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1  Eternal Formats / General Strategy Discussion / [RtR] Electrickery on: September 20, 2012, 04:12:35 am
No idea if this is actually useful, but skimming discussions on Golgari Charm and the like made me think it might. Seems to have been skipped over.

2  Eternal Formats / General Strategy Discussion / Re: Bruizar's All Seeing Eye looks at Rise of the Eldrazi on: April 13, 2010, 06:35:51 am
Torn Field = Terramorphic Expanse. Who plays Expanse in Vintage? The card is admittedly huge for Pauper and can definitely find a use in more casual/budget decks and perhaps Highlanders, EDH more so than German.
*wants a playset*
3  Eternal Formats / Creative / Re: elves: sideboarding against workshops on: February 18, 2010, 05:08:47 pm
Hello, a fellow (though casual) elfball fan here. I play a version of the deck that's monoG and pretty much Extended + Fyndhorn + Skullclamp. In my opinion, a monogreen elfball would be one of the more interesting decks to optimize for Vintage, namely because it's fast and dodges a lot of hate by not being graveyard- and artifact-based. Basic lands and mana dorks laugh at Wasteland, too. Even funnier, you dodge free Massacres because you're not playing white.

Recently, though, I started thinking: All the storm decks play Tinker 'cause Tinker is, well, broken. Elf decks don't need that sort of stuff: The deck itself is the Tinker. But what if we played Tinker anyway? Say, like three copies? I'm of course talking about Natural Order, with the main targets being Progenitus and Regal Force. Elves is a deck that's basically built to play little dudes to ramp, so it pretty much always has a victim for Order. Many Vintage decks run Tinker hate in the form of targeted bounce and Hurkyl's Recall. Well, Protection from Everything and nonartifactness tend to make those moot. Good luck blowing Deed@10 for The Deck players, too. Edicts are useless because you have a horde of little green men. Those can block opposing beaters or chip in with the hydra to negate any potential lifegain, should there be some. Order can also fetch Regal Force mid-combo for a nice Draw-7 imitation (+ a huge beatstick), or search other things later on.

Order has a tendency of making bad hands into third-turn hydras, and complicating lategame comboing a bit, especially if you're running on Skullclamp. I don't run Hivemasters, so that might be it, though.
I'm not certain at all if Order would improve any matchups, but it should be worth a try, at least. Also, for those who prefer Sundering Titan as a Tinker target, Woodfall Primus exists. It should be pretty nice to Order for Primus, and then Order for Regal Force, saccing Primus to the second Order. Persist <3

For context, my decklist:

16x Forest

Mana: (givens)
4x Llanowar Elves
4x Fyndhorn Elves
4x Nettle Sentinel
4x Heritage Druid
4x Birchlore Rangers

4x Glimpse of Nature
3x Skullclamp (generally awkward to draw in multiples, in my experience)
3x Elvish Visionary
1x Regal Force (some goldfishing made me feel the deck wants another for Order-munchingness)

Search: (duh)
4x Summoner's Pact
3x Natural Order

4x Wirewood Symbiote

1x Progenitus
1x Grapeshot
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