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Author Topic: Hi all, a few weeks ago a new deck was proposed to me fro...  (Read 853 times)
Maxx Matt
« on: November 16, 2003, 05:20:38 am »

Hi all,
a few weeks ago a new deck was proposed to me from Danilo Benvenuti, a great and talented player here in Italy.

Shocked a bit from his colors
Intrigued by his finesse
Astonished by the number of winning rate he showed me and I reached with it.

Him, Siral and me ( but only a bit... ) began to test it extensively and against tier1 decks.

This deck come from his desire of blocking, even by the first 1 or 2 turns, any mana development of any opponent and maybe  being able to do it either during the following turns, working on the fact that everyone here made great use of Nonbasics Lans, Fetchland and every zero cc fast mana.

From a specific analysis of the metagame the card chosen are the most versatile and consistent.
We usually face Stax in a consistent number, Stormbased decks in a really huge number, MulticoloredControlDecks in a decent number, 3 or 4 MaskBased decks every tourney and even some aggro ( form Madness to monocolored one... )  

It is a deck born for the specific powered metagame that we have here in Italy during our game season and it attacks ALL the resources that every Combo & Control Player dream to put in play.

The mana denial goal is perfectly acquired.

The deck has a good number of Blue Spell to guarantee the effective use of FoW that is necessary to stop stupid and eventual FirstTurnOpponent'sBrokeness

It has a lot between of research and draw spells

Don't fear the permanents development of a Stax Player
Don't fear a 30+ chain of spells of the Long player
Don't fear the control strategy of a Control player because HIS strategy is better and more redundant ( except MindTwist...Smile)

His creator placed 7 in the Lucca's Tourney 2 weeks ago and 9 for rating reason the week after that one.
Another good player top8 in a 40+ tourney in Milan last week.

It is substantially a new deck with of course some constructive lines that could/should be improved or changed or maybe only adapted from meta to meta.

I hope You All enjoy this read and ayone here would say something to better this deck, that IMHO, has a lot of potential that ALL the results of testing AND tourney confirmed!

Negative points. ( of course we have them too... )

-Lose a lot to TnT preside. NB: ONLY preside.
-The monoblack (expecially ChaliceBlack) matchup is the worst. Even if it is the worst matchup, Scepter with Fire is usually game but may not happen to be able to cast the "LittleCombo" if the monoblack player is smart and know what to Discard from your hand.
-Preside Reanimator is a huge treat but post side we have weapon to fight it.
-With the rise of artifact hate from the oppponent's sideboard, the use of Scepters could be ineffective. Until now is always gamewinning.
-2 match on 10, I revealed a deadly lack of draw search-spell
-Can scoop to a CotV for 1. usually it isn't true but could happen
-Smemmen's NewMask should be a nightmare preside. Post side artifact hate can slow him down, but his heavy discard could nullify your strategy.

I "leave home" al the percentage/winning rate  that we discovered playing this deck for obviously disscussing reason.

I hope you all, playing-trying this deck, will be impressed from it as much as me the first time I  played it against all the Tier1 of the field.
Finally, This is the list.

4 Gorilla Shaman
2 Dwarven Miner
4 Mishra's Factory

4 Lighting Bolt
4 Fire/Ice

(Mana Denial):
4 Wasteland
1 Strip

(Additional Mana Denial):
4 Stiffle

(Digg & Search & Help):
1 Ancetrall Recall
4 Brainstorm
1 Mystical Tutor
1 Shattering Pulse

(Additional Stuff & Must Counter):
4 Force of Will
1 Fork
1 Time Walk
3 Isochron Scepter

(My Own Colored Mana):
6 Fetchland
4 Volcanic Island
2 Mountain
1 LoA
1 Sol Ring
1 Mox Sapphire
1 Mox Ruby
1 Black Lotus

1 Shattering Pulse (mask, tnt, l&s)
1 Rack & Ruin (mask, tnt, l&S)
2 Gilded Drake (madness, tnt, aggro)
3 Null Rod (combo)
4 Blood Moon (control, combo)
4 ReB (control)


I presented the list as it was in the first 2 tourneys.
We are developing some tricks and minor changes to tune it better.
What do you think?
Discuss It!\n\n

« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2003, 03:34:02 pm »

It doesn't seem like LoA would be very useful in this deck, you'd need actual drawing cards to make it useful.
Crazy Frenchman
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« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2003, 05:27:32 am »

Considering this is intended to be a true Scepter deck, how do you deal with a first turn Chalice of the Void for 2 if you don't have Gorilla Shaman in hand ? Your only true draw engine is an imprinted Fire/Ice on a Scepter, and Chalice for 2 shuts down these 2 spells. Dwarven Miner is a turn 4 card, which is really slow.
« Reply #3 on: November 17, 2003, 02:12:04 pm »

6 (six) coloured lands? interesting... But not only Benga's plays wastelands, and some people play sinkhole, too.
At Piacenza I've played vs Silvestri ( if I well remember )without sinkhole, and I went 2-0 easy. This deck is not a combo, it's a control deck, and it needs mana.

In Italy many players play nullrod or similar artifact defence maindeck. Normally aggro decks. And Benga's has hard time with these decks.
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