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Author Topic: [Paris - 14/05/05] - It could have gone better...  (Read 1219 times)
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« on: May 25, 2005, 05:28:46 am »

I'm getting inspired a lot...

I thought hard about writing or not writing things about this extraordinary experience.
I failed to start writing things not ony because of the worst result ever made by me at a single magic event, but most of all because all the really good things that I would have told to you would have not regarded playing with cards.

I could tell to you thigs such as.. OMG!! what a beatiful city!!! OMFG! What an extraodinary place... but I can summon a lot of things among the which I would divide with you with some Italian Words: Merda! Che Cazzo di Posto Fantastico!
The first time in Paris and I was there to play with cards instead of having planned to do ANYTHING else... What a Scrub-Of-Life I have been until now...

The city is large... extraordinary large... astonishigly large and full full full full of people from any place you are going to imagine with other people... but silent, elegant, pre-ordinate, really organized from a lot of usually not well devoped points of view... Why do I have so few adjectives in English? I can't really be able to summon things and feelings and state of mind regarding the museums, the chruchs, the streets, the monumental buildings, the solidity of the sight, the fearing and beatiful landscape that spread itself from our gaze and that could only be dreamed or seen from one of the high peaks of some Parisian towers

I have to both thank and kick Aurelia and her freind Juliet, for their splendid company and for their exhausting trip along the city.
She let me know Paris and her way of living and a lot of herself only with through her joy and her great sense of life. The only thing that I can suggest her could be to slow her down a bit... Wink but... Wink Thanks again for the patience and the "faith" on her "Ciceron-role".
Only a thing...Do a favour for me... Heehehhehe... Spell for us and for the readers the name: "DouS-MeS-Nill"... Wink Sorry but only few people could completely realize this line.. Wink

I encourage ANYONE who have not gone to Paris at least one time to QUICKLY book a flight.
Visit the Louvre and then Die.
No other words.
A Crucible of the Worlds in the larger sense that even some Magic players can appreciate.
A multicolored and innovative place where you meet the human beings "photographed" by their love and their need of the sense of both beauty and holy. The larger place I have ever seen where even the smallest angle can reveal or hide you a piece of your life. Not the lived one. But the life completely written by the history and more intimetely inherent to us. You have to carefully walk, foot after foot, hour after hour into this place. Silently. Smiling. Crying. Silently. Joyining and storing any pixel or bite your mind can support. Refresh or Format your brain before coming in. An overflow of data can tilt your mind so quickly and so deeply that a single reset or restart could recover.. nothing...
A piece in my life.

I met BRAM... What a person! His nick announce himself as a Rumble of Thunder and his quick speech and his fluent ay of talking weren't less than a thunder. I missed to recognize him soon because of the lack of the dark-sun-glasses in his face. Wink We tried not to be ordinary Magic players and we concentrated ourselves on the city, the girls ( Don't misread this words, Toad....No Yours girl... Wink) and the things that we could learn from them. It have been really more exciting and interesting than anything else we could have done shuffling and trash-talking of magic-shit.
I'll hope to be able to meet you again. Sincerely.

We could not meet the other guys ( the ones that come with me and the ones that we could have met travelling to Paris ) until night, so, even if I was really proud of knowing all of them, I'm a bit afraid of not having the possibity to pass more time with them. I can remember RVS, Pyromaniac and Toad among of them, but don't be hungry with me if I cannot remember the names ( or the NickNAmes ) of all of you. Sad
Me and my girl,  completely lost all my friends ( during the Fast&Furious trip that Aurelia organized to us ) and we met some of them only when we went at our hotel to sleep.
As usual the night was shorter than expected...

The deck waited the tourney's morning to be grabbed for the first time since I was in Paris. I has 4 CotVs and some Wishes maindeck. It was my last version of Chalice-Control that I was testing from time to time. I dropped the idea of playing with it after a good scouting among the players that started to play free-games with their own decks. I saw a lot of Oaths, Dragons, Red-based Deck and a lot of Gifts.dec and Welders.dec. A lot of the Italians played Atogs and TPS and Welders.dec, coupled with the best Spanish and Deutchs ones. I decided to HYPEEEEEERMEEEEETAGAMIZE my deck, playing my own version of 3C-Control, maindecking hate for the grave.

My choices have been ( AS USUAL, AS USUAL, AS USUAL ) good only in teory, because in pratice they revealed themselves to be TOO focused on hitting a single aspect of the possible oppoent offences.

This is the list for the ones who are interested.
It is a bit different from the other one I presented to you last time

(24 Mana Fonts)
8 SoLoMoxCry
5 Fetch
4 Underground
3 Tundra
3 Island
1 LoA

(8 Board Control)
3 Phyrexian Furnaces
1 Y Will
1 StP
1 E.E.
1 Balance

(16 Drawers)
4 Braisntorm
3 Skeletal
1 FoF
1 Ancestral
1 Walk
1 Demonic
1 Mystical
1 Tinker

(12 Protections)
4 Drain
4 FoW
3 Duress
1 Mindtwist

(15 Sideboard)
4 CotV
2 Sacred Ground
2 Edicts
2 D-Blow
1 StP
1 Duress
1 Decree
1 Gush
1 E.E.

I made 3 Win - 0 Draw - 5 Loss, auto-electing me as official DCI-Points' releaser...
I lost at least 100 DCI at this event.
I won against few people and I made happy a lot of them instead... Wink
The deck performed well, but the opponents don't cares about me a lot and won regardless the cards that I was playing.

But this is another history...
As Usual...
To Be Continued...



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