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Author Topic: Cape Cod Cash Tournament, December 18th!  (Read 2255 times)
The Hamburgler
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« on: December 12, 2004, 04:01:18 pm »

Moderatorgz: If you feel it needed tg\hat this be moved to the Tournament forum, so be it. I just like responding and editing my own post. Thanks, I'd appreciate it if this got left here.
- regards, the Cape.

I bring tidings, my friends! Another Cape Cod Cash tournament has arrived, this time, conveniently on the 18th of December (a Saturday). We had to change the time, as some religion celebrates some holiday on December 25th. N00bs. Need money for the holidays? Well this is your last chance, as something magical has happened for the magic players on Cape! Come January 2005 we are returning to GUARENTEED PRIZE STRUCTURES. I have been yearning for this like Orlove and a shiny new nickel on the other side of the room!  This tournament, however, has this prize structure:

First Place: 500 dead presidents (USD, son)
Second place: 250 G’z
Third/ Fourth place: 75 dollars

Prizes are based on attendance, but we still give out typically mox tournament prizes (value-wise). The entrance is twenty dollars; the format is Type One (WTF is that?!) with five proxies allowed, and one dollar per proxy beyond five. Among the many attractions among the store, including these:

Ridiculously comfy chairs. No. Heinously comfy chairs, I want to steal one to use as a mattress.
2) Video game usage for an entire day, 10 dollars! We have three HUGE TV’s with all types of games, including Soul Calibur, Halo ½, Super Smash Bros etc. You can play eight player Halo, with wireless controllers included.
3) Free pizza. Let me rephrase, enough free pizza to fulfill anyone’s dreams that had to walk across the desert with Moses. In other words, fifteen delicious large boxes of cheese, and pepperoni pizza.
4) Extremely nice venue, we have (I can say this to match any challenge, I will come to your store if you challenge this statement) the best store on the entire East coast. Argue, and I will find you.
5) Great times, easy food to find (a “99” restaurant 50 yards away, a Dunkin’ Donuts and a mall a little drive down the street.
6) Compete with some of Vintages finest, and make a name for yourself.
7) Meet several TMDers! And I will be signing autographs, five dollars per.
8) Play with my recently constructed Type Four deck!!! I copied Meandecks build, changed three cards, so now it’s a meandeck creation no more, Cape Cod prevails. (I wouldn’t be saying this if you guys lived in Massachusetts Very Happy)

Like I said, next month we will have a guaranteed prize structure tournament! PLEASE represent, PLEASE! We have been hassling the owner for months, and the day is finally coming.

If you are a bad player (like me) come anyways! Make a name for yourself, like Rich Shay (the hooker claims you underpaid) and Jacorb Orlorve (was it a quarter?) or even Kowal, who had the balls bursting from his pants enough to ask for Braingeysers before the tournament, leaving us breathless in ponder-ation of what monstrosity of a deck could possibly be concocted to dare him to ask the question? Find out at this months Cape Cod Cash tournament! Represent!

Shalom, Bitches.
- The Hamburgler (Chamberlain)

Directions can be found at:
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