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Author Topic: Worldgorger  (Read 3047 times)
« on: December 02, 2003, 04:26:41 pm »

I recently read some articles on the Worldgorger deck, and have myself faced a variety of them.  The best by far IMHO, being the bazaar/laqautus kill combo, which even with CotV and Bloodmoon still almost consistently can win out games.  I looked at the monoblack version and honestly thought it to be the best simply due to the mass mana acceleration of Dark Ritual.  Along with the Black Tutors in mass (VT, DT, Consult etc.) along with entomb and Buried Alive made the blue for intuition not necessary.  Reading one post, it was said that Careful Study was poor for the deck compared to cards such as Intuition.  This, I think, depends on how fast you are trying to combo out.  My current build is for pure speed.  I almost consistently kill turns 1-3, usually 1-2, which you will obv get your "I drew nothing but mana sources for 4 turns" bad luck, in which case you probably should have mulliganned in the first place.  As long as I get a black source of mana turn 1-2, I can almost gaurantee victory.  Now, I haven't tested any sideboard as of yet, so that is what I really need help upon, along with any ideas how to make the deck faster.  Notice I said faster, not necesaraly stronger.  In the current metagame of GAT/Keeper/Stax/MUD/Tentris(if the deck replaces Long) that this deck can and will do quite well.  Without further ado, the DL:

4 Underground Sea
4 Polluted Delta
4 Dark Ritual
7 SoLoMoxen
1 Mana Crypt
1 Mana Vault (can it be replaced by anything?)
1 Lotus Petal
1 Chrome Mox
1 Mox Diamond (even with the low land count, it hasn't hurt)

1 Entomb
1 V.T.
1 D.T.
1 Consult (should it be a spoils?)
4 Buried Alive
4 Careful Study
4 Bazaar of Baghdad
3 Squee

4 Duress

Combo (13)
4 Worldgorger
1 Laquatuas
4 Animate Dead
4 Dance of the Dead

Now, I am not trying to say mine is a better build, or really anything new, it just seems to work consistently faster than the builds I have encountered lately.  Also, Necropancy (spelling?) is not MD because of the 3 CC, yes I know a CoTV for 2 = gg, thus those along with Hurkyll's and Chain's will all probably be sided.  Maybe Unmask?  Other spots, I am yet unsure of.  Thank you, please comment generously, and test before u complain, that's all I ask.
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2003, 04:43:16 pm »

I'll be as generous as I can. This is in no way faster than mono black builds that can consistently go off now on turn two. I do not like the Studies at all in the build as they are not reusable like Bazaar and add little to an already consistent build. Also rituasl have no place in a deck that is U/b. Your man base as a whole looks like an invitation to mulligan.
Most Dragon players have tested Careful Studies, BTW, and they are strictly inferior to Intuition in this build. If you want the fastest, most consistent build I would look to Spoils/Dragon which we have played and tested in Toronto. It weakness is the odd time that Spoils misfires - Steve has already gone into percentages in his Mask deck listing.
I am not going to post our list now because frankly I do mnot want to see it played against me now that I have become bored with the mindless consistency and ease that mono black Dragon goes off.
Please do not think I'm trying to be harsh but if you read dicemanx's primer he discusses why some of your choices did not make the cut.
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2003, 04:58:13 pm »

Incidentally, I'd like to point out that Careful Study and Entomb are almost completely pointless in your build. Even if you get lucky and discard WGD to a Study (or fetch it with Entomb), how exactly do you plan to win? You need Bazaar, but if you have Bazaar, you don't need Study.

Entomb and Careful Study (which is almost completely inferior to Read the Runes if you run tons of acceleration) belong in Dragon builds that are full of instant speed kill cards, like RtR, Intuition, and Cunning Wish, or stuff like Cursed Scroll or Scrying Glass. Check the primer for an example of such a deck. If you want a faster build, dump the Studies and Squees and add Spoils of the Vault and a bit more disruption. Check the combo thread for a version of the speed-WGD deck.

Still, I'm quite sure that these builds are weaker than the B/U/G version in the primer.\n\n

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