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361  Vintage Community Discussion / General Community Discussion / Re: Why I am not going to Gencon this year. on: June 12, 2012, 11:42:34 am
That's a shame. I am going to play vintage champs for the first time in a decade and the fact that many passionate members of the vintage community won't be attending is a little disheartening.

I'd encourage everyone to directly voice the security concerns to Pastimes in the form of questions.

'What security will be in place for Vintage / Legacy champs?'

'Will non competitors be allowed to wander the rows?'

'Will there be additional space between tables at Vintage / Legacy champs?'

'Will there be cameras?'

Anyway, lets all be vigilant lets call out anything suspicious.

- Sean O'Brien
362  Eternal Formats / Southern U.S. / Re: 5/5/12 Vintage at SuperGames Inc. on: May 11, 2012, 12:07:22 pm
We ended up only getting 6 after some last minute cancellations, but a determined and grim 6 it was. I'll post a short report in the reports sub-forum.
363  Eternal Formats / Southern U.S. / Re: 5/5/12 Vintage at SuperGames Inc. on: May 01, 2012, 03:14:37 pm
$5.00 gets you 5 proxies. That's the minimum entry fee (even if you choose to use no proxies). Additional proxies can be 'bought' up to a maximum of $10 (e.g. 10 proxies max).

I.e. you could pay an entry fee of $7 if you needed to use 7 proxies. If you don't need any proxies at all than you would still pay $5 (but have the satisfaction of having nicer cards than some other folks Wink )

Sorry for the confusion.

364  Eternal Formats / Southern U.S. / Re: 5/5/12 Vintage at SuperGames Inc. on: May 01, 2012, 10:22:07 am

Some additional information from the store for those not willing to embrace the Facepage:

The tournament structure will be swiss, and will potentially cut to top 8 depending on number of entrants. The prize will be 100% of the entry pool in store credit, with additional prize support again depending on number of entrants.

For this tournament, we are also allowing cards marked as "Collector's Edition" and "International Edition" to be included in your deck, and they also do not go against your proxy count.

This is the first vintage in Atlanta in sometime; let's try to get the once great scene rolling again!
365  Eternal Formats / General Strategy Discussion / Re: Cavern of Souls on: April 24, 2012, 10:08:57 am
Isn't Null Rod always easier to cast? Even in a mono-white deck Null Rod would probably be easier to cast because you might be playing it into a Lodestone Golem.

Yes. One could argue it's a bit more vulnerable to removal once on the board though. But honestly why in the world are you bothering with Null Rod if you are playing Cavern of Souls. You should just play creature based artifact hate ...  name Wizards. Poop out a Pridemage.

Wizards, Humans, Goblins, Elementals all stand out as pretty good choices.
366  Eternal Formats / General Strategy Discussion / Re: Cavern of Souls on: April 18, 2012, 03:00:28 pm
That's an idea I can get behind. Seems kind of slow though, you need void + land + creature. What if you don't draw the land and just lock yourself out? How is that better than void + manlands, which no one has gotten to work.

There's the obvious task of pushing the Nether Void out as soon as possible. Manlands are still a nice tag along strategy but one of the issues in Nether Void decks (at least post 1997) is getting a threat out first then dropping the void. The speed of vintage just makes it so you need to do it in the other order. Void first, then threat. The manlands unfortunately die to 2 free cards under the void, Strip Mine and Wasteland.

My last success with Nether Void is pre Gush (mostly because Sinkhole was still a valid spell) but it's still one of my favorite cards ever, and is the pinnacle of disruption. I think maybe you'd look at some hand disruption, rituals and then choose creatures that create as fast a clock as possible.

I think that would be

- Tarmogoyf (paired with discard and powering out the Void with a ritual he can often be large)
- Negator (bad with men around)
- Some of the synergistic hate bears, Thalia is the obvious one since she stacks with Nether Void and is a pain herself

367  Eternal Formats / General Strategy Discussion / Re: Cavern of Souls on: April 18, 2012, 01:00:33 pm
Has anyone seen the price of Mutavault lately? This is going to be difficult to acquire (Legacy Merfolk).

Yeah I saw that. It's been going up and up. The full art foil is more than a Mox Sapphire. Seems insane. As for Awesome Land ... meet an old friend of mine:

368  Eternal Formats / General Strategy Discussion / Re: SCD Liliana of the Veil on: October 26, 2011, 03:20:45 pm
Chains + Anvil isn't a 2 card Uba Mask.  It's like a 2 card Possessed Portal.  You don't get to your main phase with any cards if you started with an empty hand.  Any card drawing doesn't net more cards.  Of course, Fact or Fiction trumps that plan, since you're not drawing cards. 

So does Bob. In fact any deck with Chains should run Bob ... since his "draw" is missed by Chains.
369  Vintage Community Discussion / General Community Discussion / Re: MTGChicago // Stasch Kuras // SKuras // Scam on: May 17, 2010, 12:13:53 pm
Hmm I guess I get to post my Stasch story now. Someone at another MTG community directed me to this thread after I posted my ripoff story there.

Just over a day ago, the first card from the new set, Rise of the Eldrazi, was spoiled as most of you know. I was working a late shift and the lab I was stationed in was empty so I was browsing the web and came across Kozilek and thought, "Wow, the price on Eye of Ugin is a gonna jump like crazy!". Now I'm sure I'm not the only person who had this revelation and I'm sure some people had it way before me, but I immediately went to my favorite card website ( to see if that jump had occurred yet.

To my joy, I found that it had not, and I ordered 3 (already owning one from a booster) from at approx 5 bucks a pop which was the only 3 they had left. I was afraid that they might sell out of those 3 before my order was processed and ready, but those fears were put to rest when I received an email shortly after placing it saying the my order had been received and processed that my cards were ready to be packed and shipped.

More joy, I thought. To my dismay however, I received an email the next day saying that unfortunately they had run out of stock and were refunding my order. I thought, "Well that sucks, but I guess I wasn't quick enough" and on a whim I decided to check the new asking price. Despite the fact that the card was now going for 15 bucks, I noticed that MTGChicago was listed as having 4 copies for sale at 14.99. Odd, they told me they were out of stock.

So in short, I guess this is mostly venting as they said they will refund my purchase (which I have yet to receive), thought I felt it was pretty shitty business practice to go back on a purchase that was already completed simply because they saw an opportunity to make a slightly higher profit. Needless to say, I won't be ordering from them again.

Another log on the fire for this ripper. I also took the bait on his Rise of the Eldrazi pre-order and grabbed 4 Vengevines at $16.00. Shortly after release I had nothing to show for it, but strangely saw some up on the site for $35.00. So I called asking where my cards were and I was told that the ones on the website were up there "by mistake". So essentially what this guy does is fuel his business through a fraudulent claim of inventory. He takes your $100 a few weeks prior and uses it to go run around and buy cards. Then he hopes you get frustrated and cancel your order at which point he may or may not refund you. Leaving you the consumer screwed since you could have pre-ordered from a reputible dealer (SCG or ChannelFireball) who will FILL ORDERS AT A LOSS TO THEMSELVES.
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