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1  Archives / Tournament Announcement Forum / Re: Something 2 Do Time Walk/ Time Vault tourney, LOUISVILLE, KY Dec. 19th on: December 16, 2009, 10:10:48 am
Barring any shenanigans, Preston and I will be there. It is unknown if anyone else is coming with us though.
2  Eternal Formats / Global Vintage Tournament Reports and Results / Re: BETA Mox Ruby - Bloomington, IN - 12/6/09 - TO Report / Metagame on: December 07, 2009, 06:57:16 pm
Thanks Mike for hosting, I had a blast playing vintage with good magic players. (Including facing not one, but TWO meandeck guys in the top eight) Also, hooray for everyone being about as friendly as possible, something I have noticed is a glaring problem with Magic these days.

I obviously have no complaints about the prize support, considering I split for first, but in all practicality that's something to grumble at TGP instead of you about. Still, I know I wouldn't have been happy outside of splitting considering the kind of lameness outside of there. But at least Doug did get his Misty Rainforest.

Still, it was great meeting the meandeckers, and everyone else. I will totally get in on the next time you guys decide to throw down some vintage cards.
3  Archives / Tournament Announcement Forum / Re: T1 Unlimited Proxies - BETA Mox Ruby - Bloomington, IN - 12/6/09 on: November 27, 2009, 12:24:45 pm
There should be at least two people coming from the Louisville area.
4  Eternal Formats / Global Vintage Tournament Reports and Results / Re: Something 2 Do Mox Jet Results, 21 People on: November 26, 2009, 10:34:11 am
If this guy actually got to take an extra turn of off this, that would be so hot.

He did. I played against him in round 4 and savagely misplayed into his Magus. Double Voltaic Key on the table doesn't save you from Magus. *headdesk*

Also @Schonkreuz: The tourney was fun, and please do continue to post those tournies on here. I know Preston is buying a set of power to keep playing, and we're going to playtest a lot more.

(Is the guy you played round two, who lucksacked a turn 1 kill game 1, and tinkered Inkwell Levithian with double force back up game two)
5  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: Dredge in Extended on: September 17, 2009, 08:49:07 pm
Didn't Sadistic Hypnotist rotate out of extended?

Yes. Ody rotated out of Extended forever ago.
6  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: Goodbye TML on: October 01, 2008, 05:26:39 pm
Wow. TML is where I came first when I decided that I wanted to play legacy. It's also the home to a few of my favorite decks including IGGy Pop and Golden Grahams.

This is a pretty somber moment for me right now. And I think a moment of silence is in order.
7  Archives / Classic MTGO Forum / Re: MTGO to get a Classic Set! on: September 15, 2007, 05:54:29 am
I'm going to go as far to say that ME is a lot of fun to draft, and more fun to play. Although, the rounds take forever. Unless you drafted one of those aggro decks, in that case, your round is over quickly, and you get to have a grand old time waiting for everyone else to finish.

I'm going to go as far as to say that Red is probably the best color in the set, and will agree with Spence in saying that black is overdrafted, even though he didn't specifically say it on here.
8  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: Gencon performance on: August 20, 2007, 01:07:42 pm
Good to hear you did so well Mike, I scrubbed out pretty badly, and felt like I was taken to the wringer.

Can't wait to see the report though.
9  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: [Report] 78th at GP: Columbus on: May 30, 2007, 04:56:12 pm
Beaker: Yes, it was a fun match, and I still am amused when I tell the story of the judge having to escort me to the restroom.

Ansuien: Thanks a lot, I tried to represent TMD with a TMD creation, but it just didn't work as well as I'd wished.

Spencer: It was nice meeting you there, and kind of amusing when I started my "yeah.. I created this deck" spiel and you told me who you were. Hope the list I gave you works out for you.

Chris: Ugh. I'd put a mental block on the images of spandex after I posted the report, but they came screaming back to me. Ew. It's also a shame you're getting out of the game, but I can't blame you for being peeved with WotC.
10  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / [Report] 78th at GP: Columbus on: May 27, 2007, 02:21:04 am
Friday , May 18th 2007
Nick Ramsey, a regular in the Bluegrass Magic scene, meets me at my local comic shop to take me to the B.M.E in Louisville to test and try to find more people to ride with us. At this point, there was just the two of us making the roughly 4 hour drive, and that was going to cost circa 25 to 30 bucks a person. Not fun. We get there and test for a bit and pick up 2 more guys, Clay Baker and Mike Nolastname. I test the hell out of Threshold and we get a goblins list built for Mike. He walks all over me with Gobbos, and I walk all over Nick whoís playing Flash. Yep, it looks like a trinity to me. Clay doesnít test at all with Aggro Loam, he just has it. As we get out to the car, Mike asks me why Iím playing Threshold and not Golden Grahams. I tell him that Golden Grahams folds to Flash and he shakes his head. I figure the discussion is over, but Clay arrives and Mike tells him what heís trying to do. Clay backs up Mike and Iím pretty annoyed. Iíd been testing Thresh and hadnít played Golden Grahams for at least 3 weeks. I make a comment about needing a Pernicious Deed and a Leyline of the Void if Iím even to think about it (since I did bring Golden Grahams just because.. well, I canít not have it. Iím pretty sure Bomholt always has a copy of IGGy Pop on him, right?) Clay has the Deed and Nick has the Leylines. Damn. I make up my mind to audible during the drive.  4 hours and a traffic jam (the second one of the day actually), later we arrive at a Motel 6, to only find out that theyíre full for the night. We go to Team RamRodís room and after Nick talks to them, weíre paying $5 each and sleeping on the floor.  Sleeping bags for the win. We test some more with the Threshold V Flash matchup, for Nickís sake, and build a monoblack discard/disruption thing for Mike, who hates Goblins.

Saturday, May 19th 2007
Long story short, I donít sleep but an hour, and someone is snoring loudly. Great. The alarms go off at 7:30, and everyone gets showered, which is hard when you have 8 magic players in one room. We get out of there with decent time left, and find a traffic jam, great. Thatís number 3. A cement truck was in an accident and the road was blocked. Fortunately a crew was cleaning it up, and we only lose about 5 minutes in the exchange.  The driving continues and we get into town, only to run into a 12k run Ďrace for the cureí. Great. Our 4th traffic jam/detour/thing that makes our lives harder. After some work we still get to the venue and walk forever long, passing by a dance competition and young preteens dressed like they belong on a street corner.  Comments were made about how they shouldnít have these events at the same time as a Grand Prix because it makes Magic players look bad if they even glance at a girl with a wtf face. Stereotypes for the loss.  We get in there and register, I stick to my guns this time and write down the list for Golden Grahams.

Golden Grahams GP Columbus

Lands: 20
1 Bayou
1 Scrubland
1 Savannah
2 Windswept Heath
2 Bloodstained Mire
2 Polluted Delta
2 Snow-Covered Swamp
2 Snow-Covered Forest
1 Wooded Foothills
1 Badlands
2 Swamp
1 Plains
2 Forest

Creatures: 5
3 Gamekeeper
2 Auriok Salvagers

Spells: 36
4 Living Wish
4 Duress
4 Cabal Therapy
4 Lion's Eye Diamond
1 Pyrite Spellbomb
4 Tainted Pact
3 Pernicious Deed
1 Chromatic Star
4 Sylvan Library
4 Dark Ritual
1 Engineered Explosives
1 Chromatic Sphere

Sideboard 15
SB: 1 Gamekeeper
SB: 1 Auriok Salvagers
SB: 1 Phyrexian Tower
SB: 1 Orzhov Guildmage
SB: 2 Harmonic Sliver
SB: 3 Massacre
SB: 1 City of Brass
SB: 1 Pernicious Deed
SB: 4 Leyline of the Void

While waiting for the tournament, I meet up with a member of Team Fatal Evolution (Artandage), and we share our lists as theyíve both changed since we last posted on the team boards; his with a better aggro matchup, and mine with a different deck altogether. A little more time passes and the GP starts.

Round 1: BYE (60 land.dec)
I win the die roll, and elect to go first.
I lost my notes for this round, but apparently I beat him pretty quickly. He didnít play any spells or anything else. Weird.

To keep that joke from getting stale, Iíll just come out and say that the next two rounds were also byes, and I spent the time talking to my friends as well as Chris (LandDestroyer), Nick (Seraphim3577) and Brandon (emidln). Lunch is grabbed with Chris, because we both had 3 byes, and we discuss Flash, WotC, and are scarred by overweight girls in spandex. Remember ladies and gentlemen, spandex is a privilege, not a right. 3 hours and almost nine hundred words in my tournament report later, round four starts and I find my pairings.

Round 4: John T Lynch (Goblins/G)
I sit down with a smile on my face. Itís my old arch-nemesis from GPT Indianapolis. Well, if you want to consider someone who I enjoy playing against and have nothing but respect for as an arch-nemesis.
He wins the die roll and we both start off by mulling before going full out. He gets out Mogg Fanatic and starts swinging. He taps out on turn 3, and on my turn 3 I double Dark Ritual into a Salvager, drop the Lionís Eye Diamond and have the Chromatic Star. I side in the Massacres and the Deed for 4 Sylvan Library.  Game 2 he gets out an early Siege Gang Commander and I donít really have the capability to deal with it. Deed makes its presence known, but sometimes itís just too little and too late. Game 3 I take his hand down a bit, and start to mill from Gamekeeper but donít get the sauce; just Salvagers, 2 Lionís Eye Diamond, and Engineered Explosives. His board stays clean and I just keep nuking everything and leaving the Explosives at 3 so he doesnít get Warchief shenanigans going on. A few turns into my unfair combo, I get a Spellbomb and win. I wish John the best of luck, and mean it.

My Record: 4-0

Round 5: Brian Feigley  [Torgar on the Source] (Mono White Control)
Game 1 is pretty much a wash in my favor. Deed takes care of things that I need it to take care of. Deed and Massacres come in for a Wish, Tainted Pact, Star, and a Dark Ritual. Game 2 is much slower and he draws out things with 2x True Believer (which stop Cabal Therapy cold, and he gets a peek at my hand). I deed to take care of problems, and he Chants on the turn I need to go off and not die. 16 seconds left on the clock arenít enough and we draw.

My Record: 4-0-1

Round 6: Bobby Graves (UG/w Threshold)
Bobby rode up with some other Bluegrass Magic guys, and I frown. Damn. I hate seeing our guys across the table.  Game 1 I get beat down to 13 with 1/1s before Therapy and Duress go to town and I win. Deed and Massacres come in for a Wish, Tainted Pact, Star, and a Dark Ritual 4 Leylines come in too for the other 3 Living Wish and a Tainted Pact. Game 2 I drop a turn 0 Leyline, and then later I 3 for 1 him with Massacre for 2 mages (one on Deed, the other on Explosives which I used game 1) and a bear. I seem pretty good until I forget about a Vedalken Shackles. Salvagers gets stolen for his team and I hardcast the other one. They stare down for a few until Deed for 3 comes down and I win.

My Record: 5-0-1

Round 7: Colin Wu (U/w Stompy/Fish)
Game 1 is pretty pathetic, I destroy his hand, and Pact away a Gamekeeper and a Salvager. Thereís one in my hand and I neglect to notice this. I sacrifice another Gamekeeper and start the chain. When my last card is flipped I see my error and kick myself. Thatís the definition of a punt my friend. Deed and Massacres come in for a Wish, Tainted Pact, Star, and a Dark Ritual (see a pattern?) Game 2 and 3 are much better and after Massacres come down and wreck him a bit along with Deed, I win without too much problem.

My Record: 6-0-1

Round 8: Paul Cheon (UWb Bigger Fish)
I destroy him Game one because heís kind of lost as to what Iím doing. He doesnít know the format, and Iím just that good with my deck.  Game 2 and 3 are brutal because Massacre doesnít take care of Shadowmage Infiltrator, and the CA you get off that card is sick.

My Record: 6-1-1

Round 9: Adam Yurchick (Goblins)
I offer the draw, and he says no. He drops Mountain/Lackey and I smile. Game 1 versus goblins is always in my favor, and this is no exception. Game 2 wasnít too much of a battle either, and I sweep him in a convincing 2-0 manner. Not a bad guy, but he should have accepted that draw.

My Record: 7-1-1

Between Day 1 and Day 2: We get screwed on parking,  and have to play another $7, which sucks. Clay made Day 2 with me, and yeah, thatís about all thatís relevant.

Sunday, May 20th 2007:
We get moving late and arrive at 8:25 with the players meeting supposedly starting at 8:30. We meet, we fill out paperwork, and we get paired.

Round 10: David Raczka [ĎGuy I Donít Knowí on the Source] (Hot Cocoa aka 42 lands)
Game 1 is brutal. He gets the nutz hand with Bayou, Manabond, drop LftL, Wasteland, Port, Treetop Village, Bayou. He dumps his hand turn 1. My turn one is Swamp, Dark Ritual, Chromatic Star (pop for Green so I can cast the Sylvan Library in my hand), Draw Living Wish, Play 2x Lionís Eye Diamond, Cast Wish and sacrifice the Diamonds for 6 White, and win. My nutz > his nutz. Game 2 we have a leyline battle, and his ports/wastes slow me down so he can beat face. Game 3.. well, see game 2.

My Record: 7-2-1

Round 11:  John Moore (Counter Sliver)
Game 1 is pretty short in his favor with him getting all the right answers and me not drawing the right threats. Game 2 and 3 are cleared up though when I 3 for 1 him twice with Massacre and Sylvan Library keeps my hand filled with goodies like Duress and Cabal Therapy.

My Record: 8-2-1

Round 12: Jonathan Rusiecki [Mr. Nipples on the Source] (Kiki Flash)
His win condition is a 2 cost instant card that I canít really get around unless I keep an aggressive discard hand. I donít and he wins. *yawn* The player was nice, the deck, not so much.

My Record: 8-3-1

Round 13: Benji Ashman (Goblins/G)
Game 1 is brutal as I beat him down like thereís no tomorrow, but then the hate comes in, I get bad hands and lose the next two. He also keeps me down with Port and Wasteland. Just think, that I already tweaked the manabase once to not get obliterated by Goblins mana denial.

My Record: 8-4-1

Round 14: Dan Overbeek (Kiki Flash)
Game 1 is brutal as I make him discard a lot. Game 2 is worse when I get Leyline, duress and cabal therapy in the first few turns. A Sylvan Library sticks a few turns into it and well, thatís all she wrote.

My Record: 9-4-1

Round 15 Zack C Hall (Kiki Flash)
3 times, 4 rounds. WotC, whatís this about a varied metagame? I thought you liked not seeing the same deck everywhere. *annoyed* Game 1, he smashes me turn 2. Game 2, Leylines hit, and I wreck his hand a bit. Game 3, I make a bad play by duressing the wrong card away and he wins after casting Burning Wish for Reverent Silence. Ouch.

Okay, 2,000 words later, Iíll just reduce it to props and slops.

3 Byes
Having opponents across from me that I respect
Dick in a box
Clay Baker for making day 2 with Aggro-Loam.
Golden Grahams for carrying me again.

Finding out that the annoying person that made me want to quit magic at GPT Indy made top eight.
11  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] GRAND PRIX: COLUMBUS MAY 19-20 2007 on: May 16, 2007, 09:35:22 pm
You start Day 2 with the same record you had at the end of day 1.  If you're 6-0 at the end of 6 rounds, you DO NOT want to draw into day 2.  You want to play it out for position (not to mention your opponents probably won't let you draw with them).  Being 8-0, 7-0-1, or 7-1 drastically improves your chances of getting into T16/T8 on day 2 over being 6-0-2 or 6-1-1.  At Philly with over 400 players, only one player 6-2 made it into day 2.  At Lille, they had 900+ players (something ridiculous, >800 -> they had 9 rounds of swiss and 128 into day 2 instead of 64).  So even though at 6-0 and you play it out you could end up putting yourself out of day 2 contention, but you'd kick yourself even harder if you make day 2 at 6-0-2/6-1-1 only to miss an invite or T8 appearence due to your 2 draws.

Thanks. I'd gotten mixed signals from my friends, some said you started anew, and others said that you didn't. I figured that posting this question on here would be the safest bet. Either that or having a word with a judge and seeing what they had to say. I'll take your word for it though.
12  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] GRAND PRIX: COLUMBUS MAY 19-20 2007 on: May 16, 2007, 01:50:13 pm
I'm very excited for this. Headed down from Canada to compete. The metagame should be ridiculously diverse.

And by diverse you mean decks built to beat Hulk, and Hulk right?

Oh. Sorry.

Heh. I'm going too, my first Grand Prix ever. I'm excited about this one. Hell, this is like.. the biggest tourney I'll ever go to. Or at least have ever been to.

One question for those of us that haven't played in GPs before: Does your record reset going into day two or do you keep it? More importantly, what I'm trying to figure out is would it be a good idea to try to draw into day two or not if the situation arises, or should I play it out?
13  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: [Contest] Grand Prix: Columbus Predictions on: May 09, 2007, 08:51:25 pm
1. What do you predict the turnout to be? 827
2. How many Force of Wills do you expect to see in the Top 8? 16
3. How many Wastelands in the Top 8? 4
4. In the top 8, what will be the most popular: Blue
a. Blue card: Force of Will
b. White card: Swords To Plowshares
c. Green card: Protean Hulk
d. Red card: Red Elemental Blast/Pyroblast
e. Black card: Dark Ritual
f. Gold card: Meddling Mage
g. artifact: Tormod's Crypt
h. non-land card (most popular of 4a-g): Force of Will
5. What's going to be the highest placing combination deck? Hulk Flash (sadly)
6. What's the most common basic land type in the Top 8? Island
7. What's the most common dual land in the Top 8? Tundra
8. Goblins in the T8? Yes
9. Hulk Flash in the T8? Yes
10. Threshold in the T8? Yes
11. Fish in the T8? Yes
12. Survival.dec in the T8?  No
13. High Tide in the T8? No
14. Landstill in the T8? No
15. BW Deadguy Ale (Disruption) in the T8? No
16. Gamekeepers/Salvagers in the T8?  Sad No

17. Threshold will take first place.
18. Who will win: Not a pro.
19. The winner will be: Ben Tash (Like someone said, go expecting to win)
14  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: Tournament Results and the Impact of Hulk Flash on: May 09, 2007, 08:44:00 pm

This is really how bad the format is.  This is the true impact of Flash.  Mark Trogdon is playing Islands!

The other three Horsemen are saddling their horses as we speak...

Yeah. That's pretty bad. I don't know Trogdon at all, but I am familiar with his deck of choice.

Hell, I can't play my deck of choice because I seriously have no way to beat it game one.

I think the only decks you can play that can have a hope of beating Hulk Flash are the ones that have FoW, or the ones that have Leyline maindeck. Belcher might have a chance too just because it has the chance to combo turn one too, but that's about it.
15  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: [Report] First Place at GPT Louisville on: April 29, 2007, 05:56:31 pm
Oh, whoops.

Puff Daddy was Pernicious Deed, and Left Wing (LW) was Living Wish.

Moat-Keeper was Gamekeeper, but it was playing the part of a Moat, by keeping his ground pounders from swinging in and killing it.
16  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / [Report] First Place at GPT Louisville on: April 29, 2007, 05:22:04 pm
It was 5:30 in the morning when I realized I needed to go to bed. Of course, I had to be up at 6:45 to shower and wait for my ride at 7:15. Well, I did all that, and found myself in Louisville, Kentucky at 9:15 waiting around for the Legacy GPT that started at 4. Yes, that's what we call waiting 7 hours for Legacy. Yes, I am that dedicated to the format, someone give me a medal now.

6 very uneventful hours pass and I get to register. I made a few changes since

Golden Grahams GPT Columbus Version 2

Lands: 20
1 Bayou
1 Scrubland
1 Savannah
2 Windswept Heath
2 Bloodstained Mire
2 Polluted Delta
2 Snow-Covered Swamp
2 Snow-Covered Forest
1 Wooded Foothills
1 Badlands
2 Swamp
1 Plains
2 Forest

Creatures: 5
3 Gamekeeper
2 Auriok Salvagers

Spells: 36
4 Living Wish
4 Duress
4 Cabal Therapy
4 Lion's Eye Diamond
1 Pyrite Spellbomb
4 Tainted Pact
3 Pernicious Deed
1 Chromatic Star
4 Sylvan Library
4 Dark Ritual
1 Engineered Explosives
1 Chromatic Sphere

Sideboard 15
SB: 1 Gamekeeper
SB: 1 Auriok Salvagers
SB: 1 Phyrexian Tower
SB: 1 Orzhov Guildmage
SB: 1 Gorilla Shaman
SB: 2 Harmonic Sliver
SB: 3 Massacre
SB: 1 City of Brass
SB: 1 Pernicious Deed
SB: 3 Infest

Or for those that don't read my other lists, the changes were as follows.

-2 Innocent Blood
-1 Underground Sea
-1 Aether Spellbomb

+1 Forest
+1 Snow Covered Swamp
+1 Sylvan Library
+1 Chromatic Sphere

-1 Xantid Swarm

+1 Pernicious Deed

After my beatings from Goblins in Indy, I was tired of having so much wastelandable mana sources/not enough basics, so I crammed in 2 more, a Chromatic Sphere (to functionally replace the AEther Spellbomb I wasn't running anymore), the 4th Sylvan Library was because I was expecting so much control, and to an extent I read the metagame well.

My SB changes were a way to make a 4th deed hit the list somehow. I sided it in every game, but I wanted to be flexible on what got sided out. I can't remember who I read talking about doing that (It might have been Flores honestly) but someone wrote in an article that they had a card they wanted maindeck, but they would side out different things for it come game 2.

Round 1: Kevin (W/r Rifter)
I sit down and notice the guy I'd been talking to about Golden Grahams for a good hour sit down across from me. Crap. Well at least he told me what he was playing when he switched from Golden Grahams to something else. W/r Rifter, which isn't bad preboard, but then the hate comes in post board and well, not so saucy.

Game 1: I had to mulligan once and kept my 6, my notes (which were very meticulous until I figured out I couldn't do very good notes and play the game at the same time around his turn 9), say I Cabal Therapy-ed away a Humility and an Abeyance. He cycled a Decree of Justice for 6 in there, and Deed made its presence known. I comboed off at 12 life, which makes me think something got hit with Swords to Plowshares.

SB: My notes say that Puff Daddy came in for a Liberal, or a Left Wing.

Game 2: My notes are next to nil from here out, just Therapy/Duress notes. Deed was the all star here, with it taking care of Humility at the right moment, along with a few Soldier tokens too. I got whittled down to 3 before cleaning the board and taking care of business.

I win 2-0
My Record: 1-0

Round 2: Arthur (U/g Madness/Threshold/Life From The Loam Control)
I really don't know what to say about his deck, or to even call it. There were Mongrels, Werebears, Force of Wills, Dazes, Mana Leaks, Wastelands, Mishra's Factories, Standstills, Nevinyrral's Disks, Waterfront Bouncers, Treetop Villages, Wonder, and other lands. There might have been an Academy Ruins in there too, but I didn't see it.

Game 1: He starts off with the good aggro-control set up with counters and critters. I see Waterfront bouncer, and realize I have to kill that before I go off. He keeps it from dying with bouncing itself a few times, and then kills me when he goes crazy with Mongrel and Life From the Loam.

SB: Sean John Combs once again traded with John Kerry.

Game 2: I Duress and Cabal Therapy a lot, taking out his cards, and he starts Life From the Loaming, his hand is all lands by the end of the game, but that's okay because I combo off and kill him. He makes me go through the motions, and I show him the fun sideboard card of Orzhov Guildmage.

Game 3: An early chalice for 1 starts this game off right, but I living Wish for a Harmonic Sliver and take care of business. The Therapy x2 and Duress that were harmlessly sitting in my hand suddenly start chewing at the bit, and I let them go to town. This game gets close at the end, but I play masterfully, dropping Salvagers to block, and when he swung me down to 1, I ripped Deed and dropped it on the board after checking his hand with Duress. He swings in with 2 Factories and I kill them (leaving me at 1), and I cast Pact on the next turn, getting the Diamond I need. Good Game.

I win 2-1
My Record 2-0

Round 3: Curb (U/G/w Threshold)
Oh hell. Curb is the one person I know in the tourney, and he's actually playing my deck, as I'd built it for him and given it to him around 3:30 with the tourney starting at 4ish. We'd tested the Golden Grahams Threshold matchup for a bit and it was about even. We get deck checked before we start, and sit around bored and start singing Dick In a Box, just because we can. Then the people around us start laughing, (which you should never do because it encourages us), and suddenly the Red Aggro player is getting theme songs for each card he plays. "Ball Lightning?! *sings the Jurassic Park theme from a Family Guy episode*" Which even got better because the U/w/r landstill player and his opponent to our right start randomly singing that a few times during their match. Yes, it is that contagious. Also, we get our decks back, and both of us need new sleeves. Not fun.

Game 1: He plays Needle (Salvagers), and 2 Mages (Pyrite Spellbomb, and Deed). He gives me the 'scoop face', and I give him a Harmonic Sliver on the Needle, and Engineered Explosives for two. He goes to frownstown, population: him.

SB: 4 cards out, and 3 Massacre/1 Deed in.

Game 2: He pounds the crap out of me when I don't get answers, and he gets threats. Ouch.

Game 3: See game 1 where I do good things with my hate-answers. I think Massacre got Force of Willed at some point, which is fine when Massacre turns into Pact of Wrench Mind.

I win 2-1
My Record: 3-0

After this, the guys around us are nice enough to help us with our sleeve search. One of Curbs friends buys him new sleeves, and takes my old ones (which weren't that bad). And the other guys around help us sleeve up real fast. Suddenly I feel less mad at Magic players as a whole.

Round 4: Tony (Red Sligh)
We sit down, and the four 3-0 players have a little chat. We decide to draw into top 8.

I draw 1-1-1
My Record: 3-0-1

Round 5: William (B/w Pikula)
We bitch at Chris Waits for making us wait for the match slips, and when he brings them, we scribble ID on it.

I draw 1-1-1
My Record: 3-0-2

At this point, I'm tired of waiting, but Curb drew in with a Golden Grahams player (who he swore he couldn't beat, even though his list wasn't mine with Deeds, Sylvan Library and good stuff in the sideboard), and then he starts worrying about losing out on breakers. (It was set up so there were 6 3-1's, and 4 of them drew in. That way, there'd be one 3-1-1 that would lose out) It ended up that the guy who was to my left and was sure he would absolutely make top 8 with his breakers made 9th. *snicker*

So, here's the top Eight parings.

Thresh (Curb) v Goblins
Landstill v B/w
Sligh v U/g Madness/Thresh/Life from the loam control
Golden Grahams v Golden Grahams

Top Eight: Larry (Golden Grahams)
I about died when Larry sat across from me. Crap. I never expected this matchup, and I never tested it either. Fortunately, I know what beats me, so I at least can wreck him. Right? Right.

Game 1: He mulls and Duresses turn 1, I play turn 2 Sylvan Library. That's all she wrote, right? Wrong. I get horrible draws, and he ends up getting the combo off. Grr.

Ed leaves to get a bottle of water from the vending machine.

Game 2: I turn 1 duress and take his duress, turn 2 is all about the therapy taking 2x Wish. Sylvan Library came down turn 3, and turn 4 involved a Living Wish (crack 2x LED) and get Salvagers with a Chromatic Sphere in the yard.

Ed comes back as we're shuffling for game 3. His wtf face was classic.

Game 3: I can't remember this one at all. It comes down to the end with him with a Gamekeeper in play, and me with a Salvager and a Diamond in play. We're racing for our own answer (me for A Star/Sphere/Spellbomb him for a Therapy/Innocent Blood) I rip mine a turn before he rips his and I advance to top 4.

I win 2-1
My Record: 4-0-2

The top 4 breaks down to this:

Goblins v Landstill
Golden Grahams v U/g Madness/Thresh/Life from the loam control

Top 4: Arthur (U/g Madness/Threshold/Life From The Loam Control)
Hey. This guy again. I beat him once.. barely. But I prefer this to insane sligh.

Game 1: I rip his hand apart and resolve Sylvan Library. I win this game.

Game 2: I rip his hand apart and resolve Sylvan Library. I win this game. There was a bit more to this one with me getting beat down to 1 with Moat-keeper on the table and a Salvagers with me looking for a kill condition for my Keeper (he had Wonder in the graveyard). I have City of Brass in play, and push it off my play mat. No way is that getting tapped. I pact into good stuffs, and get what I need when I need it. That's what the deck does ladies and gentlemen.

I win 2-0
My Record: 5-0-2

Finals: Alex (Goblins/w)
I walk over to my friends who have been waiting for me, and tell them I'm not splitting in the finals, because I want my box and my byes. They walk over and watch.

Game 1: I fall asleep and mutter the words "I keep" as I keep a hand with LEDx2, Badlands, Duress x2, Cabal Therapy, and a Living Wish. Somehow I am able to cast duress whilst snoozing and see some cards. Wasteland comes down turn two and kills my only land. I get a nice nap while playing draw go for turns while he kicks my teeth in.

I wake up later to find myself shuffling for game 2. I look through my deck and notice that 3x Infest 3x Massacre and 1x Deed got sided in and 4x Sylvan Library and 3 other cards got sided out.

Game 2: Goblins does its thing, plus he drops Pyrostatic Pillar and I wince. Tainted Pact comes down and I get Deed.  I end up with Salvagers, and Deed in play, plus Diamond. I have a Swamp untapped and Ritual in hand. End of his turn, I ritual into Deed for 2, and in response, I pop Diamond for WWW, and regrow the Diamond and the Pyrite Spellbomb. His critters and Pillar die, and I win the next turn.

Game 3: Oh yeah. All the Marbles. He gets Lackey turn 1, turn two Piledriver and Fanatic. I smirk at his Plateau and I massacre turn 2. He reads the card, and the crowd that has amassed laughs when they realized I 3 for 1ed him without using any resources except a card in hand. He's spent from there and just pounds in with 2x lackey, getting nothing off their triggers. I need a land to win the game after I pop a Chromatic Sphere, and my best friend Bayou is happy to oblige.

I win 2-1
My Record: 6-0-2

The vending machine, I kept myself from dying of hunger for the full day, and only for $2.
30ish people for showing up, I like big tourneys.
Sylvan Library and Pernicious Deed. They're new to the deck, and have proven their weight is more than pulled.
Curb for getting into top eight with a Threshold deck with a Temple Garden in it. That's right. I said it.
Me. For winning a tournament with 1 hour of sleep and 7 hours of waiting.

Swords to Plowshares. It didn't kill me or anything, I just needed something to call a slop.
Being Deck Checked and having to buy new sleeves.
17  Vintage Community Discussion / General Community Discussion / Re: [Poll]: When did you start playing Magic seriosuly? on: April 26, 2007, 04:49:05 am
Mirrodin brought me Big Red in standard, and 2 land Belcher in vintage. Before that I was just playing bad Sligh all the time.

*sigh* I miss those days. They were some good ones.
18  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: [Report] Third place at GPT Indianapolis on: April 22, 2007, 05:11:34 pm
You're right. I just wasn't thinking clearly at the time. The Landstill matchup had me pretty worn down, so I just didn't think to ask him to go away. Besides, I do feel like I wouldn't have been civil at that point, and I didn't want to say anything that would have gotten me DQed right then and there.

However, I will have that in mind for the next time I play in a tourney and someone is irritating me.
19  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: [Report] Third place at GPT Indianapolis on: April 19, 2007, 02:24:23 am
I have to confess that I read the props/slops part first. When I saw the thing about the player to your right who made you want to quit magic, I thought for sure that it was a mark against my deck. When I read the actual report, I realize that it probably wasn't me, but I do apologize if I was chattering too much.

Hope to see you at some more midwest events and the GP!

Pfft. Nope, that wasn't you at all. I didn't mind you chatting a bit, it was the guy that was in the 2HG PTQ and after he got beat by my friends he dropped. These are the same friends that got DQ'ed by the way.

I'll be at the one in Louisville since that's really my home town, and that's about it. I enjoyed talking to you in Indy and hope to see you at Louisville.
20  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / [Report] Third place at GPT Indianapolis on: April 18, 2007, 09:05:42 pm
My cell phone alarm clock went off at 10:00 in the AM, and I reached into my pants pocket and fumbled for the red button to turn it off. It usually vibrates and beeps one time before going into full out beeping mode, and today was no exception. I'm not normally an early riser, and when I do get up early, it usually takes me forever to get going, but the morning of a Magic tournament gets me out of bed faster than anything else. Twenty minutes later, I'm showered and ready to go, only I have to wait another fourty minutes for my friend Ryan Mochal to show up at my dorm building to pick me up. Those fourty minutes pass, and we're on the road to Indianapolis.

When we get there, we check up on a few friends who are playing in the 2HG PTQ, and then I go talk to a judge about something real quick (the legality of a blacked out Auriok Salvager when all you see is name, casting cost, and the Salvager himself in the artwork) Then we get some McDonalds, register at the McDonalds, and then sneaky ninjalike play different decks right before the tourney starts.

Here's what I registered:
Golden Grahams

Lands: 19
1 Bayou
1 Scrubland
1 Savannah
1 Underground Sea
2 Windswept Heath
2 Bloodstained Mire
2 Polluted Delta
1 Snow-Covered Swamp
2 Snow-Covered Forest
1 Wooded Foothills
1 Badlands
2 Swamp
1 Plains
1 Forest

Creatures: 5
3 Gamekeeper
2 Auriok Salvagers

Spells: 36
4 Living Wish
4 Duress
4 Cabal Therapy
4 Lion's Eye Diamond
1 Pyrite Spellbomb
4 Tainted Pact
2 Innocent Blood
1 AEther Spellbomb
3 Pernicious Deed
1 Chromatic Star
3 Sylvan Library
4 Dark Ritual
1 Engineered Explosives

Sideboard 15
SB: 1 Gamekeeper
SB: 1 Auriok Salvagers
SB: 1 Phyrexian Tower
SB: 1 Orzhov Guildmage
SB: 1 Gorilla Shaman
SB: 2 Harmonic Sliver
SB: 3 Massacre
SB: 1 City of Brass
SB: 1 Xantid Swarm
SB: 3 Infest

I looked around as I was playing Affinity and bragging about how it was going to break the meta, and saw a small number of people. Well, this would be nice. I enjoy a bowl of cereal while waiting for the tourney to start (I was really hungry), and my Golden heroes make sure my stomach is good to go. Finally the judge pulls us together and rambles off the usual "don't trust your opponent for a ruling" speech that we've all heard before, but it's in the end, still relevant. I look to my right and see Ken (KenderLeech on the Source) sitting next to me. Well, at least I wouldn't be surrounded by strangers, and would have one friendly face around. I shake hands with my first round opponent and we're off.

Round 1: John T Linch (Goblins/w)
During shuffling he flips over a few cards and I see Piledrivers. Hoo boy. Aggro is a fun matchup. Someone wins the die roll, and we get going.

Game 1 is the usual beatings from my side. I duress and see Plateu x2,  Vial x2 and a Waste my notes say, and I just do the usual combo thing when he's got me down to 10. Deed might have gone some of the way, I can't remember.

Game 2, I keep an awful hand because of the 3 infest effects and I draw no gas. So, I'm playing bad wrath control, and after 2 or 3 for 1ing him a few times, his little green men get tired of the bugs and massacres and kick my ass.

Game 3 was all about the comeback though, and he keeps a hand with little pressure. I show him the error of his ways by winning the game and the match.

1-0 (Ken wins his, Ryan draws)

I go chitchat with the judge after this round and after sharing stories around the judge looks at Ken and I and goes "When is the round over?"  I blink a few times and go "uh.. seven minutes?" (I didn't look at the clock, I just kind of winged it). The judge laughs and replies with something akin to "No, I mean in general. When in a Magic Tourney is the round over" I say something about when the round timer is up, and he shakes his head. "It's over when I say it's over" was the answer he gave, which after he explained it made a lot of sense. I'm finding that as long as the judge isn't an ass, it's amusing to talk to them between rounds. Not only does it cement you as a friendly face with the judge, you also learn amusing things like that.

Round 2: Christopher Denly (U/w Landstill)
Great. I already did the metagame list between round 1 and 2, so I know what he's playing. I beat U/b Landstill in the SCG online tourney, this couldn't be too much different. Just replace Ghastly Demise with Swords to Plowshares and you've got a switch. Ken's to my right again playing Aluren, and Ryan is somewhere in the lower tables to my left.

Game 1: Game 1 is vicious for me because he's got all the answers, and when I play my ace in the hole for this matchup (Sylvan Library) he calmly disenchants it EOT. Man lands get in there, and I lose.

Game 2: I duress turn 2, he forces. I shudder. Next turn he drops Scepter/Chant, and I have a turn. I don't draw into the Deed, and he has the lock. I think about it for 2 turns of land go and then shake his hand.

1-1 (Ken loses, Ryan loses)

Round 3: Kayvan Koie [KKoie on TMD] (HanniFish)
I don't remember much about this match, I just remember little men coming across the table and bitch slapping me like I was dressed in a tube top and a miniskirt and I owed them money. Ken was to my left this time, and Mochal was still sitting in the low tables.

1-2 (Ken loses, Ryan loses)

Round 4: Ken [KenderLeech on the Source] (Three-Deuce/b for Confidant)
This is the matchup neither one of us wanted to see, because we knew what would happen from the get go. He had 15 sideboard cards for me, and I had Deed for him. In short, this is a horrible game 1 for him.

Game 1: I could razzle dazzle you with tales of beating down, but in short I deed at the right moment (he had 2x Watchwolf and pump spells in hand) and win the game by doing the combo thing. He makes me go through the motions though, and I give him a hard time about it (jokingly of course).

Game 2: This game is less pretty and it starts with him casting hide/seek and getting my Pyrite Spellbomb. I shrug it off and kill a Gamekeeper, milling away the rest of my Living Wishes.


Salvager hits the table, and I wince. There's about 15 cards in my library, and I have to go into beatdown mode. I start drawing cards anyways and draw into a Gamekeeper with 7 cards left in my library and cast it. I flush the rest of the mana out through Salvager (target Engineered Explosives a healthy amount of times to not die) and start swinging away. He Extirpates away my Deed taking another card out of my deck as I'm swinging away, and this game is getting close. My deck gets down to 3 cards, and Ken's sitting at 4 life. I'd cast a second Gamekeeper the turn before (so I had 6 power of 2/x beaters on the board) He has a Bayou in play (as his Chrome Mox got hit with a Deed) and he enters his draw step. I yell "Slam it!", making homage to the $8,000 Lightning Helix from PT Honalulu in the Ruel/Jones matchup. He does, and gets a Windswept Heath. I shrug at his misfortune, and he shakes his head and says he's not done. He fetches out a Plateau, going down to 3, and taps it. Well, he's going down like a man. He casts a Lightning Bolt and says the two words that make me shudder. "Targeting me." I blink and see my victory via beats go down the drain. I respond by cracking 4x Lions Eye Diamond and regrowing all the trinkets in my graveyard. I know I have no other responses, and call a judge over. I tell the judge I need a time extension for a bathroom break. He looks puzzled and we explain the gamestate. He tells me that the after you put my question into the Babblefish from English to DCI rules that I was asking for a DQ for stalling. I retract my question, and sigh as I pass priority back to him with the lightning bolt on the stack.

A picture of the madness.

2-2 (Ken loses (clearly) Ryan loses)

I enter into the top 8 at 6th place, and am ready to lose, because I'm playing against U/w Landstill again.

Top 8: Christopher Denly (Again)
I congratulate Mister Denly on his victory, and he shakes it off, telling me it's not over until it's over.

Game 1: He wins pretty quickly, even though I cast a sylvan library and was utilizing it a bit, I just didn't have the tools to win through his hate.

Game 2: I fear the Scepter Chant and still have no SB for him. Library resolved at some point and he lands Standstall. I shrug and start making land drops and crafting a sexy sexy hand while he just plays draw go. I cast Tainted Pact at the end of his turn before discard and make sure he goes down to 7 cards. A combination of duress and therapy clear the path and after a few turns I Duress to clear the way, and after seeing nothing relevant I tell him to put his hand back. He blinks and asks if I want to write anything down, and I give the stellar reply of "Nah. I'd rather just win." I combo out and have to explain how it works. After a few loops of the combo, he gets it and we go to game 3.

Game 3: Is quite similar to game 2, in the sense that Sylvan Library is the must counter that he doesn't counter. I have quite a few lands in play and end up casting 2 Salvagers before trying to go off just so one StoP doesn't ruin my day.


This game took forever and my opponent is ready to go, I ask the judge if I can have a few minutes. He points me to my opponent and makes me ask him. My opponent nods, seeing the toll that the U/w landstill matchup has put on me, and graciously allows me to run to the bathroom. I grab a cup of water and wind down real quick, I sit down across from my top eight opponent and see the familiar face of John T Lynch from round 1. Yay. Aggro.

Top 4: John T Lynch (Goblins/W)
I won't bore you with details, except for the fact that he mulled to 5 game 1, and still ended up with Triple Port by the end of the game. I was at my best, floating mana through to my draw step for deed activations and everything, but he swarmed me to death. Game 2 was similar, except he had 4 port and 2 wasteland instead of just 3 and 2. I set myself up to win with a fetchland into white source, swamp in hand, dark ritual into Salvager hand, but he cast Pillar the turn before I would have won. I was pretty annoyed at this, but John was a good opponent and sometimes it happens. Goblins really is that good.

On an aside, I hate magic players. There was a guy sitting next to me for the entirity of the quarter-final matchup and he was not only badmouthing my friends, he was making cracks about other games and just babbling on and on and on. I was tempted to write an article on the subject, because I was seriously disenchanted about Magic tournaments after that night. It wasn't the loss, it was the guy being rude and disrespectful.

In the end, I feel that I'm going to tinker a bit with the maindeck a bit, although how I don't know. The meta was bad for my deck, and I did as best as I could. I saw a lot of Force of Wills and Swords to Plowshares in my day.

Chocolate Covered Altoids
Sylvan Library
Golden Grahams (the cereal)
Ryan and Ken for keeping me amused through the tourney.
Zombie Jesus and Baby Cuthulu
12 players making it easy to get into top eight
John for being a nice opponent and letting me rest when he could have taken advantage of my mentally exhausted state.

That guy to my right who made me want to quit playing Magic almost
12 players, showing how little legacy matters to Indianapolis.
7 Rishidan Port
21  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: GPT in Indianapolis 4/15 results! on: April 17, 2007, 11:51:58 am
They did post it on the website for Passtimes, you just had to look a little harder instead of checking the easy list. That's what I did.
22  Vintage Community Discussion / General Community Discussion / Re: Shooting at Virginia Tech on: April 17, 2007, 11:26:36 am
A note of human goodness amidst the tragedy:

We regret to inform you of the passing of a Jewish professor at Virginia Tech yesterday. Professor Liviu Libresco - a 75-year old Jewish Romanian Israeli survivor of the Holocaust - blocked the door to the classroom with his body, sacrificing his life for those of his students.

It's things like this that shows to me that some people are still good in this world. A light of hope amongst all this sadness.

Klep, I hope that you find that those you care about are safe, and even though I don't know you it's still good to know that a TMD-er is safe.
23  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: GPT in Indianapolis 4/15 results! on: April 16, 2007, 04:05:49 pm
Goblins took it all? Wow, I really thought that Suntower would have owned up on it.

I'm working on my report for it, and the Gaea's might get there deck was really called 'Dark three deuce', made by Watcher487 over on the source. (The guy playing it was Kender_Leech on the source)
24  Vintage Community Discussion / General Community Discussion / Re: MWS/Appr Horror Stories on: April 07, 2007, 09:38:44 pm
I'm playing Solitare, he's playing Burn, and when I'm sitting at 3, I get the Squee/Confinement lock.

<fog> Thinking
<fog> do u remember
<fog> that
<fog> in magic
<fog> if
<fog> there are same
<fog> move
<fog> for
<fog> a
<fog> lot
<fog> the
<fog> game
<fog> is
<fog> finished?
<fog> Smile
<fog> End my turn
<Tash> No, it's not a draw. You lose because you can't break my lock and will draw out before me
It is now turn 16 (Tash)
It is now the Beginning Phase, Untap Step
Tash untaps his/her permanents
It is now the Beginning Phase, Upkeep Step
Tash puts Squee, Goblin Nabob into play from Graveyard
Tash puts Squee, Goblin Nabob to Hand from Play
Tash plays Squee, Goblin Nabob from Hand
Tash puts Squee, Goblin Nabob to Graveyard from Play
It is now the Precombat Main Phase
<Tash> Pass Turn
It is now turn 17 (fog)
It is now the Beginning Phase, Untap Step
fog untaps his/her permanents
It is now the Beginning Phase, Upkeep Step
It is now the Beginning Phase, Draw Step
fog draws a card
It is now the Precombat Main Phase
<fog> End my turn
It is now turn 18 (Tash)
It is now the Beginning Phase, Untap Step
Tash untaps his/her permanents
It is now the Beginning Phase, Upkeep Step
Tash puts Squee, Goblin Nabob into play from Graveyard
Tash puts Squee, Goblin Nabob to Hand from Play
Tash plays Squee, Goblin Nabob from Hand
Tash puts Squee, Goblin Nabob to Graveyard from Play
It is now the Precombat Main Phase
<Tash> Pass Turn
<fog> no is a draw and u not remember the rules nooob!!!! mother fuck you
<System> Player Lost
25  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: [Results] Monthly Legacy Tournament at Perracomics Top8 on: March 20, 2007, 09:15:10 pm
The Survival Salvagers list only has 58 cards, what's missing? *isn't interested at all in Salvagers combo*
26  Vintage Community Discussion / General Community Discussion / Re: Myriad Games Bonus Tournament sans Yawgmoth's Will? on: March 06, 2007, 05:15:22 am
I can't do this, but this is a really intriguing idea.

I wonder if you guys would have the issue with people showing up with illegal decklists anyways, and whining when they get there and you announce for the umpteenth billionth time that Yawgmoth's Will is banned for the day.

Just as long as this doesn't lead to a break from Wizards and the Vintage community, it seems like a great idea. One tournament can't do that though, so it's all good.
27  Vintage Community Discussion / General Community Discussion / Re: MWS/Appr Horror Stories on: March 06, 2007, 04:36:11 am
Testing Burn versus.. some Black deck.

Note the order of things.

amoroso taps Swamp
amoroso taps Mishra's Factory
<Tash> Ok
<Tash> pump?
<amoroso> maybe
<Tash> You have to choose to pump or not before I take damage
<amoroso> in response i can pump..
<Tash> No. Once damage is on the stack, you can't pump to make it more
<Tash> It's either before damage, or not at all

amoroso taps Mishra's Factory (Does the target to the first one, thusfore pumping it)
<Tash> resp
Tash taps Mountain
Tash taps Mountain
Tash plays Magma Jet from Hand (Targeting the creature Factory)
Mishra's Factory is now Creature Land
Mishra's Factory is now 3/3
<amoroso> Ok
<Tash> Resp to the pump
<amoroso> that is what i said
<amoroso> i have the resp
<amoroso> to shock..
<Tash> You pumped it
<Tash> I jet it
<amoroso> no
<Tash> because you tapped and targeted the land first
<Tash> read the log o.o
<amoroso> i can pump in resp

amoroso untaps Mishra's Factory
amoroso taps Mishra's Factory
amoroso untaps Mishra's Factory
amoroso taps Mishra's Factory
<amoroso> -3
<Tash> But you pumped it
<Tash> and then I jetted it in response

amoroso untaps Mishra's Factory
<amoroso> i attacked
<amoroso> u shocked
<Tash> no
<amoroso> and i pumped..
<Tash> You attacked
<Tash> Then Pumped
<Tash> And Then I shocked
<amoroso> no
<Tash> Go up and read the log
<amoroso> bad losewr
<amoroso> really bad loser..

amoroso puts a 1/1 noob token into play
Tash is now the controller of noob
<System> Player Lost

...wait. Does the log ever lie? I think not.

Edit: Bolded the conversation. And OOH! My second n00b token. It's a shame I'm not actually a n00b.
28  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: SCG Online Legacy Tournament on: March 03, 2007, 02:32:28 am
The link doesn't work at all. You might want to fix that in case people want to sign up.
29  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: 2nd Legacy Meandeck Open Report *1st* on: January 22, 2007, 11:45:59 pm
I have a new respect for a shop that I will never go to.

If I'm ever in Ohio, I'll have to stop by this Soldiery though.

Congrats on the win though, IGGy is pretty nutty.
30  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: Legacy Tournament, Jan 7th , Garden City MI, 4x Force of Will, 4x Meddling Mage on: January 11, 2007, 02:51:50 pm
Heh. Congrats Spencer for playing Golden Grahams, and pulling out victories that you say you didn't deserve.

Orim's Chant seems like savage sideboard tech, especially when it's not really there.
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