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Author Topic: Potential Dread Return Targets In Dredge.  (Read 7652 times)
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« on: September 19, 2010, 07:31:54 am »

Ill start off by saying every dredge player has there opinion of the best target and has there own reasoning behind the choice. I've been playing dredge for the last few months and have tested with nearly every option and currently have several different targets that keep finding there way in and out of my deck. The best options I have tested so far are Sun Titan, Iona, Terastodon, Angel Of Despair and Woodfall Primus each has there own pros and cons but it seems that any of these could be a good choice. Keep in mind that FKZ is an auto include in this deck for the simple reason that it makes a turn 2 win possible when playing dredge. Let me break down the pros and cons for each in my build of dredge.

Sun Titan-6/6- {4} {W} {W}- M11 brought the newest option with the ability to return a Bazaar to the game triggering your Bloodghasts and allowing you to dredge again if needed. I Decided to run the Titan in my deck and put 1 Serenity mainboard as another target for Sun Titans Ability.

Iona-7/7- {6} {W} {W} {W}- With the ability to simply shut off any mono color player Iona was obviously considered, yet I feel that most dredge decks simply dont need this to win and wont be in too many situations game 1 when this is going to help. Unlike oath most dredge players rarely need more than one turn after a dread return with 2-3 Bridges in the graveyard before they will swing for the win.

Terastodon-9/9- {6} {G} {G}- Clearly the 9/9 Elephant with the ability to destroy 3 noncreature permanents and creating 3 more 3/3 creatures was considered and would have been an auto include if the damned Elephant had trample. Unfortunately dread returning the elephant often seems to slow this deck down as it provides your opponent with atleast one chump blocker, or comes in as 9/9 with no tokens and get chumped by a confidant.

Woodfall Primus
-6/6- {5} {G} {G} {G}- Okay I really like this card for the soul reason it destroys a noncreature permanent and has no downfall when doing so. On top of that it has persist which when paired up with Cabal Therapy allows you to destroy 2 noncreature permanents and end up with a 5/5. A year ago I would of said this is the best option for dredge but Sun Titan made me reconsider.

Angel Of Despair
-5/5- {3} {W} {W} {B} {B}- Its ability to hit any permanent would make this a slightly better option than Woodfall Primus but the key difference is Woodfall Primus has persist and the Angel doesnt. The fact it can hit creatures is helpful against fish but in most other matches wasting a dread return to destroy one permanent just isnt a strong enough option.

        When you break it down alot of the choice comes down to metagame in your area and the build you play, Dredge is a fast deck on its own but Sun Titan allows you to win a whole turn earlier. Woodfall Primus and Iona also are good choices but I expected to see alot of Shops Fish and Tezz which come down to racing with dredge game 1 and playing through hate games 2 and 3. With that being said I found Sun Titan to be the best option and decided to play 1 maindeck Serenity to compliment the Titan in the deck and for another out against shops in game 1.
This is the list I played at the TMD Open 14 Last weekend:


4 Bazaar
2 Gemstone Mine
3 Undiscovered Paradie
4 City Of Brass
1 Dakmor Salvage

4 Golgari Grave-Troll
4 Stinkweed Imp
1 Golgari Thug
1 Darkblast

4 Narcomoeba
4 Bloodghast
2 Ichorid
3 Fatestitcher
1 Flame-kin Zealot
1 Sun Titan

4 Bridge From Below
3 Leyline Of the Void
4 Serum Powder
2 Chain of Vapor
4 Cabal Therapy
1 Serenity
3 Dread Return

4 Natures Claim
2 Serenity
1 Leyline Of the Void
2 Chain Of Vapor
1 Darkblast
4 Leyline Of Sanctity

Here is an actual scenario from the TMD Open 14 in Waterbury that gave me a turn 2 win over TPS thanks to Sun Titan.

Mulled Down To 6 To Start-  Bazaar, Bridge, Bloodghast, Grave-Troll, Gemstone Mine, Cabal Therapy

Turn 1-  {Tap}Bazaar-(City Of Brass and Ichorid) Discard- Grave-Troll  Bloodghast Ichorid

Turn 2- Ichorids ability stacks  {Tap}Bazaar-Dredge 6 for Troll (Stinkweed Imp Cabal Therapy Narcomoeba and Bloodghast +2)
Dredge 5 for the Imp (Dread Return and Bazaar +2) Discard-Imp Troll Bridge. Remove Imp For Ichorid and move to draw.
Dredge 6 for the draw (Sun Titan Narcomoeba and Bridge +3)
Play City Of Brass triggering the 2 Bloodghasts.
Sacrifice a Narcomoeba to Cabal Therapy naming FoW (Note: I saw 2 Rituals Chain Of Vapor and Demonic Tutor) Earning 2 Zombies.
Sacrifice Narcomoeba and 2 Bloodghasts To Dread Return Sun Titan and putting me at 8 Zombies.
Choosing Bazaar for the Sun Titan triggered both Bloodghasts Leaving me with 8 2/2 Zombies 2 Bloodghasts an Ichorid a Sun Titan along with an untapped Bazaar.

I Found FKZ by Dredging with my second Bazaar and the end result was me swinging for the win.

 This was one of the best situations I could have been in but if I had been playing Woodfall Primus or Iona things could have gone alot differently. Naming Blue Or Black with Iona my opponent still would have won the next turn. Although I don't think Iona has a place mainboard in Dredge because you should just be playing too fast to get much use out of her. I do believe it should be strongly considered for the sideboard games 2 and 3 which are always slower than game 1 having an Iona can Lock your opponent out of there hate allowing you to play somewhat worry free the rest of the match.

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