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Author Topic: Sensei Sensei wins Bazaar in Worchester MA 03/19/2005  (Read 1309 times)
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« on: March 20, 2005, 02:06:31 pm »

Mods: Please feel free to move this to the tourney report thread, as I do not have access to it.

I started to write this on Saturday night, but when I went to finish today TMD made me log back in and I lost my whole post. So I will recap again the experience I had

First off I want to thank Keith, Ray, Steve H and anyone else involved with the development and tunign of the deck. I have known Keith and Ray a long time, and it was great of Keith to give me a few pointers on Wednesday. The list I used was pretty much right off the SCG Power tournament list. I would re-type it, but I wont unless I have a request to later.

Drive up sucked as Mapquest failed to add a street to the directions. Luckily I wandered aimlessly in the right direction and found the place in time. We start about 40 minutes late, but that gives me time to play the deck a little as I have not had a real match with it yet. There were 19 of us, so that meant 5 rounds of swiss and a cut to top 4. I never liked the top 4 cut, but alas that is what it was.

Round 1 Mike playing U/R Fish

Game 1: he is playing a pretty standard fish build. He plays a conclave on turn 2 and swings turn 3. My first three turns set up my combo, and I combo-off on my turn 4 having a FOW for his counters.

Game 2: Fish at its best a turn 1 and 3 Mishra's factory and he swings for the win after dropping a null rod.

Game 3: neither one of us have anything early as we both set up mana bases. He eventually gets out 2 lavamancers and swings as he has no graveyard. I take some Crypt burn over 2 turns, and finally wish for lim duls vault to set up the win.

1-0 (2-1)

Round 2 Eric playing U/B Reanimator

Game 1: consisted of me hitting the combo turn 3 with help from a lotus and a couple of moxen. He had played 3 swamps, so I was unsure what he was playing at this point.

SB +2 T. Crypts -1 D. analysis -1 Thirst for knowledge

Game 2: He opens with a turn 1 entomb, and I realize what I am in for. Akroma sitting in the yard. Luckily I open with T. Crypt to settle things down as well as top and a mox. His turn 2 was zombie infestation as he knows reanimating will do no good. On my turn 3 I drop a helm and sit back with a drain in hand. He discards 3 fatties and a land to have 2 2/2's ready to swing. Which he does on his next turn. I top to find Future sight and cast it with Academy mana and combo off for the win.

2-0 (4-1)

Round 3 Corey playing WW

Game 1: He drops a Leonin Skyhunter followed by emperyial plate turns 2 and 3 while I set up, but have no counters. Crypt burns be once, and he swings at me for 8 taking me to eight. I wish durin his end step  to go for Lim Dul's vault which sets me up for the combo a turn before he goes for lethal.

Game 2: Again he drops a turn 2 Skyhunter, and I have mox, lotus, Academy, intuition among other things in hand. his EOT I intuition for AK and manage to pull a top and helm. He drops turn 3 Hound of Konda and swings. I combo off turn 3 after a thirst gets me future sight. He tries to abeyance me prior to brain freeze, but I wish for flash counter to seal the win.

3-0 (6-1)

Round 4 Charles playing Control Slaver

Charles was a really cool guy. He was at least a level 1 judge if not higher, and had the rules database on his palm pilot. Very good guy, and a pleasure to talk to and play against.

Game 1: He has 2 early welders but no graveyard to abuse. It takes me forever to set up through drains/FOW. I am sitting at 8 from welder and fetch beats, and finally find a wish to Lim' Duls vault and go to 3 before finding the right 5 to allow me to combo off.

Game 2: He mulls to 6 on the play which sets him back a bit, until he recalls and gets back. Gain he has welder and rack/ruins one helm and a top to really set me back. we trade mana base acceleration for a few turns until I can set up again and combo off.

4-0 (8-1)

side note...if he finds ANY discard effects this match is probably very different, and at least goes to 3 games.

Round 5 Jason playing TPS

We are the only 2 4-0 players so we ID into top 4

After 5 rounds the top 4 was

Me 4-0-1 with Sensei Sensei
Jason 4-0-1 playing TPS
Charles with CS 4-1 *my round 4 opponent
Joseph with Mono-U control 4-1

Top 4 Joseph with Mono U Control

Game 1: This is a game in which Mono-U dominated with too many counters, and an ophidianfor card advantage. A morphling follows and I succumb to it shortly after

Game 2: I have to deal with 2 wastelands and a chalice for zero. The game drags on until I try and power through the chalice and go for the combo. Having a helm and top on the board I go for the F. Sight and find it. I cast it with 1 mana floating and he is tapped out. I find candleabra and cast for free which allows me to untap my academy and combo off.

Game 3: Honestly very very fuzzy, but I get the combo off after casting a Y. Will with A. Recall, top, helm, among others in the yard.

Finals Jason Playing TPS.

Game 1: I have an amazing draw and combo off turn 2. I am feeling pretty good about it as that was the fastest the deck hit the combo all day.

Game 2: Just when I was feeling good TPS crapped alll over me. Hit hit Turn 1 combo and I didnt have a FOW. So onto game 3

Game 3: Neither one of us is lightning fast off the start and take a few turns to set-up manabases. Then it gets interesting. He DT's for Necropotence *he told me later* and tries to get it through, but I have a drain. The drain mana allows me to play Future sight which reveals top which reveals mox which reveals a tutor for the helm and I combo off for the win.

In talking after I though he was going to go for a duress to clear his path as he commented that he had other combo pieces in hand. I did have a force and a blue card as well, but I am sure it would of changed the game given I needed the force later.

So I took home the Bazaar and now have only 3 to go.


To Keith Ray and Steve H for providing a very intuitive deck that has a good amount of redundancy. Even when I took a chance the deck was there to support my move. I enjoyed it alot.

That's entertainment for putting on a good tournament. The store was very cool, and all of the people were great. I would recommended the store for anyone in the area.

Karma...seriously I was in Mcdonalds Friday and saw an older couple who was very upset that the fish was no longer on special and they only had $6 to eat for the two of them. So I gave them $5 that I had left so they could get the fish sandwhiches that the wanted. The lady was shocked at the gesture, but you could tell it made her night. Now to show how that fit in besides winning the tournament I won the door prize of an itialian legends the pack was mana battery, and no good uncommons, but I did get a flash counter that I had to proxy for the tournament so it all worked out in the end.


Mapquest for the lack of correct directions

Play area...the store was great but the room we were in would not of been able to handle much more than what we had. I am not sure if they had another room or not.

All in all a great day, and a great store. Thanks again to everyone, and I apologize if this report was not 100% accurate, but as I said my notes and memory are kinda fuzzy.



Chill Out...
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