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Author Topic: 2nd at Sci-Fi Vintage  (Read 700 times)
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« on: March 29, 2011, 02:11:23 pm »

*** Richard asked me to put this up here, not sure if he has an account here or not yet. ***

For those of you that don't know who I am or what I name is Richard Johnson and I played TPS.  The list can be found in the forums.  I'm writing this from memory so it might be about 85% accurate.  If anyone knows something that happened different then feel free to correct me.  The tournament was well run and I had a great time and it seemed like everyone else did too.

Rd. 1 - William? with Noble Fish

I lost the die roll.

Game 1 -  I don't remember much about game 1 but he didn't have any counters and I stormed out fairly quickly.

Game 2 - I had turn 2 tinker for Inky and he gets there(I hear that card is good against Fish).  He mentioned that he was afraid of Inky and apparently his friends told him everyone has changed to BSC.  I informed him that was not the case.

Rd. 2 - Eoin with MUD

I lost the die roll.

Game 1 - He plays a bunch of sphere effects and I can't find my Hurkyl's in time.

Game 2 - My opening hand has some gas with Tendrils.  He plays a bunch of permanents turn one including Jester's Cap.  He pops the Cap turn 2 and takes Chain of Vapor, Rebuild, and Hurkyl's Recall.  I tutor for my 2nd Hurkyl's and bounce his board EOT and win during my turn.  Apparently his missed my 2nd Hurkyl's when he Capped me.

Game 3 - He plays spheres and I get locked under a Tangle Wire.  I get enough land to Hurkyl's in response to a Chalice at 2.  I am able to storm for 10 life.  He replays his clock and passes.  I play Yawgmoth's Bargain but don't see enough gas or Yawg Will and lose.

We start talking after the match and he mentions that he can't stay after round 3 because he has to go to work.  He agrees to concede to me since he can't stay for prize contention.  Really nice guy and I hope he is able to come to the next one and play the entire tournament.

Rd. 3 - Nathan with Noble Fish (This is a rematch from last time)

I win the die roll.

Game 1 - I mulligan to the most busted 6 that is possible against Fish.  Land, Sol Ring, Lotus, Tinker, Time Walk, Force of Will.  He Doesn't have a Force so he starts the game at 13 facing Inky...I get there.

Game 2 - He opens with Heirarch.  I open with Duress having a choice between Time Walk and Daze.  I take the Walk.  He rips Null Rod like a beast and slows me down enough to win with Goyf beats.

Game 3 - We make it to the midgame and I EOT Gifts for mana and storm count.  I Mind's Desire for 4 during my turn seeing Swamp, Necropotence, Massacre and Yawgmoth's Bargain.  I get there with Bargain through the next 5 cards or so.

Rd. 4 - ID

Rd. 5 - ID

Top 8 - Steven with Dredge

I lose the die roll.

Game 1 - He leads with Bazaar, go.  I play Mana Vault and pass.  He dredges poorly hitting 1 Narcomoeba, 1 Cabal Therapy, and 0 Bridges.  He misses with the therapy and passes.  I play something along the lines of Ritual, Lotus, Yawg Will, Ritual, Lotus, Tinker pitching Mana Vault getting Memory Jar and win from there.  Mike Mills has a picture about halfway through.

Game 2 - He Unmasks my turn one Memory Jar and the next turn he Therapies my turn 2 Timetwister.  He goes on to win.

Game 3 - I lead with Leyline of the void and Imperial seal for Helm of Obedience.  He plays Bazaar and passes.  I play the Helm and win.

Top 4 - Ben with MUD

I win the die roll.

Game 1 - He plays enough lock pieces and kills me with Precursor Golem.

Game 2 - Throughout the game Ben plays Chalice at one, Thorn of Amethyst, another lock piece and Trinisphere.  I EOT Hurkyl's off 3 basics and win during my turn.

Game 3 - Ben mulls to 5 while I mull to 6 with a turn 2 win that folds to chalice at 1.  I Imperial Seal for Yawgmoth's Will and pray he doesn't have the Chalice at 1.  Ben leads with Chalice at 0 and immediately admits that he misplayed and passes with no more plays.  I draw the Yawg Will and play D Rit, D Rit, D Tutor, D Rit, Yawg Will, replay the rituals and tutor for a lethal Tendrils.  Ben shows me the Tormod's crypt that he didn't play before the Chalice.  Although I had Vampiric Tutor that I could have found an answer with.

Finals - Eric with MUD

I lose the die roll.

Game 1 - Too many spheres to fight through and I lose.

Game 2 - I lead with duress and take a mox to keep him off turn one sphere + Lodestone.  A few turns later I am able to Hurkyl's EOT and and play a few rits and Yawg Will but Ancestral and Brainstorm don't get me there.  I show him my hand and Congratulate him for winning the mox.

The tournament was a lot of fun and I can't wait for the next one.

Props - Nathan for not getting tilted after my busted mull to six game 1.
         - Eoin for being a great guy and conceding to me.
         - Shoebox getting drunk before Top 8 and playing quite loudly.
Slops - Me saying "you too" after Steven told me "good luck in the Top 4"...I felt like an butt.
         - For nobody realizing our camera guy moved to Atlanta and not having feature matches.

Team Arsenal
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