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Author Topic: [ Report ] Hairy T January 9th  (Read 1585 times)
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« on: January 10, 2005, 11:29:18 am »

Hairy T - January 9th ...
Twenty-five people show up which is a little disappointing but Razor, Shockwave, Dicemanx,
Wolfman and a slew of other top players in the Toronto area are there for a ten proxy
tournament. I'm still determined to win with my Gimp deck so I bring it along. I do
not have the energy or time to make the final few tweaks so I play with what I have.
I could proxy but don't want to. The name was given the deck as apparantly it suffers
from a marked disability.  You see I'm not playing this at a highlander tournament but a regular Type 1 evnt.

/ CARDS I should have played

Gimp Deck

Swords to Plowshares
Enginneered Explosives / BURNING WISH
Vindicate / ANNUL
Crucible of Worlds
Seal of Cleansing

Animate Dead
Dance of the Dead
Trash for Treasure  
Goblin Welder

Sundering Titan
Darksteel Colossus
Platinum Angel
Decree of Justice / MEMNARCH

Thirst for Knowledge
Fact or Fiction  
Mystical Tutor
Gifts Unforgiven
Ancestral Recall
Transmute Artfact / TIME WALK
Tainted Pact
Vampiric Tutor
Demonic Tutor
Wheel of Fortune
Bazaar of Baghdad

Mox Jet
Mox Island
Mox Ruby
Mox Pearl
Black Lotus
Sol Ring
Mana Crypt
Mana Vault
Mox Diamond
Ancient Tomb
Strip Mine
Ancient Den
Seat of the Synod
Vault of Whispers
Great Furnace
Tolarian Academy
City of Brass
Gemstone Mine
Underground River
Underground Sea
Volcanic Island
Shivan Reef

Diabolic Edict / CHAINER'S EDICT
Echoing Truth
Tormod's Crypt
Rack or Ruin
Blue Elemental Blast
Ray of Revelation  
Coffin Purge
Hurkyl's Recall
Eye of Chaos
Chalice of the Void

Turns out the cards I didn't play might have been quite important
they being annul, burning wish, time walk (misplaced), memnarch
Yes I could have proxied them but I'm a purist.

The event is taking place at a bar club so I can get shots and smoke and eat
all in the same place. Sweetness.

Round one
I'm paired against Razor's buddy Mark playing suivirus. Mark played this deck
pre-Long and it is a bit different from the version online but still capable of explosive
starts and quick finishes.
I lose the die roll ( I lost vevery die roll the entire tournament - even Crypt
rolls which hurt a lot)
Mark goes ape turn two or three with Servitors and Clamps and combos out before I can finish him off
with an animated Titan off a TFK. I remeber why I need Annul and Walk main deck.
I side in R+R, Shatter, ReB, Pyro for mgame two. I feel better. I Seal ahis ntuition turn two and R+R
two Skullclamps turn four. I get Titan out again and am a turn away from foinishing Mark again.
He naturealizes my Titan and next turn goes ape shit nwith DotV and Ravanger.
Great ... I like Mark but I like winning at least a game too. We laugh and Mark asks me
if he played well ( Mark is just getting back into Type 1 and is alwys looking for input ).
I'm honest and tell him I made a mistake game one ( I could have Balanced away his win and missed
the opportunity - I thought my Tundra was a Trop and I don't even play Trops - honest - I was beat from
the night before and was waiting for a white source). Game two, however, Mark played really well and
he deserved the win. I tell him so.

Well Razor and I joke around and Shockwave and Dicemanx assure me my deck is crap. I insist it is
the next new Canadian deck and how the hell do you sideboard against Highlander?

Round two
I'm playing Alex who is a really nice kid with a decent Sligh deck.
Sligh can surprise. I'm lucky and get a Lotus, Animate Dead, Entomb
opening hand. First turn Titan hurts Sligh.
Gamer two I side in a Chalice. In my opening hand I get the Mox/Chalice
openeing and Chalice fore one. Poor Alex. Sometimes the gods smile on you.

Now I'm 1-1 and gunning for another win. Gimp deck must succeed.

Round three
I'm up against Razor and he is playing his new parfait build. Razor might be
one of the best parfait players in the world as he and Raphael pretty much
invented the arch type. I ask him for a draw as a joke and he says he would rather
I conceded so we could break to eat. Sure ... Let the game begin
I get a Pentavus and recursion going with multiple tokens out and make a mistake.
I know Ray could have either a Seal  in hand. I only need seven points of damage next turn.
I have a massive brain fart and decideto create four more tokens to avoid Seal.
He Slice and Dices. Now why wouldn't I wait for EoT to do this and leave my mana untapped?
I'm a SCRUB. Ray takes control and Belches me out.
Again a Time Walk on any of my turns would have sealed the game for me. Annul would have helped.
Game two ... I get explosive Tinker/Colossus start with Seal/Disenchant back up.
Poor RaY. Humility cannot save him.
Game three - Peter  (diceman) says I'll shuiffle your deck. He thinks i'm too lucky.
Seee game two - Peter shuffles well for me.  
I think Ray is somewhat shocked to see that Gimp deck can win. But he is gracious in

I'm 2-1 now and Dicemanx is out the bar. I mention I'll see his Dragon deck in the top
eight and he laughs.

Round three
I'm playing Rudy. Rudy knows my deck. He is playing a Sui with splash blue
that has Drains, Planar Voids and Chains. But I have disenchant effects and
other options. He has yet to beat me with his deck although he has had a good run
so far this tournament surprising a few Workshop decks.
I jsut6 get broken too fast both games. I manage to Seal his Planar Voids and reanimate
fat too quickly game one and Tinker to a win game two.

Wow. I'm 3-1 with Gimp deck.

Back to the bar for a shot and a cig. Dicemanx and Shockwave are by the bar and I mention
that if my next opponent wants a draw I'm in the top eight. Dicemanx is already oput of the running.
Gimp > Dragon.

So I'm 3-1-1 as are five other guys. Ray sneaks in as does Shockwave, Wolfman and a few kids
I don't know playing with proxy power and solid net decks. I'm sixth or seventh overall.

Top eight ...
It is now five o'clock and there will be 90 minute rounds to the final. I'm already a bit
drunk and exhausted. I get paired with Wolfman who I know from back in the day when Matt Viennau,
Gary Wise, Gabe Tsang and him were on the Canadian National team. We've battled many times and
Wolf knows I have popped rabbits out of my hat. I tell him not to worry. Regardless, I will
concede my spot in top four if I win as I want to go home. I've had enough magic for the day.
Game one I have a hand with lands, strip and crucible and keep. I wisdh i had accelerants but I
still like the cards. Steve has Lotus/Crucible/Strip opening. Shit. One turn later he plays Trinisphere
off a Workshop. OUCH.
Game two I go broken with an early Tinkered Colossus and animated Titan. Steve cannot find enough answers.
Game three is interesting. I have Colossus out and Steve is at nine life. All he has is one card in hand
and a Jar on the table. He Jars into a Tinker and Duplicants my Colossus. He lays number Workshop two
and plays out Wire and Stack. OUCH again. What a good Jar. I say let me concede as I am going to anyway
and I can go home now. Steve laughs and says that was fun and I always put up a good fight. Notice that
a Time Walk, Annul, Memnarch or Justice would have bailed me out again. I really should have proxied them.

All in all not too bad against a fully powered field with a Gimp deck. There have been a few comments
that this is not a good highlander deck but so far its done quite well in two tournaments and I will
play this until I reach a FINALS.

I hope a few others will post reports here but Canadians are stingy about their tech.

So thats it folks. I did not stick around to see the finals but I will get the lists and post them. We
are going to this again in March.

Rarely has Flatulence been turned to advantage, as with a Frenchman referred to as "Le Petomane," who became affluent as an effluent performer who played tunes with the gas from his rectum on the Moulin Rouge stage.
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