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Author Topic: U/W/B Control (Alara Block) - Anywhere near good?  (Read 1310 times)
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« on: June 12, 2009, 08:08:27 am »

So, given that the awesome lands of Shadowmoor and Lorwyn are cycling out soon, I decided not to build the mana base for this deck just yet. For the time being, I'm operating off the assumption *crosses fingers* that Wizards will give us something good to work with in M10. That being said, on to the spells!

Here's the deck (so far)

Creatures: 4
4x Tidehollow Sculler

Sorceries: 14
3x Brainbite
4x Infest
1x Wrath of God (please be reprinted)
4x Mind Funeral
2x Telemin Performance

Instants: 12
4x Countersquall
4x Soul Manipulation
4x Esper Charm

Enchantments: 3
3x Necromancer's Covenant

Planeswalkers: 2
2x Liliana Vess

Lands: 25 (give or take)

The basic idea behind a control deck is fairly simple: lock down your opponent's ability to play spells and destroy whatever field advantage he might have, or stall sufficiently, until you can get out your fnisher. At least, this is how I understand control. The idea with this deck is that you can utilize the blue, black, and white counterspells, mass removal, and mill, to get enough creatures into your opponents graveyard so that you can play a Necromancer's Covenant on them and effectively run over them with a horde of lifelink zombies the next turn.

Firstly, I'm worried that a deck like this will lose to aggro. My only creatures are my Tidehollow Scullers, which, as great a card as it is, isn't much good for attacking or blocking until I get out my Necromancer's Covenant, and that's if I have the Tidehollow Sculler in my opening hand. I think I need a good road-block, ideally something on par with Kitchen Finks, to protect myself early game. I was thinking Wall of Denial, but I'm just not sure.

Also, this deck lacks any real spot removal, instead favoring mass removal, discard abilities, and counterspells. What worries me is that if someone manages to get something like an Oversoul of Dusk, or Inkwell Leviathan, on the board the only thing that can save me is my one Wrath of God.

Some other cards I've been considering:
Tidehollow Strix
Zealous Persecution
Angel Song
Agony Warp
Oblivion Ring

As the name implies, this deck is IN BLOCK - for the time being. As soon as M10 comes out this deck will hopefully undergo a drastic overhaul. For the time being, though, I'm trying to work with cards that aren't about to cycle out of standard.

All constructive input is appreciated. I'm more looking for advice as to what I should put in, rather than take out, though.

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