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Author Topic: (Atlanta) Vintage for Ferrin' Cards 12/5/2015 at Giga-Bytes Cafe  (Read 784 times)
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« on: December 17, 2015, 01:15:10 pm »

So we fired sanctioned Vintage in Atlanta which honestly was an achievement I'm pretty proud of. We had almost half a dozen last minute cancellations of powered folks so I was pessimistic. We held this the evening before the quarterly Duel for Duals at Giga-Bytes Cafe

We got 12 folks and we streamed the event on Tusk Vision. The stream has been archived here:

apologize for the 15 minute chunking, but the playlist should play through in the correct order.

It wasn't competitive REL so no lists, but the deck breakdown was as follows

1st - Order 66 Storm - Sean O'Brien (Ritual Storm with 2 x Grim Tutor, 2 x Dark Peezy)
2nd - Rosenbladementor - Stephen Rosenthal (Mentor with Stoneforges)
3rd - Having Fun Yet? - Eric Yu (Vintage Lands with Fastbond, Crucible, Strip Mine)
4th - Triggers Optional Shops - Teddy Braun (Ravager Shops)

Decks were (from memory)

Dark Ritual Storm - 1
Shops - 2 (1 crucible/smokestack/null rod, 1 ravager/internet)
Vintage Lands - 1 (legacy lands ported with restricted cards, more crucibles)
Survivine - 1 (UGb survival/madness with vengevines, Flash and Worldspine Wurm)
Mentorblade - 1
Dega Dudesweats - 1 (unsure what dudes, but he got the butt wurms twice in a four round event)
Sneak Attack - 1 (delivered the wurms)
Ocho Pillar Burn (unpowered) - 1
Turbo Dark Times - 1 (powered tutor and discard filled hex/depths combo)

can't remember the other 2 ... the turnout has encouraged the proprietor to give sanctioned vintage another go in January.
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