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1  Vintage Community Discussion / Rules Q&A / Re: Mindslaver and opponent's sideboard [O] on: September 20, 2007, 05:45:31 am
Cunning Wish cannot retrieve a card removed with Memory Jar because you can't look at it to establish it's an instant.

Does this also hold true for cards that you know to be an instant? Lets say that I had one card in my hand when I used my Memory Jar that I knew to be an instant (lets say Brainstorm). First, I know it to be an instant and secondly it can be confirmed by matching the other 59 cards in the deck to the decklist that was registered if so desired. So if it can be no other card than an instant, can you get it with the Cunning Wish?
2  Vintage Community Discussion / Rules Q&A / Re: Equipment quickies on: July 26, 2007, 10:08:09 am
1. Yes.

2. Yes. Unless the artifact specifically states that it's effect is turned off by tapping it (Howling Mine for instance).

3. Yes. You can move it to another creature, but a creature can't let go of it for some reason.
3  Vintage Community Discussion / Rules Q&A / Re: Vesuvan Shapeshifter and vanishing on: July 26, 2007, 04:56:11 am
1) It becomes a Calciderm but it doesn't have any counters on it. So the next time the Vanishing triggers it doesn't remove anything and thus no trigger that it'll die.

2) On the next upkeep you remove a counter and turn it face down with a single counter on it.
4  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: U/G Madness on: July 05, 2007, 05:42:57 am
I don't think it is the best choice you can make but I'll humor you. This is the most recent thread I could dig up on the SCG forum. It doen'st have any recent cards in it and the poster is asking for advice himself so it is probably largely untested but the basics seemed to be there. Considering you'll need to test cards from the new set anyway this seems like a decent start.
5  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: Nationals Legal Gro on: July 02, 2007, 06:09:30 am
Maybe you'll want some basics in this deck. It gives you the option to play Edge of Autumn rather than just cycle it so you can play a T3 Goyf/Dryad with a counter for backup. Also, Magus of the Moon does see play in T2 and it will completely destroy you as it is.

I like the idea and have been playing with it for a while now, but I dislike the idea of running only 8 creatures in a format where removal is plentiful and you only have 8 soft counters to back up your guys. So I was thinking of the Troll Ascetic but even that can get killed in an 8 WoG format.

If anybody gets in some test results I'd be very interested. What does the deck do against Dredge? Against Gruul? What will the new control decks look like and what is the plan? I'm just not sure right now...
6  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: Draft night #2! on: June 13, 2007, 04:14:11 am
This is a TPF draft right? So wasn't your first-pick the Draining Whelk? You mention your first five picks but the Whelk isn't in there... Surprised

If you feel your curve is a bit off with 3cc+ cards then you may want to consider playing 18 lands to guarantee you'll have three lands on turn three. An extra plains would also help suspend Knight of Sursi on turn one.

Anyway, I partly agree with Webster in that Saltfield Recluse is definately worth playing. But I'd play him over the Veiling Oddity actually. I feel that this deck can't really take advantage of the Oddity anyway. You can only use him to break a stall really, because you have no fast creatures (and thus I wouldn't count him as a two drop). You will stall out with a deck like this and kill the opponent with quality evastion creatures. Recluse fits that strategy better. Also, the Recluse plays nicely with the Crookclaw Transmuter.

I'd keep the counters in for two reasons. The first (and most important one) is that nobody plays around counters in draft and you'll always trade your counter for something really good and maybe you'll score a 2-for-1 in the process. The second reason is Sprout Swarm. It is a common and it is ridiculous in that decks like these will almost certainly be overwhelmed by it unless you can race it. Countering it is a must because you'll have no other way of getting rid of it.

Venser's Diffusion can be a good card in the right deck. But I'm not so sure that it should replace the Logic Knot here for instance. The best play that I can see you make with it is bouncing your Draining Whelk or Shaper Parasite with Damage on the stack and maybe scoring 3-for-1. That situation seems unlikely however and you'll probably end up bouncing some early threat to take the pressure off. In a situation like that I'd rather have the counter.

In all I'd say you drafted pretty well because the deck looks strong (on paper at least).
7  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: Draft night! on: June 09, 2007, 05:44:42 am
Black doesn't really suck all that much. Just booster two if you don't open something like an Enslave or some good rare. Booster one and three have lots of quality removal spells. It's just that you are forced to draft a slow control deck that relies on just a few high-quality creatures to win (such as a Stronghold Overseer or some other bomb). Black aggro doesn't work... The weakness of the BR-control deck is that you'll lose to blue decks that can generate a lot of card advantage simply because BR can't do that and you are trying to win a war of attrition. Tempo-based decks however are good matchups so long as they don't do something stupid (i.e. T1 Baloth, T2 Dustwasp, T3 Nessian Courser, etc.).

Come to think of it... the only drafts I've won since FS arrived were drafts where I had a BR control deck.
8  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: Draft night! on: June 08, 2007, 08:47:55 am
Well without seeing how exactly you drafted it is hard to comment, but your two slot seems awfully small in comparison to your five slot for instance. All I'm trying to point out is that when you are WW this is something to look out for... I'd rather draft a cheap creature that isn't as good as an Arc Blade but allows me to curve out more smoothely and gain a bigger tempo advantage.
9  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: Draft night! on: June 07, 2007, 02:17:02 pm
Yes they are pretty good to deal the last few damage. But WW is a deck that wants to go two drop, three drop, four drop. If you are playing a lot of these expensive creatures you'll A) need to play more land than you want to, and B) get really awkward opening hands that are too slow because you have too many Luminid or something like it. Like I said, that is fine if you are a W/X controllish deck but when you are trying to do aggro it is just not optimal. I'll say the same thing for castle raptors if you are WW. I usually won't put more than 3 5+CC cards in my deck (if possible ofcourse) and will draft less powerful cards just to support the deck.
10  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: Draft night! on: June 06, 2007, 06:00:46 am
I agree with you that white aggro doesn't gain a whole lot from FS. Blade of the Sixth Pride is very good and so is Knight of Sursi but beyond those there aren't that many quality creatures. You did mention Lucent Liminid which is decent as a filler but I wouldn't pick it very high because it isn't very good in white aggro decks because of it's casting cost (it is better in controllish white builds). It is also an Enchantment which means it gets blown up by twice as many cards now, including your own Kestrels.

As for your sideboard. I wouldn't ever side the green stuff in I think. It would dilute your strategey too much with good late-game blockers (Deadwood Treefolk, Penumbra Spider) and double green cards that your manabase can't really support (Imperiosaur, Penumbra Spider, Giant Dustwasp). They are all good cards but not in your deck.

Good job on taking first place though!

P.S. Timed rounds in draft?
11  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: One more idea for regionals on: May 28, 2007, 09:06:37 am
You do realise that Dawn Charm prevents only combat damage right? You'll still take 20 from the Hellkites. Luminesce would be better in that slot. CoP: Red can easily be played around by Dragonstorm players so I wouldn't bet on it too much. At best it stalls them a turn or two (which can be enough but you can't sit back and relax).
12  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: One more idea for regionals on: May 25, 2007, 06:21:37 pm
I hate drawing it. It's kind of useless until the library is empty.

Absolutely true, but it allows you to play a different kill. You can 'infinite turn' yourself and play Thallid Shell-Dweller as a win-condition. This means you'll have more time to set up against aggro.

Forget the dragonstorm matchup... it is a hopeless cause. I wouldn't even devote sideboard slots to it and just accept the loss. Sideboard for the matches that might make a difference. This would be the definition of a glass cannon. Just don't get paired against Dragonstorm and lucksack your way though Teferi decks Wink.
13  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: Keeper for TSP Block? on: May 24, 2007, 06:18:49 am
I've been giving some thought to the Augur of Skulls in this deck. The problem I see is that if you want to have a discard effect Stupor would be a better card and if you want to get rid of huge creatures you can do so without having to double Stone Rain yourself. Even Melancholy would only Stone Rain you once and could get rid of Spectral Force and Bogardan Hellkite (I'm not advocating playing Melancholy btw). Because the problem is that he doesn't actually stop ground assault but merely ties up your mana. Mana you could have used for drawspells and/or counters.
14  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: One more idea for regionals on: May 23, 2007, 04:59:56 pm
I'm sorry to report that it fell short in all of my test matches. We've tested this against several decks and the problem is that it is no better than the Wild Sliver deck (not a deck you want to play against competant players, believe me). We did test a slightly different list though (it had Locket of Yesterdays and Harmonize in it for instance). I like the addition of Tolaria West and a tron engine, but does it really speed up the deck or does it just shift focus?

We also used Gaea's Blessing. Have you tested it and if so, how do you feel about it?
15  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: Keeper for TSP Block? on: May 21, 2007, 05:39:29 am
I'm not sure you can fix the tempo-loss without Damnation. So UB is probably the way to go if you plan on taking this deck to tournaments with an unknown (or only partially known) metagame.

Haunting Hymn is only good in a Teferi based control deck that runs on Mystical Teachings. It can be tutored for with the Teachings and then cast in your mainphase for +3 CA and an almost guaranteed win vs. anything that is sorcery-speed control (such as Frank Karsten's deck or Big Mana RG).

I like Spellburst really, the problem is that you never really want to see one in your opening hand unless you are either playing against Pickles or you are on the play against mono-R or WW. So two or three seems the right number.
16  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: Keeper for TSP Block? on: May 20, 2007, 12:04:14 pm
I feel Disenchant is better than the Kestrel in this type of deck because you want to keep your options (read: countermana) open and respond at instant speed rather than sorcery speed.

As for the Spell Burst it is actually quite a good card because block games tend to go on forever and you'll come to a point where you'll have plenty of mana. Also, it counters morph guys for just one mana (and morph is seeing quite a bit of play in block at the moment).
17  Eternal Formats / Creative / Re: Vintage: How to start? on: May 17, 2007, 10:49:38 am
Well if you do save up to buy some (semi-)power I'd suggest contacting Rudy Meijer. He has pretty much everything available most of the time and his prices are the lowest in North-Western Europe. This means you'll save at least a few hundred bucks on a full set (or, with the current conversion rate, you could probably order from the States and pay pretty much the same thing).

As for a low-powered deck I'd suggest Fish but RG has had some reasonable succes in the past and maybe with the new Magus of the Moon it could become quite good. At least it isn't very expensive to get and you've probably got all the cards already because you are playing Legacy.

I understand that the meta is shifting and drains will become worse than they were, but are they really THAT bad? Is the current metashift completely invalidating all drain archetypes?

Not according to my 'recent' showings with my Mono-U Masknought build. T4 in Eindhoven and T4 in Utrecht.
18  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: Keeper for TSP Block? on: May 15, 2007, 07:19:53 am
If you are going to run black (which sounds better actually) I'd suggest Plague Sliver. Not only does he have the cool Juzam Djinn feel, but he is really good vs. Mono-R and RG decks because he comes down early and is twice as big as their guys forcing them to at least 2-for-1 themselves to get rid of it.

The cards you mentioned vs. the Moat are all post-bord cards so they are irrelevant in game one.

Thus, you may need two in play to be effective, and that might not even be enough.

Even then it will never stop the colorless creatures you mentioned but playing it naming Green, Red or White will usually be enough vs. aggro decks. Most other decks will try to finish you with a Hellkite or something anyway.

I'll take your word for the maindeck Disenchants. I tend to find that formats with lower numbers of available sets have a greater tendency to rely on artifacts and enchantments than 'broader' formats. Of course, this isn't necessarily a given, merely a tendency. They do also, however, have a greater tendency to be more a beatdown format than 'broader' ones. Would Kestrel be a better choice, and slap it in the side?

As the format is right now, Stormbind is the only card you should worry about and from what I've heard it is very, very slow and only really effective against the Damnation decks. Ofcourse some other artifacts are played but mostly it is Prismatic Lens and Triskelavus (which will come back time and again via Academy Ruins).

The Kestrel is a pretty good choice, but if you are going to run it I wouldn't run it together with Teferi's Moat because there will be a chance the Kestrel will get stuck in your hand because there are no other targets and you'll have to blow up the Moat if you cast it.
19  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: Keeper for TSP Block? on: May 14, 2007, 12:19:39 pm
As a note: I plan on putting Teferi's Moat in the sideboard against decks that can take out the Magus easier (such as with burn or Delve or the like).

Any deck in the format that isn't white weenie can deal with the Magus. Whether it be via Rift Bolt, Void, Damnation, Stormbind or some other means. Creatures are very, very vulnerable so they either have to finish the game or be expendable. Magus is neither so I think the Teferi's Moat would be a better call (which also completely wrecks WW because Kestrel is usually only in the board).

I think we can come up with a better kill than Serra Sphinx. I'm not really sure on what to use, but Angel of Salvation just seems better. I know it doesn't have the Serra Angel feel to it though Sad.

There is no reason to run Disenchant maindecked. Stormbind is pretty much the only important target you'll see (maybe Sacred Mesa but they'd need to have some serious cojones to run that with all the Sulfur Elementals running around). At least... that is the way it is now.
20  Vintage Community Discussion / General Community Discussion / Re: WotC Card Frame Poll on: April 27, 2007, 07:33:36 am
And i've even heard complaints based on how they play out (You can't hold your cards to see the mana cost as easily as you could with the old frames)

And what is more important they suck in Sealed because you can't see the mana symbols when trying to work out a manabase during deck construction (at least, I organize my cards by mana cost, but I see a lot of people do that).

And seriously... I haven't met anybody who thought they looked good, let alone better than the old ones. So if I was the opposition party in an African country I'd call the election fixed Wink.
21  Vintage Community Discussion / General Community Discussion / Re: [Poll]: When did you start playing Magic seriosuly? on: April 24, 2007, 02:04:01 pm
By your definition: Mirage Block.
By my definition: I've never made a pro-tour so I'm not a serious player.
22  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: Anusien's TTP #1 on: April 19, 2007, 06:10:58 am
Yavimaya Dryad at 4th is a solid signal that green is open,

I strongly disagree. There are so many good green cards in this block (not to mention bombs and solids in other colors) that could have been picked over this card that there is still no way to tell if green really is open. Yavimaya Dryad isn't worth going for either, at least no more than the Gorgon Recluse for instance. There are three cards gone from that pack, one is a rare so that could be anything, one is an uncommon so again that could be almost any of the good cards and one is a common. Commons that get picked that high are probably something like Durkwood Baloth, Errant Ephemeron, Rift Bolt or Lightning Axe. There are more but these are the most likely and so we can't just assume green is open at his point. Trying to conclude any color is definately open at this point seems premature at best.

Probably.  I didn't rate the Withering and the Recluse that highly, I probably should have.  However, I've heard nothing but good things about Dreamscape Apprentice, so do you mind talking a bit more about why that choice was wrong?

The first pick in booster three wasn't wrong per se. The booster was simply that horrible for somebody playing UB. There is a Muck Drubb and a Primal Plasma, both of which are decent cards (and I rate both higher than the Apprentice) but the apprentice is randomly good because it filters lands from your deck while fixing your colors. My pick would probably have been the Primal Plasma but I can't strongly disagree with the Apprentice simply because the Plasma isn't really a bomb either.

The second pick is just wrong imo. Jodah's Avenger is really good, being an evasion creature and being able to protect itself from red spells. It costs 5U so it doesn't require fixing either (hell, sometimes I'll splash for it). The second Apprentice will rarely make your deck because you really don't want to draw a second one. You do always want the Avenger.
23  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: Anusien's TTP #1 on: April 18, 2007, 05:10:56 am
The signals for green in the first picks weren’t right though… I suppose you could have gone:

P4 Nantuko Shaman
P6 Nantuko Shaman

But the rest of the picks up until pack 8 (no point in reasoning beyond that) weren’t that impressive and UB seems much, much better. So I don’t see how you could have been green here.

Switching in pack two or three seems a little late, especially since black did have really good cards (Phisisisisisis, Avatar, etc.) and green wasn't that much more spectacular. Also, because you gave the signal of being UB the picture isn't completely what it would have been if you had given a different signal.
24  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: Anusien's TTP #1 on: April 16, 2007, 01:46:40 pm
Actually I think Mystical Teachings was the right pick there considering the first pick Teferi.
25  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: Anusien's TTP #1 on: April 16, 2007, 04:52:57 am
You seem really set on fixing mana in a two color deck. Why? Jodah's Avenger is a much better card then Dreamscape Artist. Also, Terramorphic Expanse seems less then optimal here where that pick could have been a Snapback.

The other pick that I would have done differently was P4 where I would have taken the Gorgon Recluse over the Mindstab. Mindstabs can usually be picked up much later than this.
26  Vintage Community Discussion / General Community Discussion / Re: Story Time with Forcefieldyou; Don't despair... Get there! on: March 01, 2007, 04:11:15 am
If you take a look at many of the "pros" who attempt to put opponents on tilt, they do not have long term success.

Marcel Luske anyone? Or Tony G.? Mike Matusow? I could go on... but I think you get the point.

Just so long as you know what you are doing, you can have a valuable edge by trying to have your opponent go on 'tilt'. I know that I have lost games and matches by not playing my own game... but getting sucked into the opponent's game. Ofcourse I'm not happy about it, but I let it happen. So all I can say is; "Well played, I'll try again next time.".
27  Vintage Community Discussion / General Community Discussion / Re: Story Time with Forcefieldyou; Don't despair... Get there! on: February 28, 2007, 08:01:05 am
In the two matches that I watched him play in, I felt that while he played well, he played excessively slowly,

So, what do you do as an opponent (or as a spectator for that matter)? Call over a Judge... if he agrees there is an instant DQ waiting for him. Simply because slow-playing is cheating.

Tabletalk is fine though. Nothing illegal about it ruleswise either. You can call over a judge because your opponent asks if your scroll will be for Ancestral, but there isn't anything he can do. Nothing whatsoever... because talking to your opponent isn't unsportsmanlike conduct... even if you asked him to shut up. I should know because I talk to my opponents all the time.

Why? Because it gives you a ton of information and allows you to win more.

For anyone who disagrees, ask yourself how such tactics would look if applied to a 12 year old.  Some kid has you dead to rights.  He's played the best game of his life when it matters most.  You manage to mess with his head and he forgets that he can win the game right now.  He misplays and you go on to be the winnar.  Gotta feel good about that one.

You won. That is the whole point of the game. Competative play means winning by any (legal) means necessary. If you don't want to do that, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage and maybe you shouldn't play tournaments then or accept that you will lose because of it sometimes (I for one couldn't care less about winning in T1... just as long as I have good time playing the deck I like).
28  Vintage Community Discussion / General Community Discussion / Re: New web-based online Magic program on: February 23, 2007, 04:49:16 am
1) Would you use this? That is, would you use it instead of MWS or Apprentice? It'll be just as good looking, I promise (:
2) What are some gripes you have with Apprentice and MWS, aside from what I've already said?
3) What are some features you'd like to see on the site?
4) Do you like the way Apprentice doesn't enforce any rules? Or would you prefer a program that enforces the rules a bit.

1. Yes, at least I'll test it and see if I like it.
2. I use Apprentice primarily to practice Sealed deck skills but the problem is that they use randomly generated boosters from Gatherer. The fact that the print-runs don't match exactly has never been an issue for me, but lately with TS-block the rares and purple cards aren't there. That is actually my primary issue with the program right now.
4. No! I love the funnies in this forum and over on SCG they cheer me up when I'm working Wink
29  Vintage Community Discussion / General Community Discussion / Re: Poll: Which Card is the Best Candidate for Unrestriction? on: February 16, 2007, 05:06:35 am
I'd wager that if 4x Trinisphere were legal, the majority of strong players still wouldn't play Shop-Trini, because quite frankly Trinisphere is too hit/miss.

The format isn't about what the few actual good players would play... it is about what the majority of people enjoy. Many people absolutely hated; Shop, 3sphere, evil laugh, go. Like jro said... it may not be the stongest pay, but it is uninteractive and not fun. The DCI also has the obligation to keep the format interesting and fun.
30  Eternal Formats / Miscellaneous / Re: Is it time to unrestrict Library of Alexandria? on: February 15, 2007, 04:15:53 am
Wasteland, Pithing Needle, discard effects and just winning the game would keep LoA in check if unrestricted. My only concern would be some new deck designed around this card (much like people built a deck around Workshop). So I think it could come off... but that nobody should be surprised if it got back on quite fast.
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