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Author Topic: Primer: How to miss a tournament when you have had  (Read 3832 times)
« on: May 25, 2003, 01:23:52 pm »

Well of course this would take absolutely no planning or at least the complete disregard for any previous planning.

     So, you start out planning to go to the tournament a clear three months in advance.  You have a hotel room booked, as well as a train ride and are coordinating with a few other people so that you are booking in the same hotel.  This way there can be a night of riotous revelry and more than a bit of magic play-testing, and big fun can be had by all.  This would guarantee a good time for everyone involved and might bring a sense of comradary.

     Flash forward a couple of weeks, plans begin to change most notable a few people (or at least one notable person) decide that they are not going to come, or perhaps they just think they are not going to go.  Of course, this flip flops over a few days and the person/people decide they are going to come.  Also, when checking for the commuter train back you find out that you have completely over looked the fact that the tournament is on a holiday weekend and thus, all public transportation is on a Holiday schedule.

     Enter the “L.E. Girlfriend.”  Now, she should decide last minute (say, several hours before your train departs) that she is going to come with you.  But (and here is the wrinkle), she gets out of work at 4:AM and it takes four and one half hours to get to where you are going (this would be Concord but we are using generalizations to hide the guilty).  This is ok though, because even though it involves a complete rescheduling of everything, it is still possible, while not being entirely feasible.  So, you inform others of what is happening and explain why and what for, or whatever.  And, set about the new plan.

     Now the rest of this is a bit tricky and involves absolutely no planning and more than a bit of clumsiness.  At around 2:00 Anti-Meridian EST, the “L.E. Girlfriend” gets whacked in the head, whilst preparing to close down the bar.  She gets knocked unconscious and rushed to the hospital.  Of course, you don’t get the call until you are preparing to go pick her up and they have rushed her to some godforsaken hospital that you wouldn’t have gone to if you had been forced to chew your own arm off.

     While the wait in the hospital is not nearly as long as you would have thought it would be for such an inept facility.  You do spend about an hour, sucking down the supplied oxygen that they pump into the emergency waiting room before they will let you in.  Now seeing as how she came in via Ambulance she gets right in, but because she was incoherent when she got there, you can not go in right away.

     The diagnosis is a concussion, which you wouldn’t have needed an entire emergency room staff to come up with.  The L.E. Girlfriend now has a huge knot on her far-head and two black-eyes and you have specific instructions to “watch over her, administer drugs (which is the only part of this that I truly enjoy), make sure she doesn’t sleep too much??? and recognize if she is more cranky than usual (like you could do that, I suppose if the police have to be called that would be more cranky than usual)."

     Of course this reads like a fucked-up fantasy story, because how the hell could all of this have gone wrong and you are still alive?  I guess in retrospect, you are quite lucky to be alive (for some reason) but you just don’t feel that way.

     My apologies to Steve for missing his last ever, and any one else I told I would see today.  Sorry to the L.E. Girlfriend for calling the L.E. Girlfriend, even though she is.  Also, I apologize to any of you who have had the misfortune of reading this because I know I do tend to ramble when I am typing train of thought…

« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2003, 01:35:45 pm »

oh I almost forgot.

Seems that she managed to bump her haed against one of the other girls she was working with, even though the other girl is a full foot taller than her and there were no effects to the other girl.
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« Reply #2 on: May 25, 2003, 05:51:50 pm »

It's cool, Tom. Don't sweat it! It would have been nice to see you, but neither of us has stopped playing magic so there will be other shots, especially since Jes works now and I'll have more free time.

My apologies again to everyone for leaving in the T4, I just feel too shitty, back to bed for me.

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« Reply #3 on: May 27, 2003, 08:05:43 pm »

That's fine.  We just all have to chill at a Waterbury tourney or a Binghamton Power Tourney(Coming to a store near... us.  Soon.  I promise).
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