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Author Topic: Help me decide!  (Read 851 times)
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« on: October 08, 2009, 06:53:36 pm »

I do not play standard much. I do not know much about the metagame here other than a lot of people are playing full-tilt Cascade Control. I have playtested both of these decks and they both have game against CasCon, but I cannot figure out which is more potent or what cards to bring in or take out.

So, the two lists:

4x Bloodbraid
4x Sprouting Thrinax
4x Jund Sojourners
4x Elvish Visionary
2x Wooly Thoctar

4x Path to Peace
4x Captured Sunlight
4x Maelstrom Pulse
3x Planar Chaos
2x Grim Discovery
2x Harrow
1x Colossal Might

1x Wildfield Borderpost
1x Firewild Borderpost
4x Sunpetal Grove
1x Rootbound Crag
3x Forest
2x Plains
2x Swamp
1x Mountain
1x Turntimber Grove
1x Teetering Peaks
1x Kabira Crossroads
1x Piranha Marsh
2x Savage Lands
1x Jungle Shrine
1x Kazandu Refuge

A few notes about the deck: it plays a lot like a normal Jund aggro deck sans Blightning. Jund Sojourners is an amazing flip on cascade, but if it is in my hand, I sometimes just find myself rather wanting to cycle it even though there is not much that dies to just the 1 damage. The Visionaries are left over from a previous iteration that abused Manamorphose and the elf to draw multiple cards per turn for massive card advantage in addition to the faux-advantage warranted through cascade. I am not sure if I should replace them as they are pretty much the only extra draw I have, and if I went into top-deck mode, I feel the deck might flounder. I am already pretty threat-light, so unless another creature that does something awesome, I am not sure what I would want in that spot. I think I want 1 more black/red source, and I am thinking using Dragonskull Summit in the place of Colossal Might, even though it is randomly amazing. Harrow + Grim Discovery is great to return a mid- to late-game Bloodbraid + land, which is usually one of the ETBT Zendikar lands. I never usually have a problem playing Planar Cleansing, and without other mass removal, I like it -- being able to get rid of everything is extremely relevant in this token/planeswalker/artifact heavy meta.

Other options I have: Vampire Hexmage to get rid of planeswalkers and get in some damage or first strike a few dudes. Oblivion Ring also seems pretty strong here. Blightning is possible, but it does not fit with the theme of the rest of the deck. Baneslayer is great, but I found myself cascading right by it most times, and that was disappointing.


The other deck is very similar in principle -- take advantage of cascade and removal to gain board position, then win with a few threats:

2x Liliana Vess
1x Jace Beleren
4x Esper Sojourners
1x Ob Nixilis, the Fallen
1x Enigma Sphinx
3x Oblivion Ring
1x Rite of Replication
4x Ponder
4x Deny Reality
3x Bituminous Blast
4x Terminate
4x Blightning
4x Esper Charm
1x Expedition Map

1x Marsh Flats
2x Drowned Catacombs
4x Glacial Fortress
1x Piranha Marsh
1x Kabira Crossroads
1x Plains
3x Island
3x Swamp
4x Mountain
3x Crumbling Necropolis
1x Akoum Refuge

A few notes: The 4th Bit Blast seemed unnecessary with as much other stuff I was using to control board position, so I decided to try Expedition Map and it has been pretty good, if unspectacular. The charms act like Blightning 5-8, but sometimes they are used to draw cards. Jace and Ponder are the weakest cards to flip to cascade, but they are almost necessary to keep me going with cards. Ob Nixilis has been pretty stellar in testing, almost single-handedly winning me a few games. Rite of Replication has been used a few times to copy Anathemancer out of the board, and that has sometimes been enough to win games. But I never want to see it in my hand as I never want to play it. It seems almost win-more, but every time I test without it, I miss it being randomly awesome.

I think I want one of the Mountains to be Dragonskull Summit, as I needed one more red source, but I dropped a few red cards in favor of O Ring, so I am not sure if I should just switch it.


I am not much of a T2 player, so I never know what to expect in the metagame. I just play T2 for the fun and both of these decks are fun. What can I do to make them more competitive (and thus, more fun)? Acquiring cards is no issue, so any suggestion will be highly considered.

Thanks for the little help you can provide ;]

(A note: neither manabase seems to have a lot of problem since cascade is usually seen as a slow start, so I have time to balance out around 10-12 life and start taking over the game. Straight aggro kills though, but I am not sure if I can really do anything to combat that with either deck.)

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