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Author Topic: Report 1.5 Barcelona T8 with sensei sensei  (Read 1627 times)
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« on: July 23, 2005, 06:11:37 pm »

This saturday the 23th I attended the monthly legacy tournament at Perra Comics.

I have never played a legacy tournament before and I wanted to play something "funny"... in a hardly aggro meta I though about combo and I finally played this list:

4 volcanic island
3 polluted delta
3 flooded strand
8 island
4 lotus petal

the combo:

4 helm of awakening
4 future sight
4 sensei's divining top


4 mana leak
4 force of will

2 intuition
3 brainstorm
4 akk
1 merchant scroll

2 cunning wish
1 rushing river
1 brain freeze
4 fire/ice

1 brain freeze
1 rack and ruin
1 echoing truth
1 fact or fiction

3 flametongue kavu
4 reb
4 beb

Necro and me played the same list (well necro playeb -1 sight +1 fact MD and -1 R&R +1 shatering puls side)

I made top 8 and necro reached the final... here is the report:

Round 1 vs Adam Subirana with U/G/r Miracle Grow (Quirion dryad included)

match 1- He plays land and pass, I play island sensei, he plays dryad I fire it... he plays 2 werebear I fire them again and the match ends here... intuition searching akk and I win witha helm and 2 sensei's, well I searched the freeze with the merchant scroll

match 2- I only plays tropical island and cantrips... I'm not drawing nothing relevant but I played 8 lands before he plays a mongoose and a werebear... I have sensei and helm... and the turn before he strikes me I find de future sight and win (he had 3 reb in hand no red mana available, good luck)

1-0-0 3 points

round 2 vs Xavier Barrufet mono green combo (reached semifinals)

I'm playing against a mono green deck that wins by playing tones of tokens with the green beacon and drawing ven more cards with fecundity by shotting the tokens with a mirrodin artifact that I can't remenber...

1st match: He plays a couple of llanowar that I fire... then he plays sakura and a couple of land searching creatures more and play 6 tokens... I'm only drawing tones of cards with akk an playing islands but not founding any part of the combo... I finally tutor (intuition) future sight (turn 6) revealing helm play fetch from the top reveal fow shuflle with the fetch revealing brainstom play it and find the sensei.

2nd match: he goes forest llanowar, I play island top he plays CHOKE... and me face changes... but after that he only plays a sakura and strikes... so I have 2 lotus petal and 3 lands (rushing river in hand) I play future sight revealing another lotus petal and a fetch ( lucky man) next turn I find another land I bounce choke EOT and go off with akk for 3 and 4.

2-0-0 6 points

round 3 vs Adria Galit├▓ Necro with Sensei.

We joke a little about the mirror but the round has nothing to explain... necro never had more than 2 lands (even playing top turn 1 int he second match) and I easily win.

3-0-0 9 points

round 4 vs Jaume Something with belcher:

1st match: I keep a hand with fow akk mana leak lands and a lotus petal...

I'm goin first: fetch petal pass he tries to resolve a land grant with no other mana producer I play leak... next turn I counter a chrome mox... and the match ends here... intuition akk and win

2nd: he goes turn 1 LED chrome (imprinting plunge into darkness) plays duress and takes out my FoW next turn plays bayou ritual belcher and win

3rd: I FoW a first turn dark ritual and in his 2nd turn plays spoils of the vault for belcher wich made him 18 damage I play topdeck brainstorm play it and find a fire/ice


round 5 vs Marc parellada psychatog: pact and go for a coffe


I'm the first after swiss

top 8:

cuarterfinals vs Raul Perez vial goblins:

1st match: I play island top, he plays mana lackey-FOW, next turn he plays vial comes into play.. I fire some gobblins and after some turns passing an countering everything he played he resolves a ringleader drawing warchief pilledriver and a gobblin that gives +3+0 to every goblin until the end of turn (don't know the name in english) and I made a major error I countered the pilledriver and let resolve the other and he kill's me the turn before I win (if I had countered the ohter one I would have win).

2nd match:

I get my first mulligan and keep a hand with: FoW, future sight, island, brainstom, akk and fire/ice

Island brainstorm (find and island and a petal) pass, he goes mana lackey that resolves, I fire it he plays anoter lackey I play FoW but he had the ReB... I don't draw any land and he strikes with warchief pilledriver and siege-gang

and here ends my first participation in a legacy tournament...

The top 8 was something like this:

1-2 Necro with sensei and Raul Perez with vial gobblins

3- Marc parellada with psychatog
4- Xavier barrufet with mono green fecundity beacon combo
5- Wette with sensei
6- Jaume with belcher
7- Adam subirana with U/G/r miracle grow (the guy of the 1st round)
8- Ernest Sanchez RDW

The top 8 went (aprox) like this:

Vial goblins beats sensei
sensei beats RDW
Psychatog beats Belcher
Mono G comobo beats Miracle grow


sensei beat psychatog
vial goblins beat mono G combo

final: vial goblins vs sensei they split the boosters


Necro and me made the deck the night before and it goes quite well

First legacy tournament first top 8

necro in the finals


Losing by making a major play error  Mad

I expect you enjoy the report and cheat a little about the deck

PD: sorry about my english...

Keeper is unaffected by B2B cause keeper doesn't need to tap its lands. OMG!
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« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2005, 07:33:21 pm »

I find this archetype really odd to port to legacy, but it apparently is decent being that Barcelona is usually slightly competitive.  I have a few questions about the deck.  Being that some of the quantites of cards look odd, what did you base your choices on?  It seems to me that other than having a lack of turn one plays barring a petal is really weak, have you tried adding chrome moxes and maybe switching brainstorm to impulse.  I'm wondering how your mana base treated you, for future sight's (and intuiton-ak engine)'s casting costs, 18 lands is really low.  Lastly, I understand you just wanted to try something for fun, but did this deck actually feel like a fluke at winning?  I'm gonna build something similar and see how I do, anyone else think this could become solidarity consistant?
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« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2005, 10:22:36 pm »

and a gobblin that gives +3+0 to every goblin until the end of turn (don't know the name in english)
Goblin Pyromancer.

This was a good report, welcome to the Mana Drain and I hope to hear more from you!
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« Reply #3 on: July 24, 2005, 05:56:10 am »

@telperion: the mana base was perfect, although adria suffered rom mana screw playing against me... and me also playing the quarter... think that you only need 2 mana (lotus petal is in order to combo the turn you play future sight) because you have 4 sensei's that find your lands... moreover you are playing 8 basic lands and 6 fetch. But I agree with you that I would have played a couple of landsmore or chromes... but there is no room for them...

I feel that I can play helm even if i'm not going to win next turn because the major part of decks I played against were playing cheap spells that included colored mana... so helm didn't help them to much...

which card choices do you want me to explain?┬┐

PD: I forgot to give some information in my first post, the attendance was 28 players. I'll post some stats about the meta and the top8 if i can find the decklists.

Keeper is unaffected by B2B cause keeper doesn't need to tap its lands. OMG!
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