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Author Topic: Las Vegas Mini Vintage 2/9  (Read 623 times)
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« on: February 16, 2013, 05:07:55 am »

9 players for this impromptu Mini Vintage event I've decided to make regular alongside our local FNM. It was a fun field with a few regulars, a monster player and two brand new vintage players! Good times were had by all with a few interesting brews being piloted. I apologize that there are no deck lists.

1. James Trentini - Naya Bears (no sideboard)
2. Luis ? - Bob Gush Control
3. Joe Mckellar - Burning Long

2 Burning Long
1 Bob Gush
1 Noble Fish
1 5c Wizards
1 Naya Bears
1 UW Counterbalance
1 Rogue Druid
1 BOBO combo! (Borborygmos/Griselbrand/Goryo's Vengeance)

Only 3 got 'paid', but everyone seemed to have a great time! Hopefully, we can keep the Friday events going in between our monthly scheduled events!
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