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Author Topic: The Mana Drain League First Trimester Decklists and Results  (Read 6451 times)
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« Reply #60 on: May 28, 2015, 11:14:23 am »

So, Tom Dixon messaged me and told me he had his match with MaximumCDawg from Trimester One tonight, and he lost in 3 Games. After giving it some thought I gave Max his win since he earned it fair and square.

Here are some notes from Tom's Match:

G1 I had Wasteland Double FoW double Trap Misdirection and Drain. Sketchy keep, but I got there on lands and stick a Jace, but he had 3rd Hexmage for it and he eventually closed with Death's Shadow with 2 Misstep to protect. G2 I rolled him with Standstills despite him having a lot of threats. G3 I had to mull to 5 and he had t3 Hexmage Depths. I blanked on 20 outs (4 plow, 4 wasteland, any mana source for Verdict)

Tom told me he was gonna contact you about the match, and I left it entirely up to him.  It was my fault I didn't prioritize the match last week and make sure time was carved out for it to occur, so I was happy to take my lumps.  It's a credit to Tom's integrity that he went ahead and reported to you anyway.  Good on ya, Tom!

This is from memory, but here's my perspective on the match.

Game one, I keep a hand with lots of mana, two Horobi, Death's Wails, and Hexmage+Depths.  I figured plan A was to stick the combo, and Plan B was to beat down with Horobis.  However, the wall of countermagic came down hard.  Since he was on the pitch counterspell plan, though, Tom ended up 1-for-2ing all my threats.  This seemed like a losing battle for him.  Eventually, I stick a Horobi (I drew a third one), but then Jace arrives, gives him a dirty look, and he explodes.  I had to burn my new Hexmage to kill Jace instead of comboing out.  From there, we had some topdecking to load up our hands.

While we were topdecking, Tom was reluctant to peck at me with his Mishra's Workshop.  He was afraid to put me too low on health due to Death's Shadow (which was in my hand, but he didn't know that).  Eventually I do get lower on life, and then as he said I had two Missteps to answer his two Missteps and I ended up with a 9/9 that got the job done.

Game 2 he had two Wastelands initially and a third a few turns later.  I drew 3 Dark Depths fairly quickly.  I never really got rolling, as he had answers and Standstills in advance of any threat I tried.  During this time, I'm getting bolted by by Mana Crypt.  My client disconnects as I try to go for Death's Shadow at 3 life, but it was about to be countered anyway.  And, if it wasnt, I'd have to win the die roll 3 times against Crypt to win against a goldfish, so...

Game 3, basically I just kept trying to jam threats.  Turn 2 I went for Hexmage+Depths+Urborg; countered.  Turn 3 I went for Parasite+Shadow; eats Supreme Verdict.  But then Tom stalls on development and I am shortly afterwards able to assemble Hexmage+Depths again.  He draws no answer (unlucky) and Marit Lage arrives.  This time, he doesn't turn on me.

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