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Author Topic: [Results] Mox Pearl 5-proxy in Melbourne  (Read 1308 times)
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« on: January 17, 2005, 07:46:35 pm »

Vintage in Oz has had its first Mox-proxy tournament, this sunday (16. 1.) at Card Heaven in Melbourne. Turnout was mediocre at 27, but the tournament was a blast to play. Very well run, good people, lots of laughs!

Prizes for grabs: 1st Mox Pearl, 2nd DCI Foil Vampiric, 3rd DCI Foil Intuition, 4th DCI Foil Oath, 4th-8th one Revised Volcanic Island each.

Six rounds of Swiss, cut to Top 8. T8 was as follows:

1) Oath
2) FCG
3) FCG
4) Tog
5) U/B Control (me)
6) Cerebral Assassin
7) Keeper
8) Suicide w/ Chains maindeck. That was pure luck, because a Tog (piloted by The Luke) and a Workshop aggro deck drew in the last round of Swiss after going to the extra turns in the third game. The winner of that game would have taken the 8th slot if there had been one.

Andrew Grain (Oath) beats Michael Simon (Sui)
Andre Di Mattia (Keeper) beats Jackie Ng (FCG)
Matt D. (Assassin) beats Jamie (FCG)
Tim Thai (Tog) beats me (U/B control)

Oath beats Tog
Keeper beats Assassin

Andrew beats Andre in the finals and takes home the Mox Pearl with Oath.

I will write an article about my U/B control, including the tournament report, and send it to SCG. It should be done tomorrow and go up accordingly. Coverage is available from T8 decklists are not yet up as I write this, but I heard they will be soon.

Random facts:
- There were 4 FCG in the tournament, more than anyone expected.
- Tinker-Colossus is still awesome.
- At least three of the T8 decks had no proxy in it (Tim, Andre, me).
- The tournament was highly competitive. Apart from the small amount of randomness that shows up in every tournament everywhere, the decks were well-built, and there was some quality Magic being played.
- Tech learned from Tim Thai the night before is awesome. (You'll have to wait for the report or the T8 lists on this one - it's in Tog, U/B and Keeper.)
- Akroma dies to Powder Keg.

That's it for a first impression. When the lists are up, I'll post the link here!

/edit: T8 lists are up.


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