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Author Topic: [Report] Top 4 in Brazil with my own build. =) (full)  (Read 1074 times)
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« on: April 24, 2007, 01:21:46 pm »


A little story first =)

I'm Thiago, and play Magic since 2002. I started collecting foil stuff since ~2004.
This year I bought a HUGE collection from a friend of mine, and sold a LOT of the stuff that I had, mainly because I bought better stuff.
(I sold my FBB duals to keep his BETAs and stuff like that).

I also sold my LEDs and chinese IGGs, so I had no deck to play in Legacy!

The enviroment in here is:
IGGy Pops
You are not invited.dec (UBW Pikula, Finkel, Budde and Bob)

So I mixed up some foil/BE cards and build this:


4 Mishra's Factory (4 Seasons)
4 Underground Sea (BETA)
4 Volcanic Island (BETA)
4 Polluted Delta (FOIL)
3 Flooded Strand (FOIL)

3 Engeneered Explosives (FOIL)
2 Veldaken Shackles (FOIL)
2 Dark Confidant (FOIL
3 Psychatog (FOIL)
2 Flametongue Kavu (FOIL)
3 Burning Wish (FOIL)
4 Fire Ice (FOIL)
4 Brainstorm (JP FOIL)
1 Counterspell (JUDGE FOIL)
3 Fact or Fiction (2FOIL, 1 JP FOIL)
4 Force of Will (Eng NM)
2 Mana Leak (FOIL)
1 Stifle (FOIL)
1 Misdirection (FOIL)


1 Deep Analysis (FOIL)
1 Misdirection (FOIL)
3 Duress (FOIL)
3 Cranial Extraction (FOIL)
1 Rolling Earthquake (P3K)
1 Piroclasma (FOIL)
1 Shattering Spree (FOIL)
2 Mox Monkey
1 Empty the Warrens (I bought a foil recently Smile )

I only had 1 Foil Counterspell, so I throw in some Mana Leaks =D

Game 1 x Fuzzy - IGGy Pop

On Game 1 I was lucky and stifled his Tendrils #2. With 3 life I manage to beat him to death Smile
Game 2 was easier. I countered something with FoW and cast Cranial Extraction on turn 4 =)

Game 2 x Leozerah - Domain Zoo

Shackles + FtK = 2-0

Game 3 x Indiesbc - You are not Invited.dec

He plays a early Jitte and I Wish for... Empty the Warrens! I thought the game was already won because the match up is just to good, but this Jitte almost won the game!
Soon I play a Shackels, and he spends his Jitte counters to avoid Shackles. My Goblin tokens granted me like 6 turns =D
Then I play FtK and take control of the game.

On game 2 I play a early Shackles. He tries to Vindicate it, but I had FoW for that Smile
He doesn't play creatures and the table is lands for him and lands + Shackles for me.
He them plays 4 2CC creatures. I steal his Voidmage Prodigy and play Explosives for 2. I beat him down with Mox Monkey beatdown!

Game 4 x Alma - IGGy Pop (with my ex-IGG T-CH)

He comboes out on Game 1. Nothing much to do.
I start with Duress and Counterspell. Soon I put a pressure with Factory and Psychatog while he is trying to play Defense Grid.
On game 3 I duress turn 1, Counterspell turn 2 and Cranial Extraction turn 4 =D

Game 5 x Bruno Tiete - BUUUUURNS.dec

Game 1 he floods lands and I win.
Game 2 and 3 he burns my ass with Bolts, Lava Spikes, Incinerates... I still Duress 2 Price of Progress in both games... but it wasn't enought.

Top 4 was:
Bruno Tiete

The winner would get a invitation to play a draft next week. Only Ragabash wanted to play that, so the other 3 of us droped Smile

About the deck.

It's VERY consistent against Combos and Aggros. I added some Chills on the SB, so I'll not lose to Burns anymore :p

It may have a TERRIBLE math up against other Controls deck.
There was one 43land.dec on the tournament and I was glad I didn't faced it.

The deck has so many cards on the MD against aggro decks that playing against Controls and Combos very hard to mulligan.

Fire/Ices are AWESOME cards because they play well against all kinds of decks!

Sideboard is kinda easy... most of the times you remove dead cards :p

I want to change the SideBoard to:

3 Chill (FOIL)
3 Duress (FOIL)
3 Cranial Extraction (FOIL)
1 Rolling Earthquake (P3K)
1 Piroclasma (FOIL)
1 Shattering Spree (FOIL)
2 Tormod's Crypt (FOIL)

Probably I'm taking the Piroclasm out to and add another T. Crypt.

I bought a foil jp Academy Ruins... and I'll add it on the MD.
Ir can bring back E. Explosives, countered Shackles and SB's T.Crypt ^^

Probably I'll take one island or one FetchLand out.
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