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121  Eternal Formats / Miscellaneous / Re: [Premium Article] Meandeck Gifts on: June 28, 2005, 12:33:47 pm
Steve, I like the article.  I dont know what to say about mechant scroll.  I will playtest the deck and get a better feel for it.  Instead of merchant scroll I would run another draw engine but as you explained in your article the others dont fit with this deck.  I always thought the rule fo type 1 is whomever draws more cards will win.  Now granted that isnt always true but drawing cards doesnt hurt either.

How would you say this deck handles UW decks?  Have you tested it against UW decks?  I am worried about swords.  Granted you have burning wish but if your win condition is a creature you have a lot of issues with the deck. 

Would you run this deck in a tourney?

Again great deck and article I just have some questions.  Thanks.
122  Eternal Formats / Miscellaneous / Re: Gifts Variant on: June 27, 2005, 07:58:01 am
I have been testing it a bit more and I like it.  The only worry I am currently having it swords.  Since UW landstill, and UW fish are around you have to worry about swords.  Maybe either have a nother win condition main or use tendrils in the side (since burning wish it already in the deck).

What do you guys think?
123  Eternal Formats / Miscellaneous / Re: How competative can Monoblue Control be nowdays? on: June 24, 2005, 12:44:42 pm

Not only have I heard of Force of Will I wrote the book on this deck in vintage:

You can read my primer from 2002 here:

and last summer for SCG:

Part One:

Part Two:


Dont talk shit to the king of mono-blue, tog, and tendrils
124  Eternal Formats / Miscellaneous / Re: Gifts Variant on: June 24, 2005, 12:43:10 pm
Steve I like the deck though I am not certain if it is better than shortbus' list.

I would like to suggest either a pair of cunning wishes or echoing truth.  I think I will throw this together and give it a run.  What do you like most about this deck?  least?
125  Eternal Formats / Miscellaneous / Re: How competative can Monoblue Control be nowdays? on: June 24, 2005, 06:53:03 am
Running 4 Chalices, 3 Kegs, 16 counters, 2 Morphling and 1 Platinum Angel is more than enough for board control. The Disks are completely unnecesary since they ruin my artifacts, which should remain in play as well as my Ophidians-Morphlings. Why would I run a Disk?

because you need an answer for oath, slaver, and welders.

They play welder, you play keg, they use welder then you get to add the counter good game.

I myself agree with Steve mono-blue is dead right now.

It could come back but for now give it up.  I love mono blue but even I learned to leave it alone for a while.

126  Eternal Formats / Creative / Re: Control Slaver...a new idea on: April 21, 2005, 06:11:02 am
no brainstorm.

Why are you running so much counters (which are blue) with 3 blood moons?  Does that counterdict? 

What about oath, why run ophidian?

I am glad you are trying new things in such a great deck but I just think that there has to be changes.  Drop some of the couters, add brainstorms, and drop the phids
127  Eternal Formats / Creative / Re: Control Slaver Problem on: April 14, 2005, 07:06:05 am
you will be able to get volcanic islands at the tourney.  just get there way early so you can ask around.  If for some reason no one brings volcanic islands they are willing to get rid of I would say shivan reef to but if you dont have volcanic islands you probably arent going to do very well.

Get them and good luck
128  Eternal Formats / Miscellaneous / Re: [Article] Optimizing Intuition Slaver, by Rich Shay on: April 13, 2005, 10:54:13 am
I would still say edicts are the best choice though right now in my meta Cranial Extraction is seeing a lot of play.
129  Eternal Formats / Miscellaneous / Re: [Article] Optimizing Intuition Slaver, by Rich Shay on: April 13, 2005, 10:37:13 am
The problem I have with using both of those cards is that you have to have them both in order to win.  Also, Tormod's Crypt has the "disadvantage" of costing zero in this case, which is a problem because they will probably have Chalice of the Void in play.  Oath is so fast in that it drops its threats on turn one or two and puts you on a fast clock.  Not to mention, you'll need to have two edicts in order to keep from losing.  That's three cards you need early in the game - seems a bit demanding to me.

It all depends on what you're trying to do with the Crypt.  If you want to stop the Blessing recursion, you activate your Crypt in response to the Blessing trigger on the stack.  It's even better if they have a creature in the graveyard from a previous turn already.

Again, the thing about Crypt that I don't like is the fact that it costs zero and Chalice of the Void is already a beating; I want to lessen the effects of the hate cards as much as possible by not bringing in more cards that they will affect.

     ~Mark B.

edicts you will draw.  You have so much draw in the deck you will get to them.  Side in 2-3 edicts and 1-2 crypts and you will be fine.  I realize that maybe be 5 cards in your side for oath but if you are worried why not have them there?
130  Eternal Formats / Miscellaneous / Re: [Article] Optimizing Intuition Slaver, by Rich Shay on: April 13, 2005, 07:26:35 am
Right, I never meant to say that Clockwork Dragon is a good creature choice for the Oath matchup.  I was simply stating that when I was searching for non red or black creatures with toughness 7 or greater, he was something I thought of since there is not much available to me.  The idea I had was to find a creature I could board in to Oath up myself, that would either sit there and block or be able to win - there just isn't anything that can sit there and ping without being Red.  If anyone knows of something, please post it here because it would help us Slaver players beat the gayness that is Oath.

Duplicant is probably the best choice, but he does little to Pristine Angel.  New Oath decks are pretty efficient at owning Slaver in game 1, so I'm doing my best to think of tech to win after board.  Chalice = zero and Furnace are really good against Slaver, and it's a pretty tough matchup.  Against eveything else in the field, I'm pretty confident I can win.

I would rather have edicts and tormods crypts in the board.  Edict wrecks oath (as long as you can remove the graveyard).  Even echoing truth would be better then dragon.  I run edicts and crypts in my build and I am 6-0 in the last 2 weeks versus Oath in tourneys.
131  Eternal Formats / Miscellaneous / Re: [Article] Optimizing Intuition Slaver, by Rich Shay on: April 11, 2005, 11:40:07 am
One of the main reasons to include crucible is because in the early game, you can intuition with a welder in play for COW/Stripmine/Whatever and just win from there.  I don't really understand this mindset of it being a tertiary gameplan since you can't just intuition for pentavus and always expect to get it into the yard.  When you resolve intuition in the early game, COW/Strip is almost a garunteed win while getting bus/draw or whatever doesn't garuntee anything for you.  That can be as early as turn 2 for the win, so why are so many people talking about slaver locks and pentavus being better when crucible/strip can win so much faster? I've heard people saying that you can intuition for better things, so tell me what would be better in the early game than COW/Strip that is garunteed to work?

have you played slaver with intuition and no COW or strip?  Its better without.  If you have a welder in play why would you intuition for COW, strip, and something else.  Why not go for slaver, pent, slaver? 
132  Eternal Formats / Miscellaneous / Re: [Article] Optimizing Intuition Slaver, by Rich Shay on: April 11, 2005, 06:54:45 am
It can also get you 3 FOW if you have the game sealed, it can do so much.

If the game is already sealed does it matter if you have Mystical or Intuition in hand?

no it might not.  But that was only one part of my full explaination on the subject.  I appreciate you taking the time to pick that piece and argue about it.  Mystical tutor cant put 2 artifacts in your graveyard and one in your hand though.
133  Eternal Formats / Miscellaneous / Re: [Article] Optimizing Intuition Slaver, by Rich Shay on: April 10, 2005, 09:18:22 pm
Yep, I'm still in the Goth Slaver mindset of 1 Mindslaver. I've been playing around with 2 recently and I'm liking it a bit; it's also a lot more relevant with all the graveyard hate. I see what you mean about having 2 making crucible a lot less good. One of my favorite things about Intuition/AK is the instant speed of the entire operation. I like Deep Analysis, but casting it as a sorcery is always pesky. The team had lists and lists of Intuition but no AK slaver going far back; DA was the best fit in the AK slot. Intuition without ANY draw you can get with it (AK or DA) is pretty lousy in CS though.

Here's the big question (and what I always seem to be asking : ) ) Is Intuition/DA better than Mystical and Friends?

I personally think it is.  The reason being is you can get two great artifacts in your graveyard for 3 mana.  It can also get you 3 FOW if you have the game sealed, it can do so much.  I didnt think it was going to be better but after testing it I believe CS is better with intiuiton and DA.
134  Eternal Formats / Miscellaneous / Re: [Article] Optimizing Intuition Slaver, by Rich Shay on: April 10, 2005, 11:05:23 am
Okay I ran this deck in a tourney last night.  I took out dart for cunning wish,  I added a 61st card (platz) and I swtiched who shelters all with a darksteel citadel.  I went undeafted and won the tourney.  I never lost a single game in any match.  I beat oath really easily as well as doomsday.

I am certain this is the best build out there and its extremely consitant.
135  Eternal Formats / Creative / a "flame retardant" TPS on: April 08, 2005, 10:37:03 pm
I see what your saying.  I playtested it with gifts and it was pretty good.  I cant tell if its better with or without gifts.  I am obviously sided to without but I am not sure on that decision.

I am certain though if you run gifts tps you should run 2 not anymore or any less.  I will continue to playtest and tell you what I figure out.
136  Eternal Formats / Miscellaneous / [Article] Optimizing Intuition Slaver, by Rich Shay on: April 08, 2005, 07:43:07 am
I playtested this deck last night for about 2 hours.  The only difference I made was I took out dart for cunning wish and I added a 61st card (platz).  I like it better then the normal slaver list I ran before.  My only question is why did Rich choose dart over wish and why didnt he include platz?  

Any help is appreciated.
137  Eternal Formats / Creative / a "flame retardant" TPS on: April 07, 2005, 12:26:49 pm
Quote from: Freelancer
that is what TPS should look like. Drop halls drop red drop gifts.

Drop gifts?

Are you crazy? Gifts is totally insane in TPS, starcitygames decks to beat is just a guideline you know. They are surtenly not perfect builds (used in particular metagames, older lists).
What is your base off the argument against gifts? Does it not get you bombs? Does it not set up a lethal will? Does it not get mana? Does it not get protection? Does it not get draw? What doesn't it do? maybe not as good as in gifts belcher, but that's a deck build around gifts. Wich is a huge difference.

TPS has a stable mana base.  Adding red will not be helping the mana base will it?  Drop gifts because its not worth running red (for recoup) and affecting your mana base.  

Its 4 to cast and whats the point in TPS?  Why do you need to waste the 4 mana on getting two cards when with 4 mana you will start to go off and not need it in the first place?  

TPS w/o gifts is better then gifts belcher.  

So if you feel gifts belcher is better than tps with gifts why run gifts?
138  Eternal Formats / Miscellaneous / [Article] Optimizing Intuition Slaver, by Rich Shay on: April 07, 2005, 07:08:51 am
I tested this list last night and I like it alot.  I took out the dart for a cunning wish and liked the change.  

I dont feel crucible is needed either but its always worth a try you could drop and island for a strip and the dart (or wish) for the crucible.  Its worth a try.
139  Eternal Formats / Creative / a "flame retardant" TPS on: April 06, 2005, 10:48:41 am
red isnt worth it.  Go to here

that is what TPS should look like.  Drop halls drop red drop gifts.

I have ran both TPS and gifts belcher and I dont see them being a good deck combined.  Gifts is a great card but only in some decks.

Good luck.
140  Eternal Formats / Miscellaneous / [Article] Optimizing Intuition Slaver, by Rich Shay on: April 06, 2005, 07:09:57 am
I have played CS w/o intuition for a few weeks now.  I have done pretty well with out intuition but I want to run it with intuition.  There is one problem though I feel black is too good to cut.  Yawgmoths will just plain wins and demonic tutor is the best tutor in the game.  Has anyone built this with black for d tutor and will?

edit: nevermind I reread the article.  I thought it was this article:

I guess I will give this deck a try.
141  Eternal Formats / Creative / My Sui took 2nd on: September 07, 2004, 09:12:25 pm
Quote from: pox_reborn
Well if you don't use night's whisper and relying on redundancy than you should add fetchlands so you topdeck much better in late game situations.

or of course you could run the best black card of all time a.k.a POX Cool  Rolling Eyes

I use to use fetch lands but I didnt like how much damage I took.  I know you will disagree but when I ran it with fetch it was too much life loss.  I just quit using them and my deck worked great.  My deck is pretty much perfect.  I have a pox deck but pox isnt what it use to.  I dont think you run sui cuz sui doesnt run pox and very rarely does it run fetch lands
142  Eternal Formats / Creative / My Sui took 2nd on: September 06, 2004, 10:03:20 pm
Quote from: pox_reborn
Did you think about running chalice's? I remeber there being a chalice black discussion a while ago before the Tmd Rehaul. It helps lockdown the opponent and put them in a position where chalice will affect you little because of the diversified mana costs.

Also condsider saving up for chains of mephostoleses (Sp?) later on. That is what really is the bomb against the control decks.

One last thing, YOU need night's whisper if your going to continue running suicide black. A main problem witht the deck before was it always spending up it's gas and proceed to topdeck into useless stuff. Night's helps keep the engine going.

Actually I dont like night whispers.  My deck runnign necro speeds it up enough.  I have been working on this deck for a while and it works great as is.  I didnt run chalice cuz even if there is diversified mana costs it is still stopping me from playing spells and defense grids work better in my meta game.  I was going to run chains of meta but I desided on more creature control in sideboard.  

I normally run engineered plagues in my sideboard but I decided not to run them in this tourney and I placed second.  I have tried many versions of my sui but for my meta game this is without a doubt the best one I could run.  I just wish I owned the jet, lotus and 3rd null rod but thats why it was a proxie tourney.  

What did you think of my creatures?  In my meta game it works but still alot of people say drop the sarcomancys.  

thanks for the feedback
143  Eternal Formats / Creative / My Sui took 2nd on: September 05, 2004, 05:06:34 pm
Quote from: Kowal
In addition there was a total lack of clarity.  No opponent archetypes were given, and the organization was poor.  Sorry to totally shit on your cereal, but Methuselahn is right.

your both right I just typed it upreal quick I will reedit it later sry
144  Eternal Formats / Creative / My Sui took 2nd on: September 05, 2004, 04:18:04 pm
I played in a type one tournament last night.  First place gets a PSA 8 Unlimited Ancestral Recall.  Second place gets a pack of Italian Legends.  It was at Gamer’s Den in Corpus Christi, TX.  Fifteen dollars to enter, you were allowed 4 proxies, and 30 people showed up.  
I was planning on running Hulk but I could get the volcanic islands.  I ended up deciding on running my favorite deck Suicide black.  I named my deck flying Tee bag Sui.  I gave it this name because the hypnotic specters are the flying, Negator is the Tee Bag(because if he comes into play your getting it on the chin), and sui because it’s a suicide black deck.  Here is my build:

4   Phrexian Negator
3   Nantuko Shade
1   Withered Wretch
4   Hypnotic Specter
4   Sarcomancy
16   Creatures

2   Powder Keg
4    Hymn to Tourach
4    Sinkhole
4    Duress
14  Control

1   Necropotence
1   Demonic Tutor
1   Yawgmoth’s Will
1   Zuran Orb
4   Other Spells

16   Swamps
4    Dark Ritual
3   Wasteland
1    Strip Mine
1    Black Lotus (proxie)
1   Mox Jet (proxie)
26  Mana Sources

3    Dystopia
3    Contagion
3    Null Rod (1 proxie)
3   Defense Grid
1   Powder Keg
1   Wasteland
1   Withered Wretch
15   Sideboard

Now you are probably wondering what the hell I am thinking with only running 3 shades or running any Sarcomancys at all.  Well when the deck started out over a month ago I read Legend’s Primer on in there Legend says Nantuko Shade is the second best creature in type one and Sarcomancy’s are horrible.  I agreed so at first I ran 4 Shades and 4 Flesh Reevers.  Later on I read about the Nantuko Shade conspiracy on and I agree that the Nantuko Shade is kind of mana hungry but I still think it’s a great card.  After reading about the Nantuko Shade conspiracy I decide to run 4 shades and 4 Sarcomancy’s taking out the flesh reevers.  This way I am following both deck ideas.  Then about a week before the tourney I read the article called my suicide deck is wretched on this gave me the idea about not running Planar Void and running 3 Withered Wretch.  Obviously three is too many so I ended up taking out my 1 planar void in my side board and 1 Nantuko Shade main deck and putting 1 Withered Wretch in each.  After play testing this way seemed to work pretty well.  I have used a lot of sources to make my deck but I would say the main source was Legend’s Primer.  
   My suicide deck did a lot better than I thought it would, I played the best magic of my life until game 3 of the finals.  My final record was 11-2 and took second place Hardie’s record was 12-2-2.  That’s life but I do regret that move.  Because of the good turn out the Gamer’s Den will start having power tournaments once every month or two.  They are hoping to get more people in the tourneys as well as I.  The address for the Gamer’s Den is 6410 Weber Rd Ste 7 Corpus Christi, TX and the phone number is 361-853-5337.  The Den is great magic store and if you are in the area I suggest you stop by I moved down to Corpus about a year ago and this is the best shop in the area.

I changed it from a tourney report to just a deck list.  I am in the process of retyping the tourney report.  Again sorry for making the first report suck.
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