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Author Topic: [Deck Discussion] Michael Lellouche - Madness - Top 8 BOM  (Read 15810 times)
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« Reply #30 on: December 05, 2010, 08:15:33 pm »

I've built this deck recently and play tested it vs Jace based control, MUD, and Dark Depths.  I have pretty good success with it.  I still need to try it vs Gush and Oath, but it preformed very well. 

I did make a few adjustments to the French based deck, for one i got rid of tinker entirely.  It plays more life from the loams and more crop rotations that its french inspiration.  It also runs fastbond, plays bloodghast over rootwalla, and packs 3 firestorms.  I loved firestorm every time I played it. 

This deck is much different that every other deck I've ever played in my life.  It is always in the game, no matter what is already on the board, and inspite of all the seemingly bad cards it runs together, it generates enormous card advantage. 

It would be really nice to see wizards change the errata of zodiac dragon back to its original language and restrict it.  Doing that would diversify vintage in a good way.  They already have 2 card kills with timevault, why not have another with this otherwise worthless critter. 
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« Reply #31 on: December 15, 2010, 09:02:57 am »

From what I've seen of this deck in action (real life and mws), I have one question for you do you deal with Oath?

Please don't tell me you rely on outcountering Oath or using Nature's Claims because that is everyone's strategy. And so far success has varied.

Also Grim Lavamancer seems very weak. What does it really kill exactly? I only see Selkie creatures dying to that.

Or is it the deck's strategy to actually beat down with Lavamancer and Rootwallas and Goyfs? (All backed up by counterspells and fueled by the Bazaar Engine) Because if so, that may actually work  Wink Smile Surprised Very Happy
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