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Author Topic: 12/01/12 - 12/02/12 - Open Series: Baltimore  (Read 720 times)
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« on: October 24, 2012, 02:24:30 pm »

Welcome to the Open Series: Baltimore!  Here you will have the chance to win over $20,000 in prizes and qualify for the 2012 Invitational over the course of two fun-filled days of Magic.

For information on the Open Series, including the 2012 schedule, click here!

For a map of all locations of the second, third and fourth quarter of the 2012 Open Series, click here!

Live Coverage from SCGLive ALL WEEKEND!
Can't make it to the event? Follow complete written coverage and live broadcasting with Matthias Hunt, Joey Pasco and Riki Hayashi (Sunday) all weekend long, courtesy of the professionals at SCGLive! Visit SCGLive for more information!

Want to get a jump on Deck Registration? Try out our decklist form and come prepared!

Please note that all event registration is cash only.

The Baltimore Convention Center
Room 307-310
One West Pratt Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201

Hampton Inn Baltimore
550 Washington Blvd.
Baltimore, MD, 21230

Free Breakfast
Free Wifi

Rate: $139/night
Valet parking only: $29/night
Call 410-685-5000 and mention "Star City Games"

Cynthia Sheppard
Come meet Magic: The Gathering artist Cynthia Sheppard at the Star City Games Open Series: Baltimore, on December 1-2 at the Baltimore Convention Center. See her artwork at

rk Post
Magic artist rk Post is making a grand tour of Open Series events to end the year, and one of those stops will be in Baltimore. Rk has done some truly iconic pieces like Avatar of Woe, Ichorid, Lightning Angel, and Morphling. Come have some cards signed or have rk draw a stunning playmat for you.

Noah Bradley
Magic artist Noah Bradley will be appearing at the Baltimore Open Weekend. Long known among L5R players for his beautiful Strongholds, Noah's art began appearing on Magic cards in M13, and his strong work continues in Return to Ravnica on Mizzium Mortars, Izzet Guildgate, Transguild Promenade, and the Giant Growth reprint. For more information about Noah and examples of his pieces, check out

Chris King (Jacksonville, FL)
You can see examples of Chris King's alters and place custom orders at his website:

Joe Lechner of VB 3-D Cards
Joe will be selling and creating his own brand of 3-D cards and tokens! You can check out his work and contact him for custom orders on Facebook, at his website or by email at

Registration begins at 8 AM, and ends ten (10) minutes before the event is scheduled to start. All event registration is cash only. Any player who wants to enroll after registration has ended will be able to do so, but will receive a round one match loss. Players arriving after round two has been paired will not be able to enroll in the tournament.

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS – For more Information, see the 2012 Open Series Detailed Schedule of Events

Saturday, 12/01 (Doors open at 8:00 AM)
10:00 AM - Standard Open - $40
3:00 PM - 2HG Sealed Challenge - $30/Team - 4 Round Side Event
5:00 PM - Legacy Challenge - $10/$5 - 4 Round Side Event

Sunday, 12/02 (Doors open at 8:00 AM)[/b]
10:00 AM – Legacy Open - $40
12:00 PM - 2HG Sealed Challenge - $30/Team - 4 Round Side Event
3:00 PM – Draft Challenge - $20 – 3 Round Side Event

SIDE EVENTS – 12:00 PM – 7:00 PM Both Days
Single elimination booster drafts - $10
Single elimination competitive booster drafts - $15
Single elimination constructed tournaments (Standard, Modern, Legacy) – $15
Four Player Commander Chaos Games - $5

Judges interested in working at this event, including uncertified judges (L0), should submit an application at

Judge certification for level one (L1) and advancement to level two (L2) is available at this event; interested candidates should make arrangements with Nicholas Sabin at at least two weeks prior to the event.

 Here’s how you can qualify for a Invitational tournament:
* Finish in the Top 8 of a Standard or Legacy Open
* Finish in the Top 8 of a Classic Series
* Win a Draft Open
* Gain 20 Open Points
* Win an Invitational Qualifier
* Top 2 a Super Invitational Qualifier
* Top 4 an Elite Invitational Qualifier
* Regularly Contribute to

Buy, sell and trade with America’s largest Magic the Gathering retailer!  Before the event, you can place an order on and have it brought to the event.  At the event itself, will also have a massive dealer booth set up all weekend long.

Although trading is both allowed and encouraged, please note that the following things are not permitted at this event:

-Buying/selling cards with anyone except for our authorized dealer(s)
-Soliciting to buy/sell cards elsewhere
-Advertising without receiving permission from’s on-site Event Manager
-Offering to “alter” cards in exchange for some form of compensation
-Utilizing an excessive amount of space when trading
-Using suitcases, handcarts, luggage carts, etc. for the purpose of transporting excessive amounts of trade stock.

Please note that failure to obey these rules may result in all involved parties being both removed from the event without refund, and banned from attending future events.

For directions to the venue, we recommend Google Maps.

In the Venue you can find us using this map:

Your question may already be answered in our tournament FAQ. However, if you still have questions, please feel free to email us at or call (540) 767-GAME (4263). We want your experience to be as enjoyable as possible, and will do our best to assist you in any way that we can.
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