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Author Topic: Pastimes Emerald, May 27th Report - AJ with Control Slaver  (Read 976 times)
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« on: June 05, 2006, 05:26:48 pm »

I go into the tournament feeling very confident. I know ICBM is going to be there, and although most of them are playing my worst possible match-up (ICBM Oath)*, I still feel eerily good about how I’ll perform. I help my friends finish their decks and register up early. I head over to the back tables away from the shriekingly high voices of the JSS players up front. I sit near the Carp brothers, and after exchanging hellos I get some playtesting in against my friend Jon Knapp, who had just picked up the Oath list I gave him and was hoping to learn more about the deck before the tournament than just what I had told him (Hold on the Brainstorms and Chalice at zero is savage).

We get pairings up, and I’m up against an inexperienced Oath player, which I can win, but we get repaired before I get to sit down. Here’s the list I was playing at the time:

3 Volcanic Island
2 Underground Sea
3 Polluted Delta
2 Flooded Strand
2 Island
1 Tolarian Academy
1 Library of Alexandra
1 Strip Mine
1 Seat of the Synod
7 SoLoMox
2 CryptVault

4 Mana Drain
4 Force of Will
4 Thirst for Knowledge
4 Brainstorm
4 Goblin Welder
1 Merchant Scroll
1 Rushing River
1 Fact or Fiction
1 Demonic Tutor
1 Mystical Tutor
1 Ancestral Recall
1 Time Walk
1 Tinker
1 Yawgmoth’s Will
1 Gorilla Shaman
1 Duplicant
1 Darksteel Colossus
1 Mindslaver
1 Crucible of Worlds
1 Tormod’s Crypt

1 Duplicant
1 Sundering Titan
3 Red Elemental Blast
2 Rack and Ruin
1 Tormod’s Crypt
2 Arcane Lab
1 Pyroclasm
2 Massacre
1 Darkblast
1 …Something else

Here’s to hoping for my third top eight in three tournaments.

Round 1 – Eric Becker with IT

I sit down and we talk a bit about my friend Joe (if you don’t know, then don’t bother) while shuffling up, and I casual ask how it feels to be playing IT again. He laughs and asks who blabbed, but the truth is I saw him post here that he liked broken decks better and was returning to combo. He wins the roll and elects to play.

Game one – I’m pretty sure I had some savage mulligans, but it doesn’t matter because he goes off turn one. He said he would stand up and yell, but he didn’t want everyone to know what he was playing, and I respect that.

Game two – While shuffling up we talk more about Joe, and a little about his “Deep” tech. Game two I counter an early Intuition with the one REB I brought in, and eventually have a broken Yawg’s Will resolve, which led to scoopage.

Game three – I have a Tormod’s Crypt, 2 active Goblin Welders, Drain mana up, and artifacts to recur Crypt. He is at 4 with a Yawg’s Bargain on the board, and this is the deciding turn. Eric asks about the oracle text of Tormod’s, and I answer his unasked question. “That complicates things!” he says, thinking for about 5 minutes, and time is called because Game 2 was longish. He continues to think and I start to get nervous but play it cool. Eventually he leads off with Duress taking Drain, then draws 3 more cards going to 1, eventually going off. Afterwards he was telling me how bad that Tormod’s was for him, and that he probably lucksacked a little because his draws off the last three Bargain activations were just what he needed: a ritual, a spell, and Tendrils. Great guy, broken deck.

0-1-0   1-2-0

Round 2 – Matt Morrison with The Restricted List.dec

Game one – He plays some infinite number of Draw 7’s, eventually passes the turn, but goes off turn two basically unimpeded. This is the funniest deck I have ever seen, and it preformed decently too.

Game two – He mulligans with Serum Powder, and I had to read the card. Matt, Eric (who was seated next to me), and I all had a good laugh when I asked if removing all of those broken cards from the game was worth it, and he said “Every time! You don’t want that shitter back in the deck!”, when I pointed to the Yawgmoth’s Bargain he just removed quizzically, he said “No, the Serum Powder!”

Eventually I resolve Arcane Lab and he never finds an out. I Tinker for colossus and ship the turn. He untaps, and when I realize he’s not playing anything EOT, I show him my hand of Drain, Drain, Force, Brainstorm. He smiles ands scoops it up. Funny aside though, somewhere in this game I have a shaman on the board along with Arcane Lab, and he’s sitting on Tinker but can’t lay mox and tinker next turn because I’ll eat it, and Serum Powder comes to the rescue! He lays it out and Tinkers on the next turn, and even though it was countered it was still a pretty funny play.

Game three – I have the game locked down with Arcane Lab, and I play another one which he grins at. “You don’t play Echoing Truth, now do you?” I asked. He shrugged, and after a few turns of Welder beats time is called. He might have been slow playing a little, but we were having fun so I didn’t care. In my deck I have two outs in about 20 cards as he’s at 7 with me getting 3 more turns. I could rip Tinker for Colossus for the win, or I could draw Colossus himself. Knowing this I play a Mana Vault on my turn so I’ll have enough mana to play him on turn 3 of time, and sure enough the 11/11 comes right off the top of my deck. He draws a card and passes turn saying how he hopes I’ll forget to attack, just like on MTGO when he hopes for a mis-click. I remember to turn him sideways and he extends the hand.

1-1-0   2-2-0

Round three – Bryon with ICBM Oath

Byron’s a Pastimes local, and we playtest every now and again, but he’s usually playing Ichorid. I yell “shotgun”, but he says that it doesn’t quite work in tournament play. Damn. He wins the roll and we begin.

Game one - He opens with a Mox Jet, Chalice at 0 (Force of Willed), Forbidden Orchard, Oath of Druids. I stand up and yell “You asshole! What happened to Ichorid?!” I lay land, Mox Ruby, Merchant Scroll. He Oath’s up an Angel, beats, and passes turn. I draw, lay land, and Rushing River his Angel and Oath. He contemplates about sitting back and waiting to put back the angel, but goes balls to the wall and Brainstorms in response to find an answer. He doesn’t, and my tokens (with a little help from Goblin Welders) go all the way after I Force of Will his attempt to recast the Oath of Druids.

Game two – He doesn’t do much of relevance turn one, and I get a turbo tinker with Force back-up and in comes The Big Man™. He plays Oath and Imperial Seal or Vampiric Tutor, I beat for eleven. He Oaths up an Angel, and plays Time Walk which is Drained, and that’s the match.

2-1-0  4-2-0

Round four – Blake with TFK Gifts.

He asks what my record is, and apparently I was paired down as he was 1-2-0. I informed him that he was out of contention and he said he should probably concede to me. I didn’t tell him to or offer him anything in return, so he chose to play it out, which I have no problem with. He was a really funny guy and I’m pretty solid in the control mirror. He said he wanted to try one card out, and if he got to cast it he would probably concede to me anyway because “It’s probably the right thing to do”.

Game one – I stomp him, no questions asked, no prisoners taken. Chaining Thirsts with Welder advantage was too much for him to handle, and I think a Yawgmoth’s Will was what triggered the scoopage.

Game two – He says he shouldn’t keep but does anyway because the one card he wanted to play was in it. I kept as well and went with a turn one Merchant scroll for Ancestral Recall after he played a Library. He drew two cards a turn for a while until I finally Demonic Tutored for Strip Mine, but the damage was done and I packed it in for the rubber match.

Game three – I have a pretty bad hand, but can’t afford to send it back and so I keep and have decent draws for a while. We’re joking around while we play and laughing our asses off. At one point he called a judge when I mentioned my love affair with his mother, and Tommy thought that it was pretty funny, too. I eventually had 2 Welders and a Shaman on the board eating everything up, and he had to Burning Wish for Pyroclasm just to wipe it clean. Tommy told him he was a terrible player because his boards for the match were abysmal. We had a laugh about them afterwards, but for now I had to win. I then (and Tommy can back this up) had some of the worst draws I’ve seen in a while ripping 4-5 mana sources in a row, then finally a Thirst for Knowledge which he counters, only so I could rip Brainstorm drawing into Thirst and another Brainstorm putting lands back, shuffling up with a fetch, Brainstorming again, finding Force of Will and Ancestral Recall. I fetch again and Ancestral which was Forced, then he tapped out on his turn to play some card drawing, and on my turn I ripped an artifact, Thirsted into tinker, pitching the artifact, Tinkering up Sundering Titan for the win.

I asked for the 2-0 because my breakers were terrible and he was out anyway, and he was really cool about it.

I ended up going in to the last round in the 5th slot at 3-1, and IDed with Jon Donavon only to get ninth place because of some of the worst scenarios ever. Firstly, somebody played it out who shouldn’t have to help his friend get in, and the friend won, but the guy that played for his friend didn’t, somebody who was paired down that should’ve had to play drew, and Becker, my only loss of the day, scrubbed out and left me with some pretty terrible breakers placing me with a b-e-a-utiful 9th place finish cutting me short of three for three in top eights. Owned.Rolling Eyes

Great tournament, and every time I’m getting better and better at the deck hoping to eventually take some power home. So next time you’re sitting across a sixteen year old loser, don’t underestimate him by Dazing his Tinker with a Welder and a mox on the board (Winks for Soly  Wink). See you guys next time!

*I have some new tech for you guys, though. Testing has shown it to be pretty savage so beware…
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