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Author Topic: RGU/ control warp world deck idea  (Read 1347 times)
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« on: December 03, 2009, 10:02:29 pm »

I've been creating alot of decks recently and I have a pretty good idea in theory but need some help putting it together further.
First I've been looking into landfall and it intrigues me alot so building around that seemed like an obvious for me.
before i talk anymore it would be easier to understand if you see what i have thought of so far.

 {G} creatures

Lotus cobra
Rampaging Baloth

 {G} spells

Khalni heart expedition

 {R} spells

Warp world
act of treason

 {U} creatures

Roil elemental
Living tsunami

 {U} spells

Twin Cast

This is what i have so far with the warp world combos with both the creatures and the enchantments i think it has potential please add any suggestions
I also intend to use cards such as double negative and swerve to buy time and the warp world wont be hard to use just once when theres so much land due to the green splashed in the deck.

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