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Author Topic: [Report] - Doomsday scrubs out in Syracuse  (Read 1219 times)
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« on: February 27, 2005, 10:53:49 am »

Feb. 26, 2005.

My day started at 4:00 AM.  The plan was for me to pick up Adam
Delorme at 5:10 AM, then drive to the local gaming store and
meet up with Avi Davies and Ian Smith at 5:30 AM.  Then the 4 of
us would pile into my car, and drive to Syracuse (about a 3 hour
drive, barring any delays at the border).  After we filled up with
some gas, we headed off into the dark, shortly before 6:00 AM.

We arrived at Altered States around 8:30.  Since we had an hour
and a half before the tourney started, we went to the Dunkin
Donuts in the bus station for breakfast.  We came back to
Altered States at 9:15, registered our decks, and waited.  All
in all, about 130 people registered.  In order to give everyone
time to register, the start of the tourney was delayed about an
hour, finally getting underway around 11:00 AM.

Round 1 - Douglas Fox, Oath

Game 1:

Douglas won the die roll, and mulliganed to 6.  I kept a hand of
Ancestral Recall, Polluted Delta, Gush, Beacon of Destruction, Mox
Saphire, Underground Sea, Dark Ritual.  I perhaps should have
mulliganed (keeping a hand with Beacon is risky), but I thought
I would Ancestral into a Brainstorm.  This decision quickly bit
me in the rear, as Douglas took his first turn, laying a Forbidden
Orchard, Mox Ruby, tapping both to cast Oath of Druids (and giving
me a spirit token and putting me on a VERY short clock.

On my turn, I Ancestralled, then unmasked him, seeing Brainstorm,
Impulse, and Mana Leak.  I took the Mana Leak, and forgot to attack
with my ferocious 1/1 spirit token.  I weakly passed the turn.

Douglas oathed, milling through a full 3/4 of his deck before
hitting an Akroma.  I got a good look at what he was running (noting
the Wastelands).  Akroma swung over, knocking me down to 14.

I laid a Polluted Delta, cracked it for an Underground Sea,
falling to 13.  I attempted to cast a Yawgmoth's Will (I wanted to
Ancestral again), he Impulsed it, I Force of Willed his Impulse, he
cracked his Lotus and Impulsed again.  My YawgWill fizzled.  Sad  I
swung with my spirit token, taking him down to 18, leaving me at 12
after we had both Forced that turn.  He gave me another token, Oathed
again on his turn for Spirit of the Night, and swung for the game.

Game 2:

I kept a hand of 2 Force of Will, Black Lotus, Time Walk, Chromatic
Sphere, Duress, and Polluted Delta.

I came out aggressively turn 1, laying and cracking a Polluted
Delta for an Underground Sea, and dropping a Black Lotus.  I
Duressed him and saw Forbidden Orchard, Strip Mine, 2 Islands,
Misdirection, Time Walk, and Intuition.  I took the Intuition.

This game lasted quite a bit longer.  I dropped a Chromatic
Sphere, and he stripped my lone Underground Sea.  A couple turns
later, I cast Lim Dul's Vault.  He cast Force of Will, I Forced
back.  I arranged for a Dark Ritual to be on top to try and go off,
but he had another Force of Will ready.  He finally topdecked an Oath,
and beat me down to 2 with an Akroma.  I topdecked a Diabolic
Edict and was attacking him with my lone Spirit token.  When I
was at 2, I attacked with my spirit, hoping he'd block with
Akroma, so it would die.  He opted not to block.  I still
thought I could survive, if I could just get the Edict off
before his attack phase.  But Douglas played it safe, and
floated a blue during his upkeep (burning for 1), giving me another
token, so he could Oath out a Spirit of the Night, sealing the deal.


Round 2 - Guillaume Lariviere, U/W Salvager

Game 1:

I rolled a 3 on my d20, and Guillaume edged me out by rolling
a 4.  We both kept our opening hands, and he lead with a Mox
Pearl and Phyrexian furnace.  I laid a Polluted Delta and
cracked it for an Underground Sea.  I cast Dark Ritual, then
Duressed him twice, and Unmasked him for good measure, burning
for 1.  The Duresses revealed Ancestral Recall, Meddling Mage,
Aether Spellbomb, Pyrite Spellbomb.  I took Ancestral and the
Pyrite Spellbomb with the Duresses, and the Meddling Mage with
my Unmask.

On his turn, he laid a Flooded Strand and cracked it, taking himself
down to 19.  On my turn, I Mystical Tutored for Doomsday, then
Ancestralled to get it into my hand.  He activated his Phyrexian
Furnace twice, removing Ancestral and the Dark Ritual from the game.

He managed to resolve a Trinket Mage, and beat me down for 2 for
a while.  I tried to go off at one point, but he Mana Drained me,
and burned for 1, taking him down to 18.  When he'd beaten me down
to 8 with his Trinket Mage, I took my chance.

I Unmasked him, discarding a black card.  I then cast Chromatic
Sphere, and Black Lotus.  I sacrificed the Lotus for BBB, then
cast Cabal Ritual (at threshold), bringing my floating mana to
BBBBBB.  I cast Doomsday.  Since he'd removed my Ancestral from
the game, I built a stack with Brainstorm instead.  I kicked it
off using Chromatic Sphere to get and cast the Brainstorm, and
managed to get off a lethal Tendrils (dealing 18 damage).  He
responded by Swordsing his own Trinket Mage, gaining 2 life.
Doh!  This was my first, major stupid mistake of the day.  I knew
he had the Swords, because I had Unmasked him the turn earlier,
seeing 2 Swords to Plowshares and a Force of Will.  I had taken
the Force, in case he topdecked a blue card.  My nervousness with
the deck got the better of me, and I went for the win too soon,
before I would be able to get my storm count high enough to account
for the Swords.

Game 2:

I kept a hand with a pair of Force of Wills, some other blue
goodness, a Polluted Delta, and a Duress.

Going first, I laid a Polluted Delta, and popped it for an Underground
Sea.  I cast Duress, and saw:
Meddling Mage, Brainstorm, 2 Mana Drains, 2 Stifles.  I took one of
the Mana Drains.  On his turn, he tried to Brainstorm, which I
Force of Willed.    He tried to cast his Meddling Mage, but I had
another Force of Will ready, taking me down to 17.  I let him
resolve a Salvager, because I held a Diabolic Edict.  But when I
cast Edict, he Mana Drained me.  He replayed the Aether Spellbomb,
and sacced it, drawing a Black Lotus for the win.


Round 3 - Matt Hurd, Black/Green Reanimating big green creatures

I kept a hand of 2 Duress, Dark Ritual, Brainstorm, Force of Will,
Doomsday, and an Island.

Game 1:

I embarrassed myself this game, but I'll document it here anyway.
For the first time, I won the die roll.  I laid a Polluted Delta,
popped it for an Underground Sea, and Duressed him, seeing:
Cabal Coffers, Rootbreaker Wurm, Verdant Force, Tainted Wood,
Corpse Dance, and Instill Energy.  I took the Instill Energy.
After a couple of turns, he cast Nourish, gaining 6 life.  This
really messed me up, since my combo is designed to deal exactly
20 damage, but I gave it a shot anyway.  Eventually, I thought I
had enough mana, and went for it.  I had Ancestral in my hand, so
I cast Dark Ritual, then Doomsday.  I build the following stack:

   Black Lotus
   Dark Ritual
   Chromatic Sphere (I needed a cantrip, since Ancestral was in hand)
   Mind's Desire
   Beacon of Destruction

I cast Ancestral, drawing Black Lotus, Dark Ritual, Chromatic Sphere.
I dropped the Black Lotus, then cast the Dark Ritual for BBB.  I used
one B to cast Chromatic Sphere, then cracked the Lotus for UUU.  With
BBUUU, I needed to run one of the mana through the Sphere so I could
sacrifice it and draw the Mind's Desire, but when I did that, I still
only had BBUUU in my pool, leaving me one mana short to cast Mind's
Desire.  I fizzled, and died like a scrub.  Sad  I should have planned
it out better, but I didn't want to be accused of delaying the game.
Next time, I'll take my time and make sure of the kill.

Game 2:

I mulliganed to 6.  Turn 1, I dropped an Underground Sea and Mox
Sapphire.  He forest-cycled a Wirewood Guardian, and cast Nourish,
putting him up to 26 again, making my job harder.  He Corpse
Danced the Wirewood Guardian.  He got some beats in before I
topdecked a Diabolic Edict.  He sacrificed something to get out a
3/3 token, and when I topdecked another Diabolic Edict, he sacced it
somehow (I forget how) to gain 3 life, bringing him up to 29.

I was down to 11 when I managed to resolve a Necropotence.  I
Necroed for 5, taking me down to 6. However, before the end of my
turn, while the cards I Necroed for were still sitting in "Never-
never-land," he cast Naturalize on my Necro. I Force of Willed,
bringing me down to a very precarious 5. At this point, I got off
a 5-storm Tendrils, transferring 10 life, rebalancing the life
totals to 15 (for me) and 19 (for him).  I Necroed some more, and
was down to 6 before I managed to combo out and win.

Game 3:

My first Game 3 of the day!  On his first turn, he laid a land, and
said go.  On my first turn, I laid a Flooded Strand and cracked it
for an Underground Sea.  I still held a Swamp in my hand, so I
Doomsdayed, bringing me down to 9.  I built the standard win stack:

   Black Lotus
   Dark Ritual
   Mind's Desire
   Beacon of Destruction

I then passed the turn, confident that he wouldn't be able to
disrupt my win.  It seemed even he thought the game was over, as
he dejectedly dropped a Howling Mine.  Doh!  I took some time and
thought hard.  I had a Brainstorm in my hand, as well as a Swamp
and a Diabolic Edict.  He passed the turn to me, and I drew
the Ancestral and Black Lotus.  I brainstormed, drawing the remaining
3 cards of my library, and putting back the Beacon of Destruction and
the Diabolic Edict.  I dropped the Black Lotus, laid my Swamp, and
tapped it to cast Dark Ritual.  However, I knew that with 2 cards left
in my library, I'd need Mind's Desire to resolve 5 times, so I had no
choice but to cast Ancestral Recall, targetting him.  Thankfully,
he drew 3 creatures and was unable to stop me from comboing out.

My first win!


Round 4 - Alana Saulnier, Ankh Sligh

Alana had come down with a group from Oshawa.  Before we started our
match, she informed me that she had some vision, but was legally blind.
I did my best to accomodate her, and made all my moves as clear as
possible.  I read my cards out loud to her as I cast them.  Whenever
I was drawing cards with Ancestral or Necro, I laid them out
individually on the table for her, so she could see that the number
was correct.

I didn't expect to play an aggro deck today.  I built my sideboard
specifically against Oath, Stax, and Control Slaver.  I never played
a Single Stax or Control Slaver all day (although I did end up facing
2 Oath decks).

Game 1:

We both kept our opening hands.  Alana lead with a Mountain, Mox
Ruby, and Ankh of Mishra.  I knew instantly that this was going to
be a real battle for me.  I laid an Underground Sea, taking 2 damage,
and cast Duress.  She had a handfull of damage:
Incinerate, Chain Lightning, Gorilla Shaman, and Fireblast.  Ouch!  I
took the Incinerate.

On her turn, she laid a Wasteland and killed my Underground Sea.  She
then Chain Lightninged me down to 15.  I laid an Island, dropping me
to 13.  She beat me mercilessly with the Gorilla Shaman, eventually
bringout out a Jackal Pup to back him up.  When she had me down to 2,
she cast a Grim Lavamancer, and finished me off.

Game 2:

I laid a couple Flooded Strands and cracked them for Underground
Seas, eventually getting out a Necro.  I Necroed myself down to 9,
and had to Force of Will her Null Rod.  Her Jackal Pup bit me for
2, bringing me down to 6, and I had to sac a Polluted Delta for
another Underground Sea, taking me down to 5.  I used Vampiric Tutor
for my Doomsday, taking me to 3.  Her Jackal Pup hit me again, and
when I was at 1, she Incinerated me.  I could have Force of Willed,
but I was already at 1.

I think I was probably the easiest win for Alana all day.  She was
a very gracious winner, and I sincerely hope she had a fun time
the rest of the day.


Round 5 - Cyril Crocker, Oath Salvager

Game 1:

I won the die roll, and of course opted to go first.  My opening hand
had no land, so I mulled to 6.  My new hand included a Black Lotus and
a Doomsday.  Fortunately, he mulliganed too, so I figured I had a
chance.  I laid and popped a Delta, taking me to 19 and fetching an
Underground Sea.  I duressed him, seeing: Swords to Plowshares, Mox
Emerald, Mox Diamond, and 3 Plains.  I took the Mox Emerald, hoping
that denying him green mana might slow him down.  I should have read
Mox Diamond more closely.  That's what I get for not playing Magic
for 5 years.  I thought it imprinted the land that you discarded.

On his turn, he discarded a Plains to cast the Mox Diamond, and laid
a Plains.  On my turn, I drew Mind's Desire.  I cracked the Lotus for
3 black, and cast Doomsday.  With the Mind's Desire already in my
hand, I replaced it with a Mox Jet in the stack:

  Ancestral Recall
  Black Lotus
  Dark Ritual
  Mox Jet
  Beacon of Destruction

On his turn, he laid another plains and passed the turn.  I drew the
Ancestral, cast it, and won.

Game 2:

I mulliganed to 6 again, so did he.  I laid and sacrificed a Flooded
Strand, for an Underground Sea.  I duressed him, seeing:
Sol Ring, Argivian Find, Forbidden Orchard, Pyrite Spellbomb, and 2
I took the Sol Ring, once again hoping to slow him down.  I laid and
cracked 2 Polluted Deltas on my next 2 turns.  He tutored up a Black
Lotus. I hardcast Doomsday, and on his last turn before I was about
to win, he topdecked a Salvager, for the win.

Game 3:

I kept my hand, he mulliganed to 6.  As usual, I Duressed him first
turn, seeing:
Library of Alexandria, 2 Zuran Orbs, Scroll Rack, Mox Pearl, and Pyrite
Spellbomb.  I took the Mox Pearl, hoping to deny him colored mana for a
turn or two.  Next turn, I dropped a Flooded Strand and cracked it for
another Underground Sea, then cast Doomsday.  I built the standard stack,
forgetting that he had *2* Zuran Orbs in hand, and a couple lands in
play.  I comboed out on him for 20 damage with the Beacon, and he
responded by sacrificing his Library and a Plains to his Zuran Orb,
gaining 4 life.  This was just plain stupidity on my fault.  I should
have waited until I had another low-cost spell to boost the storm count
before trying to go off.  I'd been up since 4:00 AM, and it was
starting to show.


After 5 rounds, we considered dropping.  It had been snowing all day, and
we were worried about the roads.  We compared our records, and Ian was
our best hope of a Top 8 position, with a record of 3-1-1.  We decided
to play one more round, to see if Ian can still make top 8.

Round 6 - Avi Davies, Dragon Combo

This was one of the matches I'd hoped we could avoid, as Avi was
a teammate.  We both knew perfectly well what each other was playing,
and in our testing, we'd gone about 50/50 against each other.  Neither
of us was in contention for top 8, so we decided to play it out for
fun.  After we played our matches, we played at least 3 or 4 more games,
just for fun.  Avi beat me pretty handily, even using Squee Goblins
for beats in the last match (inadvertently violating the Legend rule).

Avi made the smart move of playing it safe this round, while I was a
little too aggressive, and Avi took the win.  Here's the blow-by-blow,
for those interested.

Game 1:

I won the die roll, and kept a pretty solid hand, with the combo
pieces I'd need, and a Duress to start things off.  Avi mulliganed
down to 4.  I have no excuse for losing this game, but here's how
it happened.

I went first and laid a Flooded Strand, saccing it, fetching an
Underground Sea.  I duressed him, seeing his own combo pieces.  I
took his Animate Dead.  I then Doomsdayed, setting up the standard
stack, confident that I'd won.

On my next turn, I went off, only to find that he'd topdecked a
Force of Will.  *sigh*

Game 2:

I went first, laying an Underground Sea.  He tried to drop a
Chalice set at 1, and I Force of Willed it, taking me to 19.  He
played a Flooded Strand and activated it, dropping to 19.  He cast
a Mana Crypt, which was unkind to him, dropping him to 16.  On my
turn, I went off again, only to discover that this time, he'd
topdecked an Ancestral Recall, and he killed me.


Ian lost his match as well, bringing his record to 3-2-1.  That put
him out of contention for the top 8, so we decided to drop, and
head home.  Ian, Adam, and myself grabbed some supper at the Spaghetti
Warehouse next door (a fantastic restaurant, by the way), while
Avi stayed at Altered States to do some more trading.  When we
finished supper, and returned to Altered States for Avi, we
learned that his trader binder had been stolen.  He had lost a
couple dozen dual lands, and 3 mana drains.  Roughly $500 worth
of cards, stolen by some lowlife.  We gather our stuff and hit
the road at around 8:00 PM.  The first 15 km or so, we're met
with whiteout blizzard conditions and can only travel at 40 or
50 km/hr.  Fortunately, it cleared up after that, and we made normal
time the rest of the way, finally getting home around 11:00 PM.

So there you have it. I made some terrible mistakes and bad plays,
but learned a lot about playing this deck.  I just wish I could have
picked a lower-profile event to have cut my teeth on Doomsday.  It's
a great deck when it goes off, but the combo is quite fragile.  I
think I metagamed my sideboard inaccurately, and was too aggressive
in going off with the combo.  Most of my games were quite slow,
although the only lasted 5 to 10 turns.  I'll play it at a couple more
tournaments, to gain more familiarity with the combo.  I'd like to
recognize all my opponents today, who were all great sports (not
hard, when 5 of the 6 of them beat me  Smile ), and I hope they had as
much fun as I did.
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