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Author Topic: [Report] 28 People in Atlanta, GA 1/10/2008  (Read 1186 times)
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« on: January 10, 2008, 05:26:02 pm »

I've been going to a weekly Legacy tournament in Atlanta, GA at a store called Super Games.  Recently the competition and the size of the tournaments has grown dramatically.  This week there were 28 players in a diverse metagame.

Here's what I ran, which I've slowly been evolving.

4 Force of Will
4 Daze
4 Counterbalance
4 Brainstorm
4 Ponder
4 Sensei's Divining Top
4 Nimble Mongoose
4 Tarmogoyf
1 Trygon Predator
1 Mystic Enforcer
4 Swords to Plowshares
2 Engineered Explosives
2 Oblivion Ring
4 Flooded Strand
2 Windswept Heath
2 Polluted Delta
3 Tropical Island
3 Tundra
2 Island
1 Plains
1 Forest

2 Blue Elemental Blast
1 Gaddock Teeg
3 Stifle
3 Threads of Disloyalty
3 Krosan Grip
3 Worship

I couldn't decide on the Threads of Disloyalty; last week I had 4 and never boarded them all but a last-minute scout suggested a large number of Threads.  Plus, none of the cards I would put in their place would be relevant in the Threshold matchup, like extra Blue Elemental Blast.  I decided to not last-second guess myself, and just ran it.

Andy Probasco was missing, but I also helped MadAsAHatter put Cephalid Breakfast together minus Tarmogoyfs.

Round 1, versus Matt Webster.  LED Ichorid
I drew last week at 2-0 with Matt to get into the Top 8, and he had WW and seemed unfamiliar with the way CounterTop worked.  I expected something similar this week, and prepared mentally to bring in Threads and Worship.  I win the die roll and mulligan to a fair six.  I start with Island, Ponder.  My opponent draws, goes to his discard step and ditches Stinkweed Imp.  Great, and I just took the singleton Jotun Grunt out of the maindeck for the Mystic Enforcer... and I have no graveyard hate in the sideboard since it is only relevant in matchups like this.  On my turn 2 I put out a Sensei's Divining Top.  He leads with LED which resolves, then Gemstone Mine and a Breakthrough for 0 which gets Dazed.  I put out a Counterbalance.  He does a few minor dredges but with no creatures.  Eventually he pops Lion's Eye Diamond for blue and plays a Deep Analysis which resolves.  He gets two Narcomoeba, two Bridge from the Beyond and an Ichorid makes two Zombie tokens.  From here he stops Dredging, merely drawing for the turn and bashing for two with the Moebas, since I have an unthreshed Mongoose.  I'm floating a Mystic Enforcer on top since I am completely cold to Dread Return, trying to find another creature.  I cannot race, and I felt that playing Enforcer and blocking would put me in a worse position; I think I'm wrong.  By the time I find removal or another creature, I'm within lethal and die.
-4 Counterbalance, -2 Oblivion Ring, +3 Stifle, +3 Worship
Game two is long as well.  I lead out with a Mongoose and he is rather slow dredging.  I use counters to keep him from exploding, and he ends up dredging one of Chain of Vapors away.  I run out Worship to go with my Mongoose, and when I have a counter for the second Chain of Vapor and Stifle for Cephalid Sage, he packs it in.
Game three he is just too slow.  On the play he chooses turn 1 pass, turn 2 discard.  I get a turn 2 Tarmogoyf that grows quickly because he dredges.  After about turn 4 he stops dredging and just draws off the top.  Consequently, he ends up at 4 facing down two 5/6 Tarmogoyfs.  He gets three Bridges in his graveyard, but scoops it up (somewhat prematurely) because his 3 Zombies cannot Dread Return into Sage and win.  I show him the Stifle I held for the Sage's CIP ability again.
1-0.  Jon wins quickly to go 1-0 as well.

Round 2, versus Charles with RGb Charbelcher.
I see his life pad from last round and it shows three games, with numbers going into low double digits for both players.  I really have no idea what to make of it, but his mannerisms when he's making a mulligan decision scream combo.  I start on the play with a Ponder, and he passes.  Weird.  He ends up being on Belcher, and I can hold him off for a little while, but he eventually Belches me out two turns away from death.
I hesitate for a while, but I end up bringing in 3 Stifle, 2 BEB, 3 Krosan Grip, and take out 4 Swords to Plowshares, 2 Oblivion Ring and two other cards (I don't remember).
Game two I end up having Force, Force, BEB with Top showing another BEB near the top.  After a few turns, he has 2 LED in play, and he Land Grants.  He shows me ESG, 2 SGG, Goblin Charbelcher, Pyroblast, Burning Wish, Seething Song.  I Force (pitching Force), and he pitches SSG to Pyroblast.  I BEB the Pyroblast.  I'm tapped out.  I look down at my pad and see he can get Burning Wish to EtW me out with the other two Spirit Guides, but he passes instead.  I breathe a sigh of relief, draw the Blue Elemental Blast and just wreck him with my creatures.  I think instead I should let him Land Grant and just fight over Wish and Belcher.  He ends up wasting a Wish on this game anyway getting Cave-In to try and kill my unthreshed Mongeese.  What a waste of resources when I have a Goyf in play.  I think in this game Trygon Predator ends up taking out both LEDs and a Chrome Mox.
Game three I have Stifle + EE, and Top shows me a Krosan Grip within the first few turns.  He Land Grants with Empty the Warrens, Burning Wish, Burning Wish, Rite of Flame, Dark Ritual, Taiga, and Elvish Spirit Guide.  What a wonderful hand to show me.  He ends up getting Empty for 6, and Wishing for Goblin War Strike and casting it.  I EE for zero and bash him twice with my team before he scoops.
2-0.  Jon wins as well, to go 2-0.

Round 3, versus Chris C playing Dragon Stompy.
At first I don't know what he's playing.  He mulligans an all or nothing hand into a junky 6 card hand.  On the play he leads with a Mountain and passes.  I think I have a Mongoose or a Ponder in response.  He goes turn 2 SSG into Chalice for 1.  I Daze and he scoops, beating himself up over the mulligan.
I take out Counterbalances, and bring in Stifles and Worships.
Game 2 we go back and forth.  I Force a Morph, but later he has two Hellbent Gathan Raiders.  One gets BEBed, and the other gets held off by a Goyf + a Goose.  He also has a Trinisphere.  My first mistake comes when I don't realize he has cards in hand, and his Gathan Raiders are merely 3/3s.  I should have won straight-out much earlier, but I don't.  The second mistake comes when I tempt into Powder Kegging my Nimble Mongeese, and forget to save my Top.  I see another one, so I survive.  He gets an Arc-Slogger and puts a Jitte on it, but I have Worship.  I look through his graveyard and see two Kegs there.  I don't attack, and he plays another red Source, Seething Songs, and kills Tarmogoyf.  In his removed cards, he has the third Powder Keg, so I risk it and land Worship.  He goes through it, I don't block with Nimble Mongoose, and he scoops.
3-0.  I feel very lucky to get out of that matchup with a win.  Jon ends up 2-1, losing to a burn-heavy red deck.

Round 4, versus kabal playing something Threshold.
We draw, and I walk around and scout some.  I see the worst Spring Tide player ever.  He's playing no Forces, no Resets, no Wishes, but has Remands, Counters, Meditate, Tides, Scrolls, Snaps, Faeries, Turnabouts, Remands, Repeals.  I see him struggle against a red deck player.  He has one Tide effect and a storm of about 10 (maybe more depending on how many Clouds were played this turn).  His hand is Scroll, Meditate, Repeal, and some lands.  He has three lands untapped.  He ends up Scrolling for Snap, Snapping Cloud, then casting Meditate and Repeal.  He gets lucky and finds a Freeze, but passes the turn burning for 1 with Counterspell + BEB in hand and two lands up.  On upkeep his opponent has 12 points of burn (Flames of the Blood Hand, Fireblast, Fireblast) and loses.  Or another situation where I saw him with 6 mana back trying to find an untap effect.  He has Brainstorm and Fact or Fiction in his hand, and he goes all-in on the Fact or Fiction after Meditating once that turn.  Obviously he doesn't get there and loses, but he does waste the Brainstorm afterwards trying to avoid mana burn.

Top 8, versus MadAsaHatter playing Cephalid Breakfast.
Of course I get the pairing.  We agree that whoever wins the round, wins the tournament.  kabal is the only other thread in the Top8, so why not?  Game one is close, but I draw pretty well and stop him the turn before he can win.  Details are a bit foggy.
I board in Worships, Stifles and Teeg for Oblivion Ring and some trimming.
Game 2 I keep a weak hand (no counters, but a lot of draw power).  He keeps an iffy one-lander with an Island.  Turn 1 Brainstorm doesn't get him the land, but turn 2 Ponder does and he plays an Illusionist.  I draw a Swords and Swords it, but he Forces and turn 3 has the Illusionist.  Ouch.
game 3 I take one of the Worships out for something else.  This is another back and force game; he gets Counterbalance first but hasn't turned up any creatures.  I slowly take control of the game, and end up EEing Counterbalance out of the game and get my own.  I win.

Top 4, versus the Slow Tide player.
Game 1 I just get a few creatures and cantrip, cantrip, cantrip.  When he goes for it, I have Force, Force, Daze, Swords.  He lands two High Tides, and then goes for Fact or Fiction, which I let resolve since it leaves him with only 6 mana left.  He uses two of it on Cloud of Faeries, and I hardcast Force of Will.  He goes for Counterspell, which I let resolve and cast the other Force of Will.  He responds by tapping out for Snap on my Trygon Predator, and I respond with Daze.  That all resolves and I win.
I bring in Stifles and a BEB for Engineered Explosives and Oblivion Rings.
Game 2 I would win handily, except that he has a rather obnoxious draw.  He keeps bouncing and countering my creatures, while I get a counter heavy hand up.  He ends up short on lands, and goes for it at 4 with only 1 High Tide.  The lack of Reset really hurts him, because I counter the first High Tide, and he can't find another one.  He Meditates looking for land + Tide, doesn't find it and loses.

Top 2 split of $140.  Seems good.

After the tournament, I'm cutting Oblivion Ring.  They're alright in the maindeck against Threshold, but they're pretty bad against everything else.  Plus I don't need another 3 drop permanent.  The biggest problem right now is that I'm having trouble getting actual Threshold, so I want to cut Oblivion Rings and get Stifles or Spell Snares into the maindeck.  I'd go 4 colors, but you get almost no basics which makes Dragon Stompy worse.  *shrug*  I like staying 3 color at the moment, especially in such a random metagame.
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