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1  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: Old School at GP Oakland on: January 18, 2016, 03:46:38 pm
Thanks for posting this Eliot.  We had a great time playing in this event.  I've already started working on some other deck ideas that have been floating around. 

I lost to Eliot's Winds of Change combo deck, and I can certainly say that one of my favorite aspects about 93/94 is that losing a match isn't as bad in the format because it usually involves interesting card interaction.

I look forward to the next event, even if I won't be able to make it to Eudo Games in February.
2  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Re: Old School at GP Oakland on: December 11, 2015, 06:50:24 pm
We (the four of us in my group) are still wondering what the banned/restricted list will be as we divide up the power and staples among the 4 decks that we have planned.  Seems like we have enough for an event already!
3  Vintage Community Discussion / Non-Vintage / Old School at GP Oakland on: December 05, 2015, 01:53:02 pm
My brother and I will be in Oakland for the Grand Prix and we want to know if there is any interest in getting together some Old School magic there.

I know that there are a few players in the Bay Area who might want to go, but maybe more since it is a Grand Prix.

So far we have 2 perhaps 3 players for it.  Any more?
4  Vintage Community Discussion / General Community Discussion / Re: Vintage Proxies on: June 21, 2015, 06:26:29 pm
This is a bit off topic but refereeing to your players that don't like proxies, I've found that if people don't like playing off a basic land or a backwards card, if they get some acetone they can modify the mana rocks from Mirage, erasing the Mana cost, Name and the 'comes into play tapped' clause writing in "Mox ___" and just doing a 0 for the mana cost.  Same with Guilded Lotus, Second Chance, Ancestral Vision.  I've found that if it is just an altered card people feel like it is playing with a real card and helps opponents know what your cards are.  Also if people don't wanna mess up their real cards, the older basic lands that have the "Tap: Add X to your mana pool" makes them feel more like moxes.

Not really off topic.  We do have access to these and a few are made, but I thought I'd check and see about the printed ones and AP ones.  Mostly to add a distinct flavor to our vintage scene.  That is to say that I can see it taking on a feel of its own because with high quality proxies, there is a second incentive to play.  Sort of like "cool, I get to use my alternate art black lotus" feeling for example.  When well done, proxy's not only take the "money shaming" out of playing with powerful cards and allow players to focus on what's important (high power/high stakes plays that involve a very well developed meta game) but also allow for a second level of immersion into the artistic and aesthetic appeal that keeps magic players from moving on to poker or other competitive card games.
5  Vintage Community Discussion / General Community Discussion / Vintage Proxies on: June 21, 2015, 12:54:44 pm
Hello TMD readers,

I am new to vintage and am a part of a community here in Santa Maria, Ca. that has a growing interest in the vintage format.  Specifically, 10-15 proxy vintage.  One key factor that keeps players from vintage is that playing with proxies simply doesn't feel like magic.  I am aware of the general standards in this community for proxies but was wondering about some details.

There does not seem to be room in the current definition of proxy cards to allow for Artist Proofs with sketches (I own a CR Lotus and a set of those Frazier Moxen myself that I use instead of real power when away from home).  No one has ever had an issue understanding what a hand drawn sketch of a mox emerald on an AP does.  The giant green emerald is as obvious as a foil Russian card if not more so.  I can not tell the difference in the deck as to which is which, but perhaps there have been issues in the past?

It seems to me that the elaborate proxy method for direct printing, which leaves cards slightly heavier but still roughly the same thickness (as altered cards often are) would be allowed.  By direct printing, I mean that it does not use a decal/sticker applied to either a foil or peeled foil.

Many have asked me about getting proxies together but I have never played in any event that allowed proxies.  I just want to clarify those two avenues for proxies:  Artist Proof cards with sketches and direct printed cards that may weigh slightly more than regular cards, but very very close.

Thanks - Nick
6  Eternal Formats / Western/Pacific U.S. / Re: Old School Magic @ Eudemonia!!! January 11, 2015 on: January 06, 2015, 12:43:02 am
My brother and I plan to make it to this one.
7  Eternal Formats / Global Vintage Tournament Reports and Results / Re: Eudemonia Old School 5/19 Results! Lists! Pics! on: September 24, 2014, 11:37:28 pm
Any idea when the next Nor Cal old school will be?  Also, I was accused of making a "durdle" deck at a sanctioned Vintage tourney a while back.  How annoyed will you guys be if my deck is based off a Shandalar deck from the old video game?  (seriously too, because I could make something more competitive but it wouldn't be as pimp)
8  Vintage Community Discussion / Community Introductions / Re: Introduce Yourself on: September 13, 2014, 01:25:06 pm
Hello all.  My name is Nick and I started playing magic in 1995 with 4th edition.  I always liked type 1.5 but only bought into power starting in 2001.  I never sold my collection but quit magic starting in tempest and only collected older stuff until recently.

TMD was recommended to me from the folks over at MOTL.  Since then, I discovered Old School magic and that seems like the best format for me to play in.  Right now it is just my two brothers and one other friend who ever get together for it but being from the central coast of CA, I look forward to getting up to the bay area to participate in some Old School pretty soon.
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