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Author Topic: Southbury Tourney Canceled  (Read 2269 times)
« on: June 05, 2003, 09:26:57 am »

Hey...this is Ray

I received this email

i know you've heard from Ryan that the shit didnt come together with us down here in southbury. Turns out Jon didnt book the thing and when he went to it was already taken. I know this is short notice but we need to get the word out or we're gonna get it from everyone that drives all the way here. I feel like an ass, and im not even the cause. Could you please please please send the following message? i know not a lot were interested in the first place, but if im going to be an ass i dont want to piss people off in the process.

Due to improper organization, the Southbury Tourney of June 8th is biting the dust. I am working with someone else on this and would like to vouch for him, he didnt get his shit together. We can not possibly pull this dying cause from the ashes. Anyway, who wanted Onslaught packs? I am terribly sorry for being an ass, just no one drive down here.

just wanted to let anyone know who is not on my email list about this.
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