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Author Topic: Dans Blog  (Read 8109 times)
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« Reply #30 on: July 25, 2008, 10:33:35 pm »

The truth is that Vintage needs BOTH kinds of tournaments.   ELD organizing cheap, Monday night tournaments but holding larger ones at the same time is the right idea.


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« Reply #31 on: July 26, 2008, 01:46:18 pm »

What I fail to understand is why nobody has proposed just completely disregarding the DCI.

Nice seeing you, Bryce.

Look in Shockwaves blog and the thread in the Community forum. It's been beaten to death with a pretty good set of arguements against doing just that.

Good to see you too, Steve.

I couldn't find Shockwave's blog, but I did read the TO solidarity thread, pretty interesting. Looks like I chimed in here too soon without having the info.
Seems the gist of it is that everything that really needed to be done (ie: universal proxy guidelines) already has been. Good stuff.

Edit: Just found Shockwave's post. Very good points made and it's also good to see that people are willing to entertain the idea should something go horribly wrong in the future, but I have to agree that it's likely unnecesarry at this point.

As a complete aside, after reading a LOT about the recent restrictions in that thread, and the lack of transparency from the DCI as the main beef, I'm surprised that nobody has applied (at least to my knowledge) a couple of older explanations:

Essentially, when a combo got too nasty, they would completely neuter the engine and not the combo peices themselves. With that in mind, it seems like they neutered the engines of a couple of "degenerate" decks at once by whacking Gush, Merchant Scroll and Brainstorm. Furthermore, Brainstorm was a format-defining card that was a 4-of in every good deck that could play it, which is also something that they don't like to see, especially being card-draw.

What I am very surprised by is the restriction of Flash, which is a combo component that does nothing by itself - along the same lines as Donate. That, and the inexplicable unrestriction of Gush in the first place; that one got a gigantic "WTF?" when I found out about it. Gifts made sense though, being strictly superior to FoF.

Edit 2: Durr...Flash is an accelerant and combo peice.

Back on topic though, regarding further expansion of the format, I would say Methuselahn hit the nail on the head:

As far as increasing interest, I would do the following: 

-Run tournaments with entry fees no higher than 10 dollars.  New players are less willing to throw away larger amounts of money.  Usually, thats what newbies are, donations.   Especially tournaments where Power is involved.  Paying ~25$ and then distributing prizes only to the top handful of players is not promoting growth.  It's just making the rich richer.  You have to be at the top of the game to half-expect to 'profit' from this format, currently.

Speaking from personal experience with my newfound scrubness, should I decide to get back into this habit, we scrubs don't like the feeling that we've been hosed.
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