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Author Topic: [budget] Poor Man's Tendrils 07/03 report + request for help  (Read 780 times)
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« on: July 04, 2005, 09:04:57 am »

Hi all! After playtesting with my deck against my friends, I went to our weekly Vintage tournament here in Recife, Brazil. Here's the decklist:

Poor Man's Tendrils

by João de Campo Grande

4 brainstorm
4 helm of awakening
4 chromatic sphere
4 elvish spirit guide
4 dark ritual
3 snap
2 tendrils of agony
1 windfall
1 minds' desire
1 tinker
1 time spiral
1 mystical tutor
1 frantic search
1 crop rotation
1 wheel of fortune
1 demonic tutor
1 vampiric tutor
1 yawgmoth's will
1 yawgmoth's bargain
1 necropotence
1 lion's eye diamond
1 zuran orb
1 lotus petal
1 sol ring
1 mana vault
1 mana crypt
1 memory jar

1 tolarian academy
4 underground river
4 forbidden ochard
4 seat of the synod
2 vault of whispers

4 annul
4 duress
4 blue elemental blast
3 library of leng

To the tournament: 20 people, 5 rounds of swiss, cut to the Top8.

Round 1, Replenish UW

Game 1: He won the dice roll and I keep an amazing hand. He casts seal of removal, and I thought the game was over. I cast turn 1 helm of awakening thanks to a sol ring. He plays plains. Turn 2 sphere, tinker for jar sacrificing sphere, demonic for academy, done. He plays Ivory mask! gg!

I bring in 4 duress, taking snap, chromatic, orb and spirit guide.

Game 2: My hand is decent, even without any duress. Land, go. He plays city of traitors, CHALICE OF THE VOID STE FOR 1! Argh! I still try to reach a gigantic minds' desire, but he combos me very fast, with replenish for ivory mask, opalescence, paralax wave and tide.


Round 2, Mono red goblins

Game 1: He makes lackey, and I smile. I keep another fantastic hand, allowing me to combo on turn 3, with 7 life.

I bring in 4 beb, taking snap, chromatic, necro and bargain.

Game 2: He mulligans, and I destroy a turn 1 lackey, and win on turn 5, since he doesn't aplly me any pressure, so I could tutor for whatever I wanted. Desire for 9 rules!


Round 3, SLigh

Game 1: I lose the roll. He opens with spark elemental, follow that with lots of burn, but I win on my third turn, thanks to  spiral followed for desire for 11, I guess.

Same sideboard strategy as goblins.

Game 2: I try to go off on turn 3 again, but a jar that follows a spiral nets me 6 mana sources, and I die to mana burn. Sad
Game 3: The time was over, and he shattered my seat of the synod, so we draw.


Round 4, Discard Bu

Game 1:He keeps a slow hand, without any discard, trys to go beatdown with mishra's factoy and hypnotic specter, but I snap the specter and combo him on my third turn (spiral + academy + snap + desire for 8).

I bring in 3 library of leng, taking out snap, chromatic, and zuran orb.

Game 2: He destroys me with turn 2 duress, but has no pressure. I again failed to go off, drawing only mana sources from a spiral. He wins shortly after that, with specter and 2 racks.

Game 3: I lost to turn 1 specter, turn 2 hymn, turn 3 hymn and turn 4 energy flux. His deck really worked against mine. Sad


Round 5, Birds!?

Game 1: I win the roll, and killed him on turn three, after he attacked me with a soldier and a whipcorder.

I bring in nothing.

Game 2: He missed his second land drop and I waited until the fifth turn to kill him easily, courtesy of a bargain that netted me 12 cards and a desire for 17 :p


 Don't ask me how, but I managed to make top 8 in the last slot. And in the Top 8 I face...

Replenish UW

ARgh! I asked him before the match: "Ohhhhhh, who will win?", and he humbly says "I don't know". This is NOT funny"!

Game 1: I keep another great hand and win the die roll. Another turn three kill was coming, but he got an atunnetment turn one (courtey of mox diamond and chrome mox) e combo'ed me on his second turn.

Game 2: Turn 1 Chalice for 1 again. Smile


 If you managed to read this so far, I want some suggestions! Sideboard, strategy, decklist modiffications... any feedback is welcome! Just don't suggest P9 or dual lands, please, because I cannot afford them. Thank you very much!
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