchups)... my first 5 rounds were 3 storm combo and 2 dragon... *sigh*

yeah, alot of no-namers made top 16, no idea what they were playing. blah. i hate magic.

kowal owes me a game because he signed one of my cards without playing me >.<
22  Vintage Community Discussion / General Community Discussion / Re: T1 Stagnation on: January 27, 2006, 03:56:34 pm
Waterbury is tomorrow. And then the new masterpeice shall be unveiled. I've got a new deck in a shoebox for about 2 months waiting for waterbury.
23  Vintage Community Discussion / General Community Discussion / Re: New Waterbury Game on: January 27, 2006, 10:02:38 am
Awww guys, I'm touched that I was on so many lists. I'll try to win this one again k?
Secret tech awesomer than WU TANG this time.

oh yeah, i guess i'll throw a random list together even though I dont know enough people...

Dave Feinstein
Outlaw (semi-finalist)
Myself (destined to beat outlaw in the finals, and having him sign my dci foil powder keg)
Kyle Leith
Kyle-Look Alike Person
Nicolae Almighty
Pete Florkoski (team dubya)
Jay Budha (team dubya)
Eli Kassis
Carl Winter
Grand Inquisitor
Brass Man
The guy who plays the mountain wins again who has that girlfriend that makes uber cookies
One sui black
One girl
24  Eternal Formats / Creative / Re: NinjAtog it's Fishy on: January 21, 2006, 10:33:38 am
I am so happy to see someone come up with something new and interesting, but am even more happy to see that the community is isn't immediately thinking "this isn't any of the current tier decks, it must suck."

I agree with lotushead that you test it against some of the current tier decks.

I am very happy t osee this deck because it reminds me of one of my old creations: WU Tang Fish.

Ninja, Flying Man, Daze & Meddling Mage
Ninja, Ornithopter, Force Spike & Atog

Very interesting. Atog allows for a fast clock, but mage offers disruption.

The only thing good about mistblade shinobi is that it owns colossus. I'm not sure about playing 4 though.

I like the name Ninjatog, but this deck is really a Fishatog. Which would make one think about the old deck combo-control deck Psychatog. So what happens if someone combines classic fish with classic psychatog?
25  Eternal Formats / Creative / Re: Shahrazad and the General State of Burn Decks on: January 15, 2006, 08:47:39 pm
the reason he plays shahrazad is because it's one card that does two things
(a) disruption
(b) deals damage (alot of it)
so it would be reasonable that playing this card in perhaps a Boros Deck Wins (R/W Burn/Weenie Deck) could be interesting
26  Vintage Community Discussion / Rules Q&A / Re: At the beginning of your upkeep... on: January 14, 2006, 11:48:20 am
can spells or abilities be used during the untap step?

for instance, can a player discard ichorid to tog (to give it +1/+1) during the untap step and then bring back the discarded ichorid at the beginning of the upkeep?
27  Eternal Formats / Creative / Re: A viable WW? on: January 14, 2006, 11:24:55 am
i'm only gonna make this comment because i've loved WW ever since i started playing magic.

i bet ww would be pretty viable in a tournament right now, but no one has the balls to play it. and no one is taking enough time to truly be innovative with the deck. white offers alot of goodies, and although it is seen as inferior to UW "Meandeck" Fish, you make some changes here and there and it'll be a completely different deck.

the deck definately needs a splash of some sort though. i feel that ww alone is too weak because it empties it's hand too quickly without a way to fill it back up again with more threats. kind of like how RG Beatz plays out.
WR offers burn?
WB offers confidant, tutoring, and more controlling cards
WU offers card draw, tutoring, counters
WG offers more beats and tempo (i love root maze)

so basically, get your butts off the floor, innovate, test. and play it.
28  Vintage Community Discussion / Rules Q&A / At the beginning of your upkeep... on: January 12, 2006, 12:39:20 pm
Happened during a extended playtesting with buddies:

I have "Ichorid A" in my graveyard and a Pyschatog.

At the beginning of my upkeep...
(1) I put "Ichorid A" on the stack
(2) I also discard "Ichorid B" during the beginning of my upkeep
(3) Is it still considered at the beginning of my upkeep so I can put "Ichorid B" on the stack too?

I told him it was too late, and he should've discard "Ichorid B" sooner. But he wanted to do it this turn to give tog +1/+1 of course. Thanks.
29  Eternal Formats / Miscellaneous / Re: [Article] Veggies and Kelp on: January 12, 2006, 11:37:04 am
<Cue commercial break>
Has anyone noticed how much quality television is on the air right now? I'm thoroughly shocked by how often I'm watching TV at night. In the past, if I wasn't watching ESPN, Law and Order, Comedy Central or Adult Swim, I wasn't watching anything at all.

Now I stare at quality shows that have come out… House, The Boondocks, Veronica Mars, Everybody Hates Chris, My Name is Earl, The Shield, Family Guy and even that remake of The Office is pretty good now.

Life is sweet.
End aside
<End commercial break>

Of the shows listed I only watch Family Guy and House. AND HOW COULD YOU FORGET ARRESTED DEVELOPEMENT!!!

EDIT: Oh yes, I'd like to also predict that in 2006, Stax and Control Slaver will go on a downward spiral while aggro decks rise up. Wait and watch.
30  Eternal Formats / Creative / Re: Shahrazad and the General State of Burn Decks on: January 11, 2006, 01:46:32 am
hmmm, interesting idea. shahrazad may be very effective against decks that require certain cards from their deck that may become unavailable by casting this spell. those decks may fall victim to the consistency (i mean multiple 4 of's) of burn decks. however i do believe ur initial post is lacking in content, could you please expand more on your idea?

sample deck? we do have a RW burn deck running around sometimes, but i think it needs to be reworked to support shahrazad.
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