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Author Topic: [Deck Discussion] Fatestitcher Dredge  (Read 19609 times)
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« Reply #90 on: July 12, 2015, 08:12:42 pm »


Yes, firestorm would definitely be up there. It is weakened by mulligans and being down cards from being in bazaar-until-out mode, but does a lot. If counters didn't exist pyroclasm itself would be fine for a lot of things, and swords for single targets.

Against shops I board out therapies. They have too many functionally similar cards for therapy to be too effective, and under the effective rule of law that is multiple spheres flashing back dread return on chewer is higher impact, or casting hate from hand. I board -4 therapy, -2 DR targets, and then either 2 thugs or leylines depending on the version of shops. Winning because they kept a marginal hand based on wasteland is very real. A single dredger in the yard can be too slow, and there is a nonzero chance that you run into BUG fish or something and feel a little silly. Trying to find your own solutions to things is definitely good, as innovation is the whole point of talking about new/underplayed cards, or just changing any list.

I do have some questions about different builds of Dredge. What versions are good against what fields. I understand the Mana Ichorid, but what about Fatestitcher Dredge? What decks is it good against? Are there still more versions of Dredge that Vintage Playable?

The fatestitcher package offers speed, as a large amount of your hands will function as 2-bazaar hands. There are various transformational sideboard plans that people have, from a laboratory maniac plan to a dark depths plan.
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