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Author Topic: Final Four March Madness Style [Eau Claire Mox Pearl Tourny]  (Read 1009 times)
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« on: March 15, 2005, 09:26:37 pm »

The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave birth to it comes again. In one Age, called the Second by some, an Age yet to come, an Age long past, a wind rose across the snowy streets of Eau Claire. The wind was not a beginning. There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But is was a beginning.
-Robert Jordan

East the wind blew as players from Eau Claire, Minnesota, and Milwaukee all battled each other for the coveted Unlimited Mox Pearl and the even more coveted Moxen Master T-Shirt at the Adventurerís Guild in Eau Claire, WI. The wind carried snow and ice, but players would come heedless of the dangers and regardless of work schedules.

My name is Chris Lehman, and here is my story.

I am a self-proclaimed Green player, both by skill and by color of choice. I donít practice, I rarely play, and most of the time I scrub out. The winds changed today as I battled the odds to finally be put out in the semi-finals. My deck of choice was U/G Madness, which I had never played before, although I have done quite well with its cousin, Oshawa Stompy. My decklist looked something like this:

March Madness

2x Windswept Heath
2x Flooded Strand
3x Island
3x Forest
4x Tropical Island
4x Wasteland
1x Strip Mine
1x Black Lotus (proxy)
1x Mox Emerald (proxy)
1x Mox Sapphire (proxy)

4x Wild Mongrel
4x Aquamoeba
4x Basking Rootwalla
4x Arrogant Wurm
2x Wonder

1x Gush
1x Ancestral Recall (proxy)
3x Brainstorm
3x Deep Analysis
3x Null Rod
1x Time Walk (proxy)
4x Force of Will
4x Circular Logic

3x Arcane Laboratory
2x Stifle
3x Gilded Drake
3x Naturalize
1x Oxidize
3x Energy Flux

All in all, I would say the overall deck is solid, although 4 Null Rods might be the key, taking out either a Deep Analysis or Aquamoeba.

On with the report.

Round 1
Brad with UB Anti-combo goodness (plus Turbo Bigman)
Iíve seen Brad around the store and feel badly about one of the Eau Claire boys having to go to the losers bracket right away. I just hope its not me. Things start going downhill immediately as I lose the dice roll 20-12. Sweet.

Brad goes first playing Island, Mox Jet, Black Lotus-go. I answer with by fetching up a Tropical Island, hardcasting a Basking Rootwalla and passing. He lays a Polluted Delta and passes. I fetch up a second Tropical Island and lay a Null Rod. He breaks the Lotus for UUU, casts Counterspell and mana burns for 1. He Ancestral Recalls into some other goodness, and soon an Aquamoeba joins my side of the table and I begin beating face. Brad continues to lay lands, Brainstorming into a Tinker. I activate the Aquamoeba for Circular Logic, spoiling his plans. He Forces my Mongrel and then casts Yawgmothís Will, recasting Tinker and grabbing the Colossus. By this point he is at 4 life and I still have an Aquamoeba and Rootwalla on the board. I swing, pump up the Rootwalla to bring him to 1. He casts Lobotomy, and sees my hand of Wild Mongrel and Aquamoeba. Odd choice, but he steals my 3 remaining Aquamoebas. In standoff mode, I hardcast a Deep Analysis, draw my cards and pass. He continues to lay land sources, but I limit him with a Wasteland on an Underground Sea. I attempt to hardcast another Deep Analysis, but he Mana Drains it, but draws nothing and dies to mana burn.

The Game was Over When: Rootwalla and Aquamoeba began attacking.
Me 20-19-18
Brad 20-19-18-14-10-6-5-4-1-0

Game 2, Brad elected to play again, starting off with Island, Mox Jet into Demonic Tutor. I had the Force in hand, but decided to let him play, figuring I could counter his money spells later. He passes and I Fetch up a Tropical Island, and drop the Rootwalla for the early beatdown (apparently Rootwalla>Darksteel Colossus). Brad lays a Mox Diamond, pitching a Swamp to it, lays an Underground Sea and decides to Tinker. Yeah right. Force of Will. My turn I lay my land, and beat face with the BIG MANÖer, lizard in this case. I get hit with another Lobotomy, but I have the mana to hardcast Circular Logic with 4 in the graveyard. Next turn he hits my again with Lobotomy, and I Force it. Brad drops 2 Polluted Deltas in both of his next 2 turns and passes as the Rootwalla gets jiggy with it. I Wasteland his Underground Sea, and he Fetches up an Island and a Swamp. He lays another Swamp, Brainstorms, and hits me with Duress. He eats my third Force. The turn before he dies, he casts Cranial Extraction, naming Force of Will, saying ďI always wanted to do that.Ē Good games, and the Rootwalla went the distance.

The Game was Over When: Tinker was countered.
Me 20-19-18-17
Brad 20-19-16-13-10-7-4-2-0

Games 2-0
Matches 1-0

Round 2
Xue with STAX

Xue is so cool. He just has really horrible luck when playing against me. Heís one of the guys who braved the weather to come over from the Cities area. The last time I played him was in my first Mox tournament when I was playing O-Stompy. These games turned out similarly, but he PWNED game 1. The dice hates me out again, losing 5-10.

Game 1 started out with his UBER hand of Mox Ruby, Goblin Welder, Mishraís Workshop, Trinisphere-go. Yeah, goÖhome!!! I lay a Wasteland and nuke his Workshop, but am short on mana to begin with. He drops a Wasteland and I meet that by dropping 2 Windswept Heath on my next 2 turns. Glimmervoid shows up over there and he casts Thirst for Knowledge, pitching a Crucible. Iíve been completely blue screwed, so Iíve been discarding (Wonder, Deep Analysis, and Wonder) for the last 3 turns. He welds in the Crucible, plays his Wasted Workshop, and casts a Tanglewire. Undaunted I tap my 2 lands (now Forests) and brace myself. Smokestack joins the fun, getting a counter, and finally Karn hits, and his artifacts start swinging, killing me in short order.

The Game was Over When: Turn 1 God start for STAX.
Me 20-19-18-16-8-0
Xue 20

Post-sideboard, my Workshop-based decksí matchup increases significantly. I elect to go first. Xue is forced to Mulligan to 6, which makes me smile inside. I have a less than stellar hand, going Forest-go. He drops the Wasteland and Black Lotus, breaking for RRR, casting a Welder and dropping the Trinisphere. Super. I follow up my stunning turn 1 play with an Island-go. Xue is out of gas, but has board control and starts the Welder beats. I am NOT dying to Welder beats! My next turn, I drop the Tropical Island, and Oxidize the Crucible. Woot! Xue is now trapped under his own 3Sphere, much like our first matchups way back at the Emerald tournament. Xue draws absolutely nothing, pitching artifacts to the graveyard, while I lay a Mongrel, followed by a Null Rod, followed by a Time Walk, fetch up another land, flashback some Deep Anal action, and let the Mongrel do the hokie-pokie all over his blanked out board (he does have to block the Mongrel finally).

The Game was Over When: Crucible went into the graveyard with a tapped Welder in play.
Me 20-19-18-15
Xue 20-18-16-14-11-9-6-4-0

Game 3. Ah, the pressure. Xue is obviously going first in this one, dropping Mox Emerald, Sol Ring, Wasteland and Crucible. Sweet. The other member of the Axis of Evil. Well screw that. I go Island, Black Lotus, break for GGG, cast Basking Rootwalla and Null Rod. Axis this. Xue follows up with a Workshop, and passes. I drop a Forest, cast another Rootwalla and proceed to beat. Xue gets absolutely nothing out as I Naturalize his Crucible, Brainstorm into Ancestral Recall, netting an Island and some sweet countermagic. Xue finally draws into Karn, but Karn meets Force of Will and the Rootwallas are off to the races. Whoo-hoo!

The Game was Over When: Null Rod hit the table.
Me 20-19
Xue 20-19-15-11-7-5-1-0

Games 4-1
Matches 2-0

Round 3
Jeremy with Dragon

Iíve only played Jeremy in Type 2 Sealed, but he seems like a nice guy and a solid player. The second I see a Bazaar, I have 4 choices in what heís playing: A) Dragon (or MADragon), B) Bombs over Baghdad, C) O-Stompy, or D) Cerebral Assassin. It turns out to be Dragon, a match I have begun to hate. On an lighter note, I do end up winning the dice roll 18-13. Maybe my luck is going to change. (Also on a side note, I havenít won a match during Round 3 since returning to Magic late last year /end sidenote).

Game 1, I bluff Mana Drain by going Island, Mox Sapphire-go. Jeremy starts with a Bazaar of Baghdad, and activates it, dumping Squee, Worldgorger Dragon, and Lim Dulís Vault into the graveyard. I Wasteland his Bazaar and pass, having no threats. He plays an Underground Sea and passes. I Wasteland his Underground Sea and still have no threats, so I pass. He lays a Tropical Island, and casts a Xantid Swarm. I hate that guy. Next turn, Null Rod comes online. He lays a Swamp and casts Animate Dead, targeting his Dragon, and goes infinite. Jeremy casts a Demonic Tutor for Intuition, naming Triskelion, Eternal Witness, and Necromancy. Iím an idiot, and give him the Witness, not realizing Null Rod is in play. He recurs the Triskelion with the Witness, and wants to machine gun me with him. Iím about to scoop when I see the Null Rod inconspicuously on MY side of the board and tap on it to tell him his combo doesnít work now. Play mistake number 1. He calmly Intuitions again, dropping Compulsion, Ancestral Recall, and Compulsion on the table and I choose the Ancestral. He makes me draw out my deck by recurring it with Eternal Witness. Play mistake number 2 is when I donít make him play it out so I can draw into some sweet loviní, but I realize my Naturalizes are all in the sideboard so it didnít make much difference. On to game 2.

The Game was Over When: I mentioned the Null Rod after the Intuition, and he didn't overextend into his combo, giving me a small chance.
Me 20
Jeremy 20

Game 2, Jeremy has to Mulligan to 6 (yay for me), and I keep an ok hand. I elect to go first, dropping a Windswept Heath, grabbing a Forest, and passing the turn. Jeremy lays the good olí Bazaar of Baghdad, and activates, dropping Squee, Worldgorger Dragon, and an Island into the graveyard. I topdeck a Rootwalla, and it hits play. Jeremy Bazaars again, dropping his recurred Squee, another Dragon, and a Tropical Island into the graveyard. Jeremyís next turn goes something like, Mox Sapphire, Ancestral, break a Delta for a Swamp (he mentions that it isnít Snow-covered or something), activates Bazaar again, dropping Squee, Compulsion and Underground Sea in the graveyard and passes. Mongrel hits play a little late, but he is my main Madness outlet and I have Circular Logic in hand as well as Force. Jeremy goes off this turn, laying a Swamp, and casting Animate Dead on his Dragon. I activate my Mongrel to Circular Logic it. He Forces my Logic. I Force his Force. He Forces my Forces and says good game. Dammit!

The Game was Over When: I lost the only counter war of my evening.
Me 20-19-18
Jeremy 20-19

Games 4-3
Matches 2-1

Round 4
Andy with 2 Land Belcher

Crap and double crap!!! I used to play up at the Andyland tournaments and after I got out of Magic, I sold my cards to Andy. Andy then proceeded to trade up and do some finagling and ended up with this monstrosity of a deck, all foiled out and a big pain in my colon. I know his deck very well, as he usually beats the crap out of me every time we play so Iím hoping I can get an early Null Rod out and stall the game long enough before his 1 maindeck Oxidize comes online. I get destroyed on the dice roll, 12-18.

Game 1. I Mulligan down to 5, hunting for a Force of Will and Null Rod. Andy doesnít drop the explosive turn 1 Belch or the Channel/Colossus on me, but still hurts by going Mox Jet, ESG into Tinder Wall, Chrome Mox (imprinting Goblin Welder), Goblin Welder-go. Yay. My grip of 5 is super land light, having only a Strip Mine, so I lay it and pass. Andy is kinda stalled out, but somehow manages to get another Tinder Wall in play (I am assuming he dropped another Mox in there somewhere). I rip a Wasteland off the top and lay the Rod. Woot. Andy shrugs and and sacís his Tinder Walls (and some other mana source) for a Belcher and passes. Its do or die time for me, since its only a matter of time before he can find some kind of usable mana source, and tutor up his Oxidize. A Windswept Heath turns into a Tropical Island, and my Rootwalla lands on the table. Andy passes and passes, seeing nothing. Another Tropical Island nets me a Wild Mongrel and I dump a Deep Analysis a turn later. Those 2 go all the way. I didnít know this until next game, but all along Andy thought I was still playing O-Stompy and had only splashed blue for the Wonders. He must have forgotten the Deep Analysis that I pitched to the Mongrel. Lucky me!

The Game was Over When: Null Rod sticks, and Andy stalls out.
Me 20-19-18-15
Andy 20-19-14-8-5-0

Game 2, I know Andy brings in the Big Man, so Iím leery of it (for obvious reasons). I decide against siding in the Gilded Drakes because I felt that I could simply stop Tinker or Channel from going off instead with 8 counterspells, and the Belcher can be stopped by Null Rod. In come all my artifact hate though, and that proves to be enough. Andy starts off with one of those UBER grips, going Tropical Island, Lotus Petal, breaks the Petal for G, casts Tinder Wall, breaks the Wall for RR, casting Sol Ring and Chromatic Sphere, and then taps the Trop and the Sol Ring for Tinker (sacrificing Chromatic Sphere)Öwhich eats up a Force of Will. BWAHAHAHAHA! Not only did I rape Andyís hand, but I stopped the Big Man. I am so cool sometimes. I think Andy said it best when he looked at me funny and said, ďYou run Force of Will?!?Ē Yup, Andy, I do. Now onto MY first turn. I drop a Flooded Strand and lay a Mox Sapphire and pass, having nothing important to do. Andy scares the crap out of me, casting Living Wish. Grrrr. Then I think to myself, ďSelf, he cast a Tinker and we both are assuming he was going for the Big Man. What can he Living Wish for, barring a second Colossus?Ē I agree with myself as in comes a Tolarian Academy, using Sol Ring as fuel for it. Great. Mana. Well off the top I rip a Naturalize, destroying the Sol Ring, so heís reduced back down to just his Tropical Island for mana. Next turn, Wasteland eats his Academy and I pass. Andy still has no fuel to go. I finally topdeck the Null Rod and then a Time Walk. Andy casts Ancestral Recall on himself a turn later and then Land Grants for a Bayou. Do or die time for Andy. Spoils of the Vault naming Oxidize. Andy is at 19 life. Oxidize is like 29 cards down. I did have a second Null Rod in hand, but at the time hadnít cast it or didnít have the mana. Andy says he could have Belched that turn once the Rod was gone, and I donít doubt that. Iím thanking the Magic gods that I squeaked that one out.

The Game was Over When: Tinker was countered.
Me 20-19-18
Andy 20-19-0

Games 6-3
Matches 3-1

Round 5
Jamison with Control Slaver

I offer Jamison of the Milwaukee crew the draw thinking he was also 3-1 (turns out is is 2-1-1) and after doing the math, he has to play. No idea what heís playing since I didnít do that good a job scouting out over the rounds (actually I did do some kickass scouting, but all on the wrong people). I get dominated on the die roll, losing 11-20.

Game 1, Jamison elects to play and starts out Polluted Delta into Volcanic Island, Mox Jet, Mox Pearl, and after looking at his hand, passes. Iím thinking he has the Thirst in hand. Heís looking thirsty. I lay a Windswept Heath and break for a Tropical Island and pass. He EOTs a Thirst for Knowledge (when youíre thirsty, just get a Sprite next time), dumping another Thirst AND a Mana Drain in the graveyard. That didnít work out as well as he would have hoped I am assuming. During his turn, he Demonic Tutors up Ancestral Recall, his Flooded Strand turns into a Volcanic again, and a Welder hits play. I lay a Forest and draw out a Force with an Aquamoeba (see, they ARE good for something). I could have cast a Mongrel, but I would always want an Aquamoeba to be Forced over a Mongrel. During his turn it goes from bad to worse for me, when it goes, Time Walk into a Yawgmothís Will, but it only nets him a Flooded Strand (into an Underground Sea), and an Ancestral and another Time Walk. He plays Mana Crypt off his second Ancestral draw and plays it. Soon he has a Tolarian Academy and a Mox Emerald in play too, so he has a bajillion mana to work with. He Duresses my hand and nails one of my Circular Logics. My Mad(ness) top-decking skills finally kick in as I rip off a Wasteland for his Academy and then a Time Walk. Mongrel finally hits and Iím feeling pretty good. He Rack and Ruins his own Mana Crypt and Mox Pearl after taking 3 to the dome (assuming for Welder targets), and then his deck stalls out on him. I was able to Mongrel him turn after turn without him drawing any answers (or me a Null Rod).

The Game was Over When: Jamison's deck stalls after Yawgmoth's Will, 2x Ancestral, and 2x Time Walk. There seems to be a limit to broken...
Me 20-19-18
Jamison 20-19-18-17-16-15-12-7-6-3-0

Game 2, another Workshop deck and another 10-12 card sideboard switch. I think I left the Gilded Drakes out this time though, since the only thing other than the Titan that I would want were his Welders, and I thought that all the hate would just come back to haunt him here. Turns out I didnít even need that much.

He elects to play AGAIN, and has to Mulligan down to 5. This was key. His opening hand was playable but he didnít feel comfortable with it. His grip of 6 was worse, and at 5 he stopped but had no mana sources. After passes with nothing to do, I laid a Flooded Strand and a Mox Sapphire. A few turns later he grabs a Flooded Strand of his own, and activating my Flooded Strand in response, grabbing an Island, I Stifle it, basically sealing him out of the game at that point. I cast Time Walk for the extra card to press my advantage, lay another land and drop a Mongrel. No Force in hand, it resolves. I break a Windswept Heath to fetch up another Tropical Island, bringing my land count to 4. FINALLY Jamison gets a Flooded Strand in play, breaks if for a Volcanic. I topdeck Strip Mine. Strip hits the Volcanic and he attempts to Brainstorm. I Circular Logic the Brainstorm, which finally draws a Force of Will. I Force of Will his Force, and he scoops. Bad Slaver, no cookie!

The Game was Over When: I Stifled his Fetchland.
Me 20-17-16
Jamison 20-19-17-16-14-11-9-7-0

Games 8-3
Matches 4-1

Ahhh, the Top 8, I have come home. It think there was 4 guys from Milwaukee and 4 from Eau Claire in there, but I canít think of our 4th. Andy with Belcher just squeaked in on a draw result from I@n Degraff and Tony Higley (Food Chain Goblins vs. Cerebral Assassin), and Jeremy with Dragon also made it. If you are the last guy that I canít remember, sorry, but I was kind of playing in the other room at the time.

Elite 8
Tommy with Cerebral Assassin

Iíve seen this deck before when George Andrews played it, and I really liked it (this has nothing to do with the fact that I own a playset of Bazaars, really). Iíve never played the matchup but Iím feeling that I can win this one, maybe not game 1, but post-sideboard. I destroy poor Tommy on the die roll, 17-9.

Game 1, Tommy has to Mulligan to 6, so thatís good. I have my BAHROKEN start, going Island, Black Lotus, break Lotus for GGG, draw out a Force of Will by playing Wild Mongrel, and lay my key spell, Null Rod. He responds with a Gemstone Mine and passes. Iím out of gas, but the rod is in, so I pass (ok, THAT just sounded wrong). He drops another Gemstone Mine and casts Animate DeadÖIím like WHAT?!? Until I see my Mongrel hanging out in MY graveyard. Force of Will eats the Animate. I lay a Forest and finally topdeck a Rootwalla, followed by another Mongrel. They go the distance.

The Game was Over When: I Force his only business spell, Animate.
Me 20-19-18
Tommy 20-19-18-13-8-3-0

Game 2 sees similar sideboarding to my Workshop opponents, grabbing Naturalize and Oxidize and Gilded Drake (yes, Gilded Drake). Tommy shuffles up and has a God Hand of his own, going Mox Ruby, Mox Sapphire, Mox Pearl (any more Power 9 in there?!?), casts Intuition for 3 Bazaars, and activates it, dropping Squee, Bazaar, and Platinum Angel in the graveyard. Super. I did the math and see that 3 out of 4 Bazaars is good for me. I respond to his nice broken start by going Strip Mine, strip his Bazaar, Black Lotus, break for UUU, Null Rod, Brainstorm. Yup, GG. Complete stallage on his part at this point. I lay an Island, and cast Time Walk. I am so mean. I lay a Forest and cast a Mongrel. I chip away at his life, faking some countermagic while he gets a Gemstone Mine active and a Tolarian Academy. Intuition hits again, naming Animate Dead (I even called what he was going to get). Animate Dead was fine (obviously since I was holding a Gilded Drake and 2 Naturalizes), and I elected to just seal the win with a Naturalize on the Animate instead of stealing the Angel (although I think I would have got UBER COOL points just for beingÖwell, UBER COOL). Next turn, I dump my hand to the Mongrel and have exactly enough for the win.

The Game was Over When: Null Rod stops his broken start.
Me 20-19
Tommy 20-18-16-14-12-11-9-7-0

Games 10-3
Matches 5-1

Final 4
Dan with Aggro Slaver

I have to say, 13nova rubbed a lot of people the wrong way when he started posting smack on the Adventurerís Guild boards about how Milwaukee was coming up to own everyone and blah blah blah. Once I started talking to him, heís actually pretty cool to hang around. DanÖnot so much. Honestly, Iíve never played against someone so cocky in my life. Hopefully it was just the match and not his overall play-style, but Dan earned a Big Jackass point with me. /end rant. The die seemed to agree with me, netting me an 11/3 win.

Game 1 I kept a first turn Mongrel, but no Wasteland and no Null Rod. Having just scouted out Danís previous matchup, I should have known better, but out comes my Green-ness after waltzing up to the top 4. I lay a Forest, Mox Emerald, and play a Wild Mongrel. Woot! Dan responds on his turn by going, Mox Sapphire, Mishraís Workshop, Sol Ring, Time Walk, Trinisphere. Hmmm, not so hot. I was basically trapped under the 3Sphere and he stole my Mongrel with his Duplicant, laid a Wasteland, and as Iím kinda just hanging out, drops a Memnarch, stealing my Emerald. Su-Chi followed suit and we were off to game 2.

The Game was Over When: I didn't Mulligan into a Null Rod, Wasteland, and Force of Will.
Me 20-18-12-0
Dan 20

Game 2, I get to go first again, and I brought friendsÖ12 of Ďem from the sideboard. I have Oxidize, Naturalize, Gilded Drake, Energy Flux, and Stifle. They donít like Dan as much as I donít like Dan (Self doesnít like Dan either for that matter). I start out with a Tropical Island into a Rootwalla. Dan starts slow with a City of Brass. I have no land so the Rootwalla beats are coming. Dan lays a Workshop and casts Chalice for 2. Yeah right. Force of Will. I MIGHT have been able to let that go, but I always hate those things. The Chalice was only Force bait as he lays a Crucible next turn along with another City of Brass. Force of Will again BEEHOTCH!!! Flooded Strand turns into an Island and the beats continue with my big manly lizard. I Wasteland his Workshop to stem the flow, but Gemstone Mine shows up on his side and heís loaded for bear with mana. Triskelion hits. Super duper. Trike eats my Rootwalla. Another City of Brass finds its way to the table, as does a Welder. Naturalize hits Trike but he pings me twice. I donít know how much mana anyone would ever need, but Dan finds a Workshop on top of his library. He attempts to Ancestral. Hereís a neat sidenote: All day Iíve been letting Ancestral Recall go throughÖuntil now. Circular Logic steals it, but he still lays a Duplicant (not imprinted, of course). Duplicant gets welded into a Crucible and the mana continues, while Iím still on the short side. I Oxidize the Crucible, but itís pretty much too late. I even drop a later game Energy Flux, hoping to sweep the board away. A Titan finds its way into the graveyard and soon Iím down to 2 mana after his Mana Vault turns into a 7/10 walking Armageddon. He plays a Sol Ring, and drops the Mindslaver, activates it and Iím out.

The Game was Over When: I drew into a Mox, Lotus, and a couple lands when I needed to draw into my Dan hate.

Games 10-5
Matches 5-2

All in all, it was a really fun time. Sorry I wrote such a long-winded report, but everyone who saw my notes knows how detailed they are. I did mess up a couple of details and went off memory, but you get the gist of it.

Props to:
The Adventurerís Guild for having ANOTHER good turnout for a Mox Pearl
13nova for bringing me my 4th Foil Energy Flux
Todd Otto for returning my cards before I punched him in the face
Timmy for convincing me that Null Rod maindeck is hotter than Naturalize
Andy Hizer for sneaking into the top 8
I@n DeGraff for playing budget for a change
Jay Goodman for making the trip up from Madison, even though it wasnít for the tournament
Robert Jordan for inspiring me to steal his opening style from the Wheel of Time series

Timmy Deering for running an almost card-for-card copy of my deck and scrubbing out
Sethy and Otto for not playing
The Guild regulars for not representing as well as hoped
Nate for not even letting get a Moxen Master T-Shirt even though I really wanted one badly
Dan for being a retard (who names off each and every top deck?)
Arcane Laboratory for being pretty useless today, although had I DRAWN it, that might have been a different story

You are an ugly butt and your butt is stupid.  -Strong Bad
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