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Author Topic: [Report, 1st place] A Rambling Tale of Magic and Heroism, set in Austin, Texas  (Read 1626 times)
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« on: September 25, 2005, 01:34:46 am »

A humble beginning
I woke up today and clipped my fingernails. I made a delcious sandwich, using horseradish sauce and muenster cheese, and grilled it on the Foreman grill.

I got dressed and packed my things. I headed north, to Thor's Hammer, for the Saturday Noon Legacy tournament. The entrance fee was $5, which bought you a whole seat - BUT YOU'LL ONLY NEED THE EDGE!

The gathering storm
I sat down and made small talk with some of the patrons. Derek Geeting (regular Landstill player) was worried we wouldn't get enough people to play. Then all of a sudden, a horde showed up and we ended with twenty-two, including Marshall Davila (Danzig of mIRC fame), up from San Antonio. I watched him slap around Phred's (fearphage) Belcher deck by Parallax Waving three Timber Walls. Which was cute. I mentioned to some guy (Justin, I believe his name was) that I felt lucky today. The field looked something like this:

1 Uwr Landstill
1 Ub Landstill
1 Ubwg Landstill
3? Goblins
2 Sligh/Burn
1 Stompy
1 Zombies
1 G/B Survival
1 High Tide
1 Zoo
1 some other combo deck
1 Trinity Green
5 unknown decks, maybe Danzig and Fearphage can fill me in on this

The pairings for round one went up.

ROUND ONE -- Test of Endurance
Versus Hunter (U/B Landstill)
Game one turns out to be the only game, and a truly epic one at that. I have no idea what he's playing and keep five land, a Thrull Surgeon, and a Masticore, and win the die roll. Just after casting Core I draw Squee - they always seem to come together. I go on a fast offensive, but he gets a Maze of Ith which stalls me FOREVER. He knocks me down to 2 with Factories before I establish a Frog lock. At some point I fought off a Vedlaken Shackles, and he hardcast Decree of Pain, but I sacced a Sakura Tribe Elder and Spike Feeder so that he would only draw two cards - one for my Masticore and one for his Nether Spirit, which he actually forgot about for like seven turns in a row. I was just starting to pull out of a slump when he got a Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale, further stalling the game out. His Zuran Orb didn't help either, though I eventually took it out with a Zealot.

At various points in the match, we blew through 3 Standstills and 2 Fact or Fictions, yet I was holding on with recursion. It seemed as if he'd be decked, but when time started to be called, I knew I had to act (and play) fast. Keeping a bunch of land tapped down for Tabernacle, I grew my Bird of Paradise into a 4/5 with Spike Feeder counters, and used Krovikan Horror to pave the way through his Conclaves. I supplemented my aerial assault with two Tradewinds. On turn five of extra turns, I attacked him from 11 to 5, then tapped all but one land to sacrifice all but one creature to do the last 5 damage. Phew. I hoped I wouldn't have another match like that.

ROUND TWO -- A lesson learned
Versus Thom (jank Goblins)

Game one I mulled to 6 and got no gas and lost fast. I was using BoP to hardcast Squee as a blocker for his Piledriver. I didn't record what I boarded but I know Silent Arbiter was part of it.

Game two I keep a decent hand because it has Silent Arbiter in it, along with some other gas, while he mulligans to six. My notes are sketchy this round, but I this game. Game three he mulled to five and conceded in the face of recurring Bone Shredder.

He had sideboarded the Exodus card [card]Onslaught[/card], which I thought an inspired choice. He had a version with extra little 1/1 goblins - I saw three Prospectors one game and at least one [card]Goblin Taskmaster[/card].

ROUND THREE -- Lost in the mists
Versus Robin (Stompy)

The word on the street is thatRobin is 3-0, 6-0. I aim to break that curse. I win the die roll. I manage to Gilded Drake a Pouncing Jaguar with Rancor and Briar Shield on it, but he simply Rancors up the Drake and trades. I drew Spore Frog and Tortured Existence, but none of 4 Horror, 1 Genesis, 1 Squee, 2 Buried Alive, or 4 Survivals, any of which would have got him in an unbreakable-for-him fog lock.

+1 Silent Arbiter
+2 Eternal Witness
+1 Spiker Feeder
-3 Cabal Therapy
-1 Thrull Surgeon

Game two I mul to six and get an easy Fog Frog lock going, which is all you need versus a silly creature deck like Stompy. Some bystander yells out "Tormod's Crypt!" while he's looking at his sideboard like a total dick. I tell him not to talk during a match, but Robin realizes he should bring in his Phyrexian Furnaces. I respond with:

-1 Llanowar Elves
+1 Uktabi Orangutan (I like Uktabi better than Zealot against Claws/Furnace because Uktabi can take out multiple Furnaces, while the Furnace itself will probably RFG Zealot)

I have a nuts hand - Survival, Tortured Existence, 5 land. If I can only draw a creature, I'll be all sorts of set to get that Frog Lock going. So what happens? I turn my SURE WIN into an ALMOST LOST by casting the Sakura Tribe Elder I draw, and don't see another creature! I have to cast Buried Alive to get some, and just before the Fog Frog comes online, he attacks me to TWO (he told me he could have got me to 1 by pitchin his Rancor to Bounty of the Hunt instead of casting it). But Fog Frog does come online, and he doesn't get his Furnaces, and I eliminate his creatures under Frog protection, then kill him.

ROUND FOUR -- The inevitable
Versus Derek (MWC)

I could have sworn I saw him playing the Landstill mirror earlier but I guess my senses decieved me. At first I put him on Landstill, then when he started cycling cards I put him on Slide, but the sixth Plains in a row put him firmly on MWC. We play a long, vicious game, involving a lot of Eternal Dragon recursion and Akroma's Vengeance-ing. On several occasions I could have Vialed in a Horror to block incoming Soldier tokens, but foolishly did not. He cats an Eternal Dragon at one point, which let me Drake it and beat him about the head and shoulders for awhile before he StP'ed it. He did not cast his other dragon! Eventually I ground him down to powder with recurring threats. He got a Humility late in the game but it was too late by then.

-3 Wall of Roots
-2 Tradewind Rider (his only worthwhile permanent was Humility...yeah)
-1 Spore Frog
-1 Spike Feeder
+3 Naturalize (Humility)
+2 Duress
+1 Eternal Witness
+1 Caller of the Claw (antiWrath)

To start off, I had a Therapy which would have named Humility but I had to use an STE to get black mana and by then Humility came down. So I landed a Vial and Tortured Existence andwas using recurring Horror-1/1s to pressure him. At one point I had the option of using a Naturalize to kill either Scrabbling Claws or Humility, and I chose the Claws, because I could still win with 1/1s, but not without recurring them. Eventually he Vengeance'd and cleared away the Humility, though I didn't notice until a turn later! We fought for awhile, and I had him pinnned to the mat eventually, but time ran out and I could not kill him before the last of extra turns, so I took the 1-0 win.

ROUND FIVE -- Denouement
Versus Raymond (GRW Zoo)

Game one he gets a very ppor hand - all mana and burn. I beta him about a while, and just before he is going to die he starts throwing burn at my head. He gets me to 8 from 23, but loses. His only real offense was a pair of Kird Apes - on turns 5 and 7!

-3 Cabal Therapay
-2 Tradewind Rider
-1 Gilded Drake
+2 Eternal Witness
+2 Naturalize (fearing Scepter, or graveyard hate)
+1 Feeder
+1 Uktabi (see Naturalize)

He gets another weak hand while I get a strong one. He plows Masticore, and we have a humoungous fight over Scrabbling Claws, with me Naturalizing and Witnessing the Naturalize, and him Witnessing the Claws and using it. Eventually I win.

So at 5-0 I am in first place, and the tournament being straight Swiss I am crowned the king. My coronation ceremony costs 18 packs, mostly Darksteel and Japanese Mirrodin, from which I pull a Ravager, Scepter, and Darksteel Colossus, among other things.

I am starving at this point so I head to the grocery store and buy two bananas, a peach, and a can of guava nectar for dinner. I proceed to Action Brothers Legends & LANs for the 7 PM tournament. We have six players - Marshall from earlier and his wife Amy, some lesser high school-aged players, and myself. Phred was going to show but did not.

The metagame is this:
1 G/B Survival
1 Uwr Landstill
1 White Weenie
1 Elves
1 U/W Arcane Jank
1 Sub-par burn/sligh with water-damaged Ball Lightnings

ROUND ONE -- Waxmane Baku?
Versus Justin #2 (U/W arcane spells)
He is never really in this. Waxmane Baku and The Unspeakable are no match for Survival of the Fittest. At some point I get him under double-Tradewind, "bounce two land" lock.

+3 Duress
+2 Eternal Witness
-2 Wall of Roots
-1 Gilded Drake
-1 Spore Frog
-1 Spike Feeder

ROUND TWO -- Hungry hungry artifact hippo
Versus Matthew (Elves)
Masticore chews him up game one. Game two I am feeling cocky so I keep a bad hand of Swamp, AEther Vial, Tortured Existence, Survival x3, Krovikan Horror. He almost ramps up to Biorhythm mana but I draw a Mire->Bayou and play and use Survival + Vial to get a Core out and go to town.

+1 Uktabi (Worb protection)
+1 Silent Arbiter
-1 Thrull Surgeon
-1 unrecorded

ROUND THREE -- ...pathos!
Versus Amy (Enlightened WW feat. Tops)
Game one I get Therapy, Therapy, Witness, Therapy, flashback, but she still recovers faster than I and I am promptly run over.

+1 Silent Arbiter
+1 Uktabi
-1 Surgeon
-1 Therapy

I neglect to pile shuffle, much to my eventual dismay. I get incredibly manaflooded while she has Tormod's Crypt, 3x StP and my feeble Tradewind + Feeder defense crumbles instantly.

ROUND FOUR -- Vengeance
Versus Marshall (Uwr Landstill)

I initially fear another long slog like round one of the first tournament. But my recursive Horrors and his low-mana draw succumb eventually. I Drake a face-down Angel and he Wraths them gone.

+3 Duress
+1 Choke
+1 Eternal Witness
+1 Ukatbi (Disk protection)
-3 Wall of Roots (I have all the time in the world)
-1 Llanowar Elves (see Wall of Roots)
-1 Spore Frog
-1 Spike Feeder

I didn't take out the Drake and Shredder because he had maindeck Exalted Angels, which are juicy. I draw a JUICY hand of Tradewind, Choke, Survival, Swamp, Forest, Sakura-Tribe Elder, and random spell. But since he went first he gets to double-blue before I can play Survival so I play the waiting game. When I have Swamp, Swamp, Forest, I can play either Survival or Choke. I lead with Survival, he Force of Wills it - with three blue open! This tells me he has no counter so I prepare to drop the ChokeHold (TM) next turn. He plays a Standstill. I break it on Choke, and he doesn't get another Force, and that lets me ride the rest of the way to victory. I am now in the finals, with Amy, but I decide to split the $18 store credit with her. I get two Unhinged lands and leave the rest as credit for next tournament's entry fee. Amy buys a Starburst candy, which I sign as Matt The Great:

And finally, the part I'm sure you've all been waiting for: the decklist.

//GBu SurVial {61 cards}
//Engine {16}
4 Survival of the Fittest
3 Tortured Existence
2 Buried Alive
1 Intuition

4 Krovikan Horror
1 Squee, Goblin Nabob
1 Genesis

//Destructive {10}
3 Cabal Therapy

1 Thrull Surgeon
1 Bone Shredder
1 Viridian Zealot
1 Masticore
1 Gilded Drake
2 Tradewind Rider

//Constructive {3}
1 Eternal Tiness
1 Spike Feeder
1 Spore Frog

//Mana {32}
4 Wall of Roots
2 Sakura-Tribe Elder
1 Birds of Paradise
1 Llanowar Elves

4 AEther Vial

4 Bayou
2 Tropical Island
2 Polluted Delta
1 Bloodstainted Mire
1 Llanowar Wastes

6 Forest
3 Swamp
1 Island

//Sideboard {15}
SB: 3 Duress
SB: 3 Naturalize
SB: 1 Choke
SB: 1 Silent Arbiter
SB: 1 Uktabi Orangutan
SB: 1 Elvish Lyrist
SB: 1 Spike Feeder
SB: 1 Withered Wretch
SB: 1 Caller of the Claw
SB: 2 Eternal Witness

I would not have changed a single card in the sideboard.
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« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2005, 03:05:28 pm »

Awesome report Matt. Smile

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« Reply #2 on: September 26, 2005, 12:51:01 pm »

Yeah, awesome, but post what you're running before the report please?  It makes... sense, that way.

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« Reply #3 on: September 26, 2005, 01:16:06 pm »

I suppose, yes.

Also: Thrull Surgeon was added at the very last minute, but it turned out to be awesome. It took the place of Withered Wretch.
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